The Temple doors are OPEN NOW!

For visionary women shifting the paradigm.

Join now. Doors closing Friday April 3rd.

The Temple Doors are OPEN NOW!

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The Divine Mother Temple is for women weaving a new culture together. 

We've had years of growth and transformation and now it's time to walk our talk. BE the change.

The Temple is a sacred, private online membership portal (off fb) with guidance and inspiration to stay aligned on your path of growth and evolution.

This is for women being the change the world needs.

You will receive inspiration, encouragement and guidance to stay focused and do your sacred work, while being part of an evolutionary movement of women.

"When a group comes together around the same high frequency understanding, the individuals in that group accelerate their growth enormously." ~ Richard Rudd

We shift the paradigm when we come together, support each other and learn to trust each other again.

This is the healed sisterhood in action.

We are the women the Earth needs now.

Honouring the balance between structure and flow, there is simple rhythm to support you in the Temple, including monthly themes and weekly guidance.

Each moon cycle, be guided with:

1. New Moon: New Beginnings & clarify your monthly projects

2. Waxing Moon: Action & Next Steps

3. Waning Moon: Progress & Completion

4. Dark Moon: off for rest and integration

Receive a Priestess Planner each month to help you stay focused and take inspired action in your life and business. Depending on your level of membership (see below), you may receive a digital copy or have your Priestess Planner posted to you each month (within Australia)

Be supported with a weekly rhythm:

Magic Monday - Set your goals & intentions

Temple Tuesday - Witchy Biz Activation group online mentoring circle (for Witchy Biz level only)

Wealthy Wednesday - Money & Organisation

Thriving Thursday - Accountability Check-in

Flourish Friday - Featured Sister


There are 2 options to join the Temple.

PERSONAL: Join at the Temple Sister level for support, sisterhood  and guidance in our private online Temple Sisters Community, access the WILD mama Journey e-course, and join our monthly online group Temple Circle > all for only $13 AUD a month.

BUSINESS: Join at the Witchy Biz level to get everything above PLUS a weekly live Witchy Biz Activation group mentoring call online (3 x a month), Shine Your Light Online Business School and the Circle Keeper Training e-course > all for only $33 AUD a month.

Membership is month to month, and there is no lock in contract. You can leave at any time, and you can also change levels at any time.

Join now. Doors closing Friday April 3rd.




Temple Sister membership includes:

  • Temple Sisters online community
  • WILD mama Journey e-course
  • online resources
  • A monthly group mentoring Circle
  • Receive weekly guidance to help you stay on track
  • Get a monthly Priestess Planner (digital version)

$13 per month AUD

Join Now




Witchy Biz membership includes:

  • < Everything at Temple Sister level
  • Weekly Witchy Biz Activation group mentoring call online (3 x month)
  • Access to Shine Your Light Online Business School for Witches
  • Access to the Circle Keeper Training online course

Priestess Planner delivered to you each month (within Australia)

$33 per month AUD

Yes! I'm in.

The Temple Sisters Community is in a safe, private community off facebook. This is intentional, to ease your nervous system and allow you to focus on true connection, with support and guidance to do your sacred work.

If you have any questions, email me HERE.