Recently in a livestream I ended up bursting into tears, feeling so deeply saddened about how many women are still hiding in the shadows, not feeling safe to speak up and share their truth.

The sacred feminine has been squashed and suppressed for thousands of years, so it's no wonder we still carry fear and shame about speaking up.

As a result, there are so many untold stories and hidden truths, which block our heart's radiance and power from flowing freely.

The other thing I've been realising, is how powerful it is when we truly connect and share openly without knowing what's next... like stepping into the mystery, at the edge of evolution... giving voice to what's arising and then receiving feedback and clarity through conversation.

We truly are relational beings. 

So much of our potential remains untapped when we don't show up and speak up.

This keeps us small, and stops us from sharing our magic, and having our needs met.

This needs to change, sister, and it starts with us!

Free Your Voice is a collective uprising.

Have you been holding back?

Would you like to speak up, ask for what you want, and courageously share your truth?

It's time to break the cycle!

Join me and a collective of sisters becoming embodied, empowered and courageously self expressed.

Free Your Voice.

Speak Your Truth.

Claim Your Power.


Let's do this, sister!

In Free Your Voice:

  • Connect with the truth in your heart
  • Show up, be seen, share authentically
  • Speak your untold stories
  • Be witnessed, loved and accepted, releasing shame and fear
  • Activate the power of your voice and message


How does it work?

When you sign up, you can join our private group with the specific intention to connect and courageously share your deepest truth, free your stories, be seen and heard, witness each other and unlock your voice and power! 

Yep... things might get wild!

And that's totally okay! You are invited to be fully self expressed, dark, light and free. It's a confidential space, and I bring my skills from Shamanic Midwifery and Wholistic Psychology to create a safe space for all that arises, the messy, the raw and the powerful.

The journey starts on Tuesday 27th August in a private facebook group. 


This is a collective activation of sacred feminine power.


Over 3 weeks, you will be guided and supported with:

  • livestreams, heartfelt shares, topics & themes to activate your voice and power
  • embodiment practices and guided processes to connect with your heart, womb and voice,
  • journal prompts and exercises to deepen your self awareness
  • support and feedback around communicating as a sovereign, empowered woman
  • exploration and tips around sacred boundaries, resolving conflict, staying grounded, being heard and respected. 


I would be honoured to have you join us in Free Your Voice. A collective uprising.

This is for all women of the Earth, speaking from your womb, heart and voice... healing your relationship with love, with truth, and your own self expression.

When are the sessions?

Sessions will be intuitive, spontaneous, and guided, while also responding to what arises in the group. I will be in the group most days throughout the 3 weeks, showing up in livestreams, providing inspiration, facilitation, processes, feedback and accountability.

Prior to going live in the group, I will post to let you know what's coming up, and all material will be available for you to access in the group in your own time.

After the 3 weeks are finished, you will be able to access all videos, material and resources in a private online membership area on my website.

Join the uprising HERE

"Your wisdom, magic and power is needed now. It's time for the women to rise."

Avalon Darnesh

Meet Avalon

Hello divine woman! I'm Avalon, the facilitator of this magical adventure to reclaim your voice and power. In my own life, I've escaped an abusive relationship where I was totally shut down, and am now freely expressed which impacts every area of life from health, to sensuality to abundance. I am delighted to ignite this fire in the hearts of other women!

I've been working with soulful women to be sensually embodied and empowered for almost a decade, and see us at the cutting edge of cultural change. We are here to break the cycle of disconnect. I would be honoured to have you join us and free your voice too.

Are you joining us?

Courageously claim your voice and power for AU$77.


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