Would you like to deepen your skills as a facilitator of transformational women's work, while being supported to flourish in your soul business? 



The Sacred Feminine Way


Facilitator Training &

Women's Business Development

with Avalon Darnesh

This 6 month Immersion is for Coaches, Healers, Mentors & Visionaries


Reclaim your feminine power,

dive into Women's Mysteries,

Rites of Passage,

Visionary Leadership

& activate your Soul Mission as a facilitator of transformational women's work.


We are the change makers.

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The Training covers:

Women's Mysteries

Rites of Passage, womb wisdom, sexuality, birth, motherhood, rebirth, transformation, magic. 

Personal Power

Communication, relationships, shadow alchemy, identity, roles, responsibilities & self leadership

Thriving Business

Facilitation, client care, personal organisation, offerings, packages, marketing, sacred wealth

In our Sacred Circle...

You will learn specific guided processes and transformational healing techniques to take your women's empowerment work to the next level.

You will gain a deep trust in your own ability to navigate the mysterious depths of the feminine realms, including the darker aspects that have been suppressed, rejected and distorted for lifetimes, so that you and your clients can experience new levels of liberation, integration and authentic self expression.

This is a deep remembrance of the magic, wisdom and knowing inside you, while being held and supported in a potent Circle of Women to grow and nurture your own business doing meaningful work that changes lives.

"Hi beautiful sisters, I just wanted to share something from today. I finished my first case study client, we did the Heart Activation, Womb Healing and Sacred Woman Visioning. My client LOVED the sessions so much, she has asked to work with me 1:1 going forwards! She has been blown away by these sessions, so powerful and transformational for her. 


YEAH!!!!!!!!!! I have known this lady a long time and we were coaching partners when we were studying together so this means so much to me that she would want to work with me :) She is so awesome and inspirational!"

~ Sally Chamberlain, current student & Health Coach

What is a Sacred Feminine Mentor?

This is a role where you show up fully as yourself, with facilitation skills to listen, respond intuitively and guide a woman deeper into her own experience, inner wisdom and power.


During this Training you will Dive deeply into:

  • Women’s mysteries, rites of passage
  • boundaries, power dynamics
  • sacred sexuality and feminine magnetism
  • communication and relationships
  • stages of a woman's life
  • shadow alchemy, womb wisdom
  • Divine Heart Activation
  • birth, death, rebirth, transformation
  • magic & ritual
  • sacred wealth & prosperity
  • roles & responsibilities
  • identity, health and culture


Along with the Practicalities of:

  • Facilitation skills and client care
  • inner alignment and self leadership
  • personal organisation
  • business management
  • flow, expansion and prosperity


This journey includes Private Mentorship with Avalon

Avalon's private mentoring has been booked out since last year, so as a sister in our Circle of 13, you will receive exclusive Private Mentorship 1:1 with Avalon to deepen into your feminine power and develop your own unique business doing your soul work. Be held, supported, and encouraged to rise up, claim your gifts and thrive.

This is the only way to work 1:1 with Avalon now.

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"Journeying with Avalon has been like having this sacred witchy grounded awesome secret weapon in my back pocket.

Avalon weaves beautiful ceremonial and sacred women's work with power house business acumen and know how.  It is hard to describe the luscious container she provides as it is like nothing I have experienced before. She has the UNIQUE ability to meet you on both a deep sacred personal level as well as offer transformational business alchemy and wisdom. 

I felt so SAFE, held, seen and INSPIRED throughout my journey. She first and foremost listened to where I was on all levels and MET me there.  It is from here that we would weave the magic of each session.  and the support didn't end there, her responsiveness to me in between sessions and generous offerings of support were so pivotal to my experience." 

~ Eve Wilson, Stark Raven

Meet Avalon

Avalon is a Sacred Feminine Mentor, Women's Mysteries Teacher, Temple Priestess, Circle Keeper and Business Witch.

Having developed her own successful Sacred Feminine Mentoring business over the past decade, Avalon shares skills, tools, processes and inspiration to ignite your own fires of transformation, action and success. 

Facilitating a combination of one-on-one private mentoring and group programs, her earnings have risen from $5k to $10k a month consistently, with some $20k months. 

In addition to her wealth of direct experience working with hundreds of women over the past decade, Avalon's background and training includes Wholistic Psychology, Counselling, Youth Mentoring, Shamanic Midwifery, Psych K, Orion Theta Healing, Past Life Regression, Holotropic Breathwork, Rebirthing and the practical skills of Business Management, Marketing and Leadership.

Avalon's unique, playful, creative and evolutionary approach to business liberates you to design your own life and business so you can thrive, the Sacred Feminine Way.

Deepen your ability to facilitate transformation

for both individuals and groups


The skills you'll learn in this training apply to both online and real-life private sessions and packages, circles, retreats and events to share your wisdom with more people through technology, for higher impact and income. We're blending ancient wisdom with new technology.

This is for wise women navigating a new way forward.

The Sacred Feminine Way


Please note: The income you receive doing this work varies depending on your own willingness and commitment, consistency in showing up and taking action, and vibrational alignment with receiving wealth. All these elements are addressed in the program, as we are shifting the paradigm around women's work and sacred wealth. Ultimately, you are responsible for your own actions and success, and I am here to serve you to thrive.

This is not a beginner’s course or therapy. It is for women who have cleared enough of your own stuff so that you can be present for others' growth and transformation. Whether you work in the realms of health, personal power, communication, pregnancy and birth, motherhood, family, business and beyond, each woman brings your own soul gifts and purpose to this work.

What other women say about

Avalon's Sacred Feminine Mentoring


“Just had an amazing, beautiful, transforming session with Avalon Darnesh about aligning with love. I’m feeling so joyful and grateful and aligned! I recommend her very highly.” ~ Marion Rose, Psychospiritual Parenting


"Avalon’s presence and attention to the connection and embodiment of the the goddess and feminine energy is very real, connected and on target with where as woman we can now choose to embody our most divine authentic self all the time." ~ Jemah Day


“It is actually challenging to find the words to describe the shift that occurred with Avalon’s most present and connected facilitation. To have someone so connected to Spirit, allowed me to do the same and have the transformational shifts that occurred. To FEEL that love, compassion & grounded energy was something I will never forget and I am calling it in on a daily basis to become the norm. Life changing and positively transformational is this work with Avalon. Words, simply cannot transfer the experience and impact it has had on my life. Thank you Avalon!” ~ Hannah Andrews

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