Are you an evolutionary woman on the edge of change who's here to shift the paradigm?




You are invited to enter an incubator of magic with 10 visionary women. We've been on this path for lifetimes... and we're ready to take our life and leadership to the next level.


We are the women the world needs now.


This journey includes integrating all the layers of yourself as an empowered, embodied woman... reclaiming Rites of Passage, Womb Wisdom and Women's Mysteries so you can rise as the healed feminine..

And it's so much more than that...

Together with me, you will deepen into love, reclaim your wildness and activate your soul mission and purpose on the planet...

We are also collectively activating our power and courage to rise up and be seen as Visionary Leaders, beyond our own bubble of safety, so you will come out of hiding and activate your VISIBILITY to a whole new level, for the ones who need the medicine you bring to the world.

Let's face it... we've been hiding. We've been cultivating our magic and doing our rituals behind closed doors, which is wise when the world says it's not safe to be powerful.

But we're moving beyond that now...

Your magic is needed beyond the shadows. So, we are gonna get you out there so you can make the difference you're here to make, while having a fuckload of fun and making a magical amount of money because you're finally making the impact you're here to make, and you're changing people's lives.

We are transforming what it means to do Sacred Women's Work... coming out of the shadows and sharing our messages far and wide.

(hint hint media, marketing, PR you friggin name it we're gonna rock this sh!t!)

And if that makes you tremble... don't worry! I'll be on the forefront of this with you, clearing the path and activating your courage to speak your truth and share your message like never before.

Your wisdom, magic and power is needed now sister.

This is a 9 month journey of transformation... a deep dive into Healing Sacred Wounds, Reclaiming Feminine Power, Sensual Embodiment, Activating your Soul Gifts and rising as a courageous Feminine Visionary Leader on the cutting edge of change.

In this training, you'll become a deeply embodied, empowered 'clear vessel' to midwife transformation for others, gaining skills, insight and personal experience to support women on their path of growth and awakening, both for individuals and groups.

Unless you've walked this path and deepened into these realms in your own life, you can't effectively facilitate this transformation for others. The true path of the sacred feminine embraces the darkness just as powerfully as the light, with courage to face our shadows and be transformed by the fires of initiation, knowing that this is our pathway to freedom.

You become aligned, integrated and WHOLE.

You reclaim your true wisdom and leadership role as a visionary guiding others back into alignment with the Earth and humanity's true nature.

This is about doing what you're here for and being more potent by doing LESS and amplifying your power from a place of joy and ease.


This is your call to rise.



During this Immersion, you will be guided to:


  • get out of your own way, harness your divine power and become unstoppable on your mission as a Visionary Leader
  • heal and integrate lost parts of yourself, so you can show up and courageously BE SEEN and do your soul work
  • deepen your understanding of relating, communication, power dynamics and healing.
  • Understand each stage of womanhood and its role in the evolution of culture
  • Develop Sacred Practices, Rituals & Ceremonies
  • Facilitate Events, Retreats and Rites of Passage
  • Work with Earth Energies and Seasonal Cycles
  • Embrace your creative process and cycles as a visionary woman
  • Amplify your magic within a powerful circle of women.
  • Activate your Soul Mission and Purpose as a Feminine Visionary Leader
  • Clarify, birth, grow and nurture your sacred work, offerings and income.


This is a potent journey of activation so you can do what you're here for.

The Journey Includes:

Personal Transformation

Grow your roots deep and expand your capacity to hold sacred space for others as you embody your inner wisdom and walk your path powerfully with grace and ease.

Courage & Visibility

Be held within a potent container of magical sisters, activating and amplifying your gifts, voice and message so you can RISE and be SEEN as the healed feminine.

Visionary Leadership

Clarify your soul work and develop your offerings so you can show up as a Visionary Leader, receiving abundance while making the difference you're here to make.

The practical logistics

The 9 month immersion consists of:

Online Training

Training Modules are delivered in live online classes which are also available to access afterwards, with every 4th week 'off' for rest and integration.

Private Mentoring

Receive Private Mentoring with Avalon to go deeper into your own personal transformation, for all that arises, with guidance and support to develop your sacred work & offerings.

In Person Retreats

To take your evolution to the next level and really 'embody' this work, there are 2 fully catered, all-inclusive in-person retreats on the mid north coast NSW included at the start and completion of the Training.

Peer Mentoring Sessions

The Sacred Feminine Mentoring approach supports each woman to access her own inner wisdom, with deep listening, reflection and being a 'sacred mirror' for her to embody more of her true self.

A key component of this work is to trust the process, be present to what arises, and get 'yourself' out the way so you can truly be with another.

To gain practical experience and confidence to support women in all different issues and situations that may arise, you have the option of facilitating Peer Mentoring Sessions with women in the training.

I'm available for feedback, guidance, reflection and support for what arises in your sessions.

Joining sisters in circle and ceremony activates and deepens the magic of this work.

There's a Reclaiming Power Retreat early in the Training, and a Sacred Activation Retreat at the end. The retreats are fully catered with delicious plant based meals, accomodation and everything included at a beautiful venue on the Mid North Coast NSW.

Meet the Facilator

Avalon Darnesh is a Graduate of the School of Shamanic Womancraft, and Visionary Founder of Blossoming Woman and the Divine Mother Temple. She has been facilitating transformational healing work for over 15 years and specifically doing empowerment, Rites of Passage and transformational soul work with women for over 8  years. She's a mother of 5 in a blended family, with a background in Counselling, Wholistic Psychology, Rebirthing, Holotropic Breathwork, and also brings practical skills from over 20 years experience in Ethical Business and Event Management.

As an embodied, wise woman, Avalon weaves her gifts, knowledge and skills to support women to align with their heart, embody their womb wisdom, activate their magic, develop their soul work and rise into abundance by courageously sharing their message and gifts with the world. 


"Avalon’s presence and attention to the connection and embodiment of the goddess and feminine energy is very real, connected and on target with where as woman we can now choose to embody our most divine authentic self all the time. Anything is possible when you live in your heart. Avalon thankyou for hearing your calling to guide woman into their heart and closer to the divine. Much Love.” ~ Jemah Day

"Life changing and positively transformational is this work with Avalon. Words, simply cannot transfer the experience and impact it has had on my life. Thank you Avalon!” ~ Hannah Andrews

Guest Retreat Facilitator

Joanna Dadd is an Earthkeeper, Birthkeeper, Menstrual Educator, Mother, Facilitator of Rites of Passage & Women’s Circles. 

Joanna has held space for women from the cradle to the grave for four decades, honouring and lovingly supporting their transitions through menarche, birth, menopause and death.

We are blessed to have Joanna facilitating Maga and Menopause Rites of Passage at the first retreat.

Course Information

PLEASE NOTE: Tuesdays might change to Wednesdays. Please contact me if this doesn't suit you.

We begin on Tuesday 4th February 2020 with our first Online Training Session at 12:30-2pm AEDT (+ Q & A)

The Reclaiming Power Retreat is from Thursday 27th February to Monday 3rd March.

The final Training Session is Tuesday 27th October from 12:30-2:30pm

The Sacred Activation Retreat will be 12-16 November (venue and dates to be confirmed)

There are 3 online Training Sessions a month, with one week 'rest' for integration. 

The Trainings are at 12:30-2pm AEDT on Tuesdays (or 10am Wednesdays) + Q & A

See actual dates in the Curriculum Outline.

There are 10 contact hours per month plus 2 x 5 day retreats.

Allow 3-4 hours a week, averaged out over a month which includes:

  • 3 online trainings per month
  • 1 Private Mentoring Session
  • Optional Peer Mentoring Session

PLEASE NOTE: Weekly sessions might change to 10am Wednesdays. This will be confirmed within a few days.

Online Training Calls are 12:30-2pm AEDT Tuesdays - 3 times a month with fourth week for rest and integration.

Calls are held on Zoom, with a replay available afterwards.

Training Modules

  • Arrive - 4th Feb
  • Journey of Transformation - 11th Feb 
  • Sacred Space Holding - Feb 18

Rest & Integration


  • Reclaiming Power RETREAT - Thursday 27 Feb to Monday 2nd March
  • Healing Childhood10th March
  • Healing Menarche17th March

Rest & Integration


  • Sexuality and Relationships31 March
  • Power Dynamics & Communication - 7th April

BREAK ( Easter, holidays)

  • Your Voice, Identity, Sovereignty - 21st April

Rest & Integration


  • Ecstatic Birth - babies and projects - Tues 28th
  • Motherhood and self nurture - 5th May
  • Cultural Evolution - 12th May

Rest & Integration


  • Mystic Maga Magic - 26th May 
  • Wisdom of Menopause - 2nd June 
  • Reclaiming the Village - 9th June

Rest, integration


  • Your Timeline, Story & Future - 23rd June
  • Sacred Wounds - 30th June
  • Your Soul Gifts7th July

Rest & Integration - 2 weeks off (school holidays 6th - 17 July) 


  • Honouring the Cycles of Life and Death - 21st July
  • Stages of Creativity & Visionary Activation - 28th of July
  • Earth Energies & Seasonal Celebrations - 4th August

Rest & Integration


  • Facilitating Events, Circles & Retreats - 18th August
  • Sacred Feminine Mentoring - 25th August
  • Client Care1st Sep (Full 2)

Rest & Integration

As we move into fleshing out our business offerings, we are blessed to have Belinda Jackson, Business Activator, bringing her savvy wisdom, love and guidance to our circle.

  • Healthy Business Foundations - 8th Sep
  • Developing Your Sacred Work - 15th Sep
  • Your Offerings & Services - 22nd Sep

Rest & Integration

As we move into messaging, we are blessed to have Anna Binah Feldman, Visibiity Strategist, helping us flesh out our Media/PR so we can take our messages to the world!

  • Your Message & Tribe - 13th Oct
  • Releasing Visibility Fears & Rising Up - 20th Oct 
  • Birthing Your Sacred Work - 27th Oct

Rest, integration, incubation to clarify and develop a presentation of your magic at the Sacred Activation Retreat. 

Sacred Activation RETREAT - 12-16 Nov Mid North Coast

At the end, we gather in person to complete the journey. This is a 'rebirth' where you can present a taste of your magic, and experience the magic of each other woman in the circle. We end with a Sacred Activation Ritual to amplify our power and voice, as we courageously rise into leadership doing our sacred work in the world.

In Australian Dollars - There are only 10 spaces for this training and some spots are taken.

Total Value:

30 Live Training Sessions $3000

9 Months Private Mentoring $5000

2 x Fully Catered Retreats $5000

Plus Peer Mentoring, Q&A Calls, Online Community Support $2000

Total Value = $15,000 AUD

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Get the Full 9 month Training including private mentoring and retreats for $8,500

EARLYBIRD PAY IN FULL $6,500 - save an extra $2000 if you pay in full before Friday 13th December.

EARLYBIRD PAYMENT PLAN deposit of $1,500 by Friday 13th December then 10 monthly payments of $600 starting on 15th January. Contact me to discuss other payment plan options.

After Friday 13th December (if spaces available)

Pay in Full $7500 - save $1000

Payment Plan $1500 to secure your spot, then 10 monthly payments of $700 AU.

PLEASE NOTE: This training is an investment in helping you make more money doing your sacred work. I can help you with this from the very beginning if this is your focus. Talk to me about payment options by booking a free chat at the bottom of this page.

There are 2 In-Person Retreats included in the Training.

Reclaiming Power Retreat - is on Thurs 27 Feb - Mon 2 March 2020

Sacred Activation Retreat - will be 12-16th Nov 2020 (date and venue to be confirmed)

Both retreats are fully catered in a beautiful location including accomodation, bedding and delicious plant based meals and snacks. Dietary needs are catered for, eg vegan, gluten free.

You are responsible for your own transport to the Mid North Coast, NSW. Airport transfer is included from Coffs Harbour Airport to Woolgoolga, where the first retreat is held.

This Training supports you to develop your skills as a Sacred Feminine Mentor and Facilitator of transformational work.

Peer Mentoring sessions are a chance to practice your skills with other students, and get feedback and support.

Early in the training you will receive the Sacred Space Holder Training, and each month you have the option of being paired with a different woman within the training to do a Peer Mentoring Session.

In a Peer Mentoring session, you take turns, having one hour each to be heard and supported by each other. If you prefer, between yourselves you could arrange 2 separate sessions instead.

This expands your skills and practical application of the work.

There will be Peer Mentoring Q&A Calls for support, feedback and reflection from Avalon and each other as needed. Support can also happen in online community discussions.

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Spaces are limited and by application only.

Apply on the form, or book a chat with me to discuss if this is right for you.

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