The women are rising...

For the past 2 decades, I've known things were going to change in a BIG way. I've seen visions of a flourishing humanity, and how we can thrive as an interconnected network of humans, like the grassroots network of mycelium in the Earth. We can be intelligent, adaptive and responsive to what’s needed. This is a world where no one is left behind. Every. Single. Human has a role to play, regardless of your background and skin colour. There are no ‘spare’ or ‘extra’ people. We can all belong, contribute and thrive together.

There are different levels of networks, leadership roles and contributions needed for this vision to unfold, so I'm holding a free zoom call to share this vision and see what emerges from our collective intelligence.

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The backstory... in case you didn't see yet...


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First, to give an overview of the situation from my vantage point in Australia… 2020 started with the most epic fires I’ve ever seen, then a toilet paper shortage, then a lockdown, quarantine, borders closed and now the Australian government is mandating muzzles. I literally have Victorian refugees camped in my yard right now. I am no longer pussyfooting around this issue and despite the controversy, in this moment I do not give 2 fucks if you don’t like what I’m saying. You are welcome to turn away now, unfriend, unsubscribe, delete block whatever… or if you’re exploring the deeper realms of what is actually happening for humanity, welcome. Let’s continue.


There's all this new agey stuff about 'we are all one' and everyone’s opinion is valid and on one level I completely agree, although there is much more to this. Radical acceptance and compassion is one thing, but staying quiet for fear of disrupting the status quo or offending people is no longer an option for me.


The stakes are too high now.


I will no longer hold back from sharing what I’m seeing. That’s my role here. My gift as a visionary oracle is to feel truth deeply in my cells connected with the Earth, and receive expansive visions of what’s next. It’s a collaboration between my own soul path and the unfolding evolution and organic intelligence of life itself, which is the essence of my work at Blossoming Woman


Despite all the media fear campaigns, there is a rising movement of powerful women remembering their role in the flourishing of life and gaining strength to take a stand for that. We’ve been burned before. A friend of mine died recently. The Earth is suffering at the hands of people disconnected from this organic intelligence, and we are no longer going to sit back and submissively watch this shit show unfold.


Truth is not just a mental concept based on beliefs, although for many people it’s the closest they get to experiencing it. There is a much deeper truth aligned with the wisdom of nature, the intelligence of life itself and a larger, deeper, more expansive experience of reality than the human mental level. Most people are too detached from their body wisdom to know the difference. They think an opinion is truth. The systematic separation, division and domination rife in our culture makes people vulnerable to missing out on a whole deeper level of organic intelligence that is available to everyone if they slowed down long enough to feel it.


This is why there is so much distraction, disconnection, division…. It’s a deliberate ploy to stop people from feeling their own truth and power. This is not just about consumption and making money. It goes way deeper than that. It’s about power and control. Many people don’t even know what they think any more unless someone tells them. That’s why they are glued to the news, glued to social media, needing to ‘know’ what’s happening because they are completely fucking lost on the inside. This is the tragedy of a domination culture where people are told they are wrong from childhood, told not to cry, encouraged to conform, punished and belittled if they dare question authority. Don’t be silly. Go to your room. We know better than you. Respect your elders. Do what you’re told. It’s for your own safety.


For people who are connected with this deeper organic intelligence, we are seeing the corruption and distortions left, right and centre. It’s a complete circus right now with the level of lies and manipulation that is being force fed to the public. People are buying it and turning against each other with their primal nervous systems so hijacked that they’ve lost all sense of reason and logic. People are being trained to fear and turn against each other. It’s the oldest game in the book. Divide and conquer.


Not to mention what impact that has on your immune system… but it’s for your own safety!!! Comply. Submit. Obey. Don’t question. Fear everybody. And YOU are a danger to society if you think differently to us.


Yeah, well fuck that shit. I value life more than I value fear-based, corrupt authority. I literally have nothing to lose any more.


I am not intimidated in the slightest by these players in the game who wear intimidating costumes, carry badges and guns, and pretend to have authority over my body. Organic intelligence knows that no one has authority over another. UNLESS you give it to them. I DO NOT CONSENT.


And FYI all these new laws and regulations are not lawful. They are not based on the constitution, and those fines would not stand up in a court of law. But that’s not my area of focus. I’ll tell you what is…


For the past 2 decades I have been delving more deeply into my purpose and mission on Earth. It’s been an obsession. Since I was a child I knew I there was a larger vision unfolding that would eventually make sense. The women in my community also feel this… and it’s actually fucking happening now! It’s so fascinating to witness who is joining this uprising, because it’s big. Claiming your sovereign power is a hell of a responsibility, especially when there's a whole government trying to take it from you.


Through all the clearing, healing, dismantling of constructs and conditioning, we are realigning with our soul purpose and mission on Earth and it’s a fucking big one. If you’re still reading this message, you’re part of the uprising too. Notice how that feels in your body…


Like really. Stop. Pause. Close your eyes for a moment, breathe deeply and feel what’s happening in your body. This is your own inner navigation system.


The past 5 years in particular, I have been so deeply immersed in this mission, holding way too much, doing everything myself obsessed, mapping everything out, knowing I needed to prepare for what’s to come. My path has been fuelled with such an obsessive quest for truth and purpose, it has almost broken me with exhaustion, overwhelm and multiple burnouts. This is the deeper issue of social distancing. We are each doing our own thing but we are literally designed to coexist together. We are relational beings and flourish together. As long as we learn how to be authentic and compassionate with safe spaces to express ourselves… which is another key aspect of my work...


Being together boosts our immune system. Hmm...


From the ground up, I have built my business to the point where I have been doing $20k months with no ads, no team, just me, my message, listening deeply to the Earth and the wisdom of nature, journeying with the plants and courageously sharing my truth from the heart. I’ve never even set up automated email sequences because it just feels so… contrived. Instead, I share my message when it’s alive… which goes deeper and further than any synthetic strategy.


What I'm seeing now is a whole ecology of interconnectedness, an intelligence emerging as people remember their role, release their own limitations and realise that the pathway to flourishing is not to try and fit yourself in boxes and toe the line. It goes much deeper than that. It’s a path of remembrance, surrender, of deep listening, of getting to know yourself, heal your shit, feel what’s true for you, trust your inner wisdom and share THAT with the world. No more second guessing, doubting, and undervaluing the magic that flows through you despite the judgment that others may hold.


My larger vision is a true flourishing of humanity. An interconnected network of humans, like the grassroots network of mycelium in the Earth, that is intelligent, adaptive and responsive to what’s really needed. An interconnected web where no one is left behind. Every. Single. Human has a role to play, regardless of your background and skin colour. There are no ‘spare’ or ‘extra’ people. We can all belong and contribute. This is my role and I've done it before in other realms. I invite others into this larger vision which takes us beyond the current illusions and into a beautiful future. We have solutions to every challenge facing us. There is a way through this. But it won’t happen while we’re muzzled, scared, and staying away from each other. When we get together in places where all voices are heard rather than ridiculed or judged, we experience a synergy that unlocks our creativity and true genius. That’s what I’m here for.


And that is dangerous to the status quo! No wonder they want us locked away...


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Together we rise. It's time

PS I realise I've been hiding in my private fb group and now that's no longer an option. Eeeeeeeeek!!!

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