Learn how to run an online business with heart and integrity

In this call learn all the basics for wise women to run a successful online business, including:

  • shifting paradigms from old to new ways of doing business online
  • 4 elements you need to clarify before deciding on your platform
  • essential tools I used to stay organised
  • online platforms and systems to share your offerings and make online courses.
  • weaving ritual and magic to amplify the potency of your offerings

This will be a rich call so be ready to take notes!

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Who am I and why am I running this training?

Hi, I'm Avalon and I founded Blossoming Woman nearly a decade ago to empower conscious women to reclaim their wisdom, beauty and power in birth, motherhood, relationships, sexuality and business.

I run my business from home around our 5 unschooled children and decide my own schedule. 

I see so many wise women stuck and frustrated because they don't know how to share their offerings online, and I know I can help!

A free spirit at heart, I've run my own business since my teens. After leaving an abusive relationship, I ran a clothing business from home when I was a single mum with 2 young children on my own.

Over the years my business has grown and evolved through various online platforms and websites, from tele-seminars back in the day, to online courses, mentoring & coaching, training, membership communities, an online Temple and women's circles.

I've made all my websites and courses myself, except for a couple of techie coding things here and there. I knew I needed to learn it so I can teach other women to run their own businesses online.

Financial sovereignty is true liberation!

Here is a brief overview of some of the courses and online journeys I've founded. I began with The WILD mama Journey for mothers reclaiming their voice and power. Next was The Birth Blueprint, a step by step e-course guiding women to prepare their mind, body and spirit for ecstatic birth. After that came Awakening Aphrodite for mothers to embody their sexuality... then came Shine Your Light Business School for WitchesSacred Woman Rising and the Divine Mother Temple.

I facilitate a 9 month Feminine Visionary Leadership Training.

Most recently is the Blossoming Woman Sanctuary, a safe, private online community for heart-centred women to gather. 

I am passionate about supporting women to take charge of your life and finances, and do your own thing so you are free and empowered.

I look forward to seeing you on the call. Let me know if you have any specific questions you'd like addressed. This is a rich topic so I'll do my best to cover as much as possible in the time we have.


Avalon x