Would you like to go deeper?

Deeper into your heart's wisdom.

Deeper into your soul's essence.

Deeper into your authentic self.

Deeper into your sacred purpose.

We are birthing a new way, together.

Here's how you can work with me.

You can join me one-on-one, online from anywhere, to explore and understand what's arising for you, access your inner wisdom and activate clear next steps on your path.


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If you're tired of isolation and overwhelm, and would love to join a sisterhood of women shifting out of old ways of being and returning to your authentic self, options to join our online sister tribe community are coming very soon!

Sign up to 'We Rise' Sacred Feminine Activation Circle, my free online event happening later in October, and let's stay connected!


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What other women say...

"Hey Sistas! I had a call with Avalon today. It turned out to be just what I needed. I felt uninspired, scattered, and disconnected. Avalon asked all the right questions and helped me to clarify what I need and what I need to work on. Very helpful! I highly recommend it. Peace!" ~ Rebecca Lynn


"Dear Avalon,

Thank you so much for our session this morning. I couldn't get to sleep afterwards as I felt so activated!!! I knew you would cut through all the crap for me so I could see clearly, and you absolutely did! To me you feel like a laser beam, a really pure focused energy that beams into me, aligning my whole being.

We seemed to cover so much in such a short time. I now feel stronger and clearer in myself and I know that feeling like this is the key to bringing in the change I need to realise my vision in the world. You really get to the heart of things. Thank you dear one. 

Love love love Alison xxxxx"


Private Mentoring

Working one-on-one with me gives you the chance to dive deep, be seen and heard in all that arises, from your darkest shadows to your wildest visions... where you are safe to feel it all, understand yourself more deeply, integrate and transform what needs to shift, and come into deeper alignment with your heart, soul essence and sacred purpose.

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Online journeys...

If you would like to reclaim your wisdom, power and magic within a circle of sisters, there is a group journey with different levels to join, depending what you're needing. This is a collective activation for women remembering the truth of who you are, and birthing new ways of being together. 

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