This is a potent journey of Sacred Feminine Embodiment & Soul Business Activation.

Imagine feeling deeply connected in your body each day, weaving your skills, gifts and lessons into heartfelt offerings for the people who need them. Your work is valued and appreciated, and you receive wealth doing what comes naturally to you, in your own unique way. 

Sacred Woman Rising ~ Ecstatic Business Activation is a guided journey to embrace your feminine wisdom, activate your divine power, and develop your own Soul Business that nourishes you financially while you make a difference doing your soul work.


"I wouldn’t be where I am without the course. Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought I could turn something I really love into a business where I am helping others. It’s been an amazing experience & I highly recommend it. Thank you Avalon for all your wonderfulness!" ~ Michelle Matthews

Many women are deeply intuitive, sensitive and aware, and have amazing gifts that can help others, but the business side of things can get edgy...

You are simply not willing to turn yourself inside out or spread yourself over social media all day. Plus, you also want time and space to enjoy yourself and be with your children.

I get it.

Last year I was tired of the ups and downs in my cashflow. While working with a business coach I realised that most business plans and strategies make me want to poke my eyes out... so I ran for the hills and bawled my eyes out for weeks.

I'd already been running my business for over 20 years including Shine Your Light Business School for Witches. But something was missing...

There had to be a better way.

So, I sat on the Earth under the stars, calling in divine wisdom. I received a message

The reason we struggle is because we are here to do things differently!

"You are here to activate into full conscious awareness your divine life and soul business blueprint as a visionary of a new way of being, aligned with the Earth, cosmos and deep love. We are at the cutting edge of human evolution."

With a big sigh of relief, I kept listening within and trusting...

The 'Flower of Love' that I had been drawing since a child, fleshed out into '7 Keys to Sacred Feminine Activation', with each area also correlating with 7 different aspects of Sacred Feminine Business.

This helps you get clear, focused and organised in a way that feels good in your body.

This is about honouring yourself, ending the struggle and returning to organic flow.

Wealth naturally flows from this place of deep inner alignment.

"This course has been completely incredible. It has helped me to get clear in myself about many different areas of my life. Who I am, why I am here, what I have to offer. I moved from being very scattered, disjointed and lost into a place of greater wholeness, self-belief and strength. It has challenged my limited beliefs, and asked me to step into my truth, into my strength and into the world. With focus and motivation to make a difference to my world, I step now into service with a full and open heart. My feet on the earth, my heart with humanity, my spirit with the stars. Thank you Avalon xx" - Justine Shaw

After empowering women in ecstatic birth, motherhood, sacred sexuality and soulful business for a decade, I have woven what I've learned into this unique journey, blending the mystical with the practical, so you can create your own Ecstatic Business that lights you up and feels beautiful so you can birth your offerings with grace, ease and fun.

::: YOU already hold the wisdom, medicine and magic of your own sacred work. I guide you to access and trust your knowing, value yourself and clear fears and resistance, so you can:

  • connect more deeply with your wisdom, beauty and power as a woman in each of these 7 aspects (which you'll see below)
  • confidently claim the value of your work and charge accordingly
  • get clear, organised and take action
  • courageously share your message with the ones who need it
  • birth your offerings with joy
  • make a difference while making good money.

This is when business becomes ecstatic!

As you awaken this blueprint within yourself, you guide others into their own sacred blueprint and soul mission, committed on this path of abundance and nourishment as interconnected elements of wholeness. 

It feels really good in your body, and this energy flow optimises your radiance and magnetism to synergistically draw exactly what you need when you need it, and share your gifts with exactly the right people at the right time.

Life becomes truly magical and abundant.

When I finally let go of the old ways of doing things and honoured this new way, weaving ritual and magic, and activating these 7 aspects within myself, I went from having less than $20 in my accounts (I legit have the screenshot) to OVER $20 thousand dollars in ONE MONTH. I also have the screenshot to prove that! I shared it in a group and still get messages to this day... 

My income has been a steady stream of wealth since then while supporting me to live a beautiful life while unschooling my 5 kids and not relying on government money.

That's the level of freedom and flow I want for you too!

Introducing the Flower of Love

With 7 keys to Sacred Feminine Activation

The writing might be too small to read on a phone... but don't worry, it's explained below.


Sacred Woman Rising guides you on a journey through these 7 portals to embody and activate these energies  in your life and business.

In this course, you will be guided to:

  • activate and embody your own sacred feminine wisdom
  • claim your divine power as a visionary creator
  • confidently clarify and value your sacred work
  • develop your unique Soul Business Blueprint and lifestyle in a way that brings your heart alive and feels ecstatic and joyful
  • take charge of your own schedule and live your life on YOUR terms with your own money and no one telling you what to do.

It's activation time, baby!

Holy yes! Show me how to join!

Here are the 7 Activations:

1. Centre: Arrive

We begin with a Sacred Woman Activation. 

This is a paradigm shift to remember who you are and Awaken Your Inner Power as a Visionary of Change, and set your intention from this place of deep alignment.


This is a commitment to your soul work, honouring your business as your devotion. Get organised and develop daily practices that support you to move beyond procrastination and self doubt, so you can stay focused and take inspired action.

  • Receive a simple One-Page Priestess Planner to help you stay organised.
  • Self Assessment - time, energy and money. What new habits do you need to support you to thrive and use your resources wisely?


2. Earth: Activate Your Mission

Grow Your Roots Deep and Connect with the Earth to Clarify your Mission in service to the Flourishing of Life.

  • This includes a Sacred Wealth Activation for Flow and Abundance
  • Calling in Ancient Wisdom & Your Lineage of Support
  • Honouring Your Seasons, Cycles & Personal Rhythms


Learn the Organic Stages of Soulful Business and where your focus is needed.

Your Business Your Way  - Getting Organised. What practical foundations do you need in place for your business? This includes your website, structures, systems and finding your own sustainable business rhythm and calendar, including grounding, nourishment & rest

  • Shamanic Drum Journey to meet your Power Animal for your Business
  • Creative Art Project: Your Abundance Tree


3. Spirit: Visionary Leadership

As a multi-dimensional woman aligned directly with source, you birth new worlds by the power of your intent and synergy with others.

Activate Your Next Level Self, Your Big Vision & Dreams & see how this fits into the larger vision you are part of.


Clarify your Values, Vision, Purpose and Gifts

VISIBILITY - Activate your Essence and Gifts - have fun with creativity and imagery, courageously expressing yourself in a way that delights and inspires your people.

BONUS: CLEARING the Witch Wound - to release fears of visibility, being seen and showing up in your full power.


4. Womb: Activate Your Divine Feminine Power

Womb Temple Activation - explore and clear what needs to be released so you can rise into Ecstatic Aliveness harnessing the power of your Sexual Energy.

Activate Your Visions in Your Womb of Creation

Deepen Your Connection with Sacred Wealth & Life Force Energy


Develop Your Own Personal Ritual to Amplify your Power with Focused Intent and Magic.

Honouring Sacred Boundaries - Take charge of your own destiny and review your availability and agreements to design a life that nourishes you as you serve others.

  • Pleasure Practice to Amplify your Magnetism


5. Heart: Aligning with Divine Love

Activate Your Heart's Essence to amplify your sensuality and magnetism.

From this place of Radiance and Erotic Aliveness, you energetically optimise your health and wellbeing, attract synchronicities and deepen the quality of your relationships.

Cultivate deep trust in divine flow.


Weave your gifts, skills and services into valuable offerings that can make a real difference for your clients, with pricing that reflects the true value of the transformation you provide.

Clarify who you can best serve in a way that lights you up, including Archetypes and the growth path your clients are on.

Develop Soulful Client Pathways to attract the people you are here to serve, nurturing client relationships providing value from your first connection to your highest level of service.

BONUS: How to Create Transformative e-Courses and Trainings


6. Voice: Courageously Share Your Message

‘Awaken Your Divine Channel’ - clear fears and trust yourself to speak courageously from the heart, knowing your voice is medicine for those who need it.

Learn how to engage, inspire and entertain your people with your story, struggles, lessons and insights which speak to the heart of the ones who need you.


Clarify your message, your origin story, WHY you do what you do and how your work makes a difference for people and the planet.

Decide which communication channels you will use to develop your own heart-aligned visibility campaign, including content, blogs, videos, speaking, PR & Media. 

Have FUN with an embodied ritual to activate and expand your creativity.

Streamline your efforts by multi-purposing your material on different platforms to reach more people, in a way that deepens trust and feels good to you.

BONUS: Social Media Savvy for Sensitives - Map out your Visibility Strategy to grow your audience and call in aligned people with focused intention, without scattering your energy.

Coming Soon: Flourishing without Facebook


7. Flow: Synergy and Guided Action

It’s integration time. 

Our final Integration Ritual guides you into deep trust, knowing that you are exactly where you need to be, aligned in your centre, embodying your next level self.

Clarify your visions, goals and next steps to be witnessed and celebrated by our community


Now it’s time to weave everything you’ve done so far into your own Unique Soul Business Blueprint to help you stay aligned, focused and on track. 

It has flexibility to grow and change with you. After all, YOU are in charge now! 

Now it’s time to put it into practice, share your wisdom with the ones who need it, and grow your beautiful business that nourishes you.

BONUS: Coming soon: Birth Your Launch course included free, guiding you to conceive, gestate, refine, birth and deliver your beautiful offering.


When does it start?

As soon as you join, you have access to the whole course your online Learning Portal.

This is a SELF PACED online journey, at your fingertips to do in your own time.

We also have a private online community (not on facebook) for you to receive connection, support and feedback as you develop your Soul Business.  

You can join me in a live monthly Group Coaching Call for support, inspiration and feedback.

Which option suits you?

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You also receive these Bonus Masterclasses

To amplify your power and magnetism even more.

Bonus One: Shandara Energy Weaving Practice

Activating your 'Inner Technology' Lisa Bogle will guide an introduction to this ancient energy weaving practice to help you stabilise your energy and expand your capacity to hold more and work with energy in a real embodied, tangible way. As an Initiated Shandara Energy Weaver, this has made a profound impact on my ability to shift and expand my potency and work.

Bonus Two: Divine Prosperity Activation

Medha has a gift for helping people shift their energy around money, expanding to receive more and rise into higher levels of abundance with ease and joy. We are blessed to have Medha facilitate an Activation to clear money blocks so you can rise into Divine Prosperity as a sovereign, wealthy woman.

Bonus Three: Create Your Magnetic Offers that Sell with Ease

Are you ready to magnetise your perfect clients by creating irresistible offers? In this step by step MasterClass Belinda Jackson will walk you through how to package up what you do, get the pricing just right, and bring it to market so it sells with ease. This is your catalyst to creating offers that will have you loving what you do even more as you make a difference and make a profit.

A bit about me.

I'm Avalon, the founder of Blossoming Woman. I guide women into deep alignment with your heart and true essence, to be sensually embodied and empowered to do your sacred work on Earth, as we birth a new paradigm.

With a background in Wholistic Psychology, Sacred Sexuality, Shamanic Midwifery, Women's Mysteries AND over 20 years in Business Management, I weave the mystical with the practical to facilitate deep embodiment AND radical empowerment for women to thrive.

I am a wild mama to 5 unschooled children in a blended family, living with our pet rats and chickens on the East Coast of Australia.

I would be honoured to serve you to thrive in your business, your unique way. 

"Since taking part in Avalon Darnesh's Priestess Business School SO MUCH has happened. I’ve gone through a massive process around shame, written a letter of forgiveness to myself, realised and released some deep rooted fears about coming out of the witchy closet; fear of prosecution, fear of being found out, fear of being SEEN & HEARD. It’s such a transformational process. But best of all? It’s kicked my ass into gear! Now that I have my goals aligned with my values, vision and dreams, I am taking inspired action each and every day towards my business, making my dreams a reality! So watch this space, BIG THINGS are brewing! 🕯🔮✨"

Venus Starlight
Cosmic Healer & Coach

"Avalon’s presence and attention to the connection and embodiment of the the goddess and feminine energy is very real, connected and on target with where as woman we can now choose to embody our most divine authentic self all the time. Avalon thank you for hearing your calling to guide woman into their heart and closer to the divine. Much Love"

Jemah Day
Mother and Teacher

"OMG talk about a POWER SESSION! You want ultra clarity? You want complete alignment? You want confirmation of what you already know but are scared to admit it? You want to shift your entire reality in one session? I thought this is what I do in session! Or maybe that is how I am trying to find the words to describe what I just experienced! To experience it? To have the entirely incredibly amazing shift in one session to align more than ever before, to SEE WHO YOU REALLY ARE, and to act on this? - THIS is power, this is powerful. And I am forever grateful. It is hard to put into words really, those seismic shifts that you actually can’t describe, but feel in your bones and come out the other side a complete different person? That. That is what Avalon does. THANK YOU, doesn’t really cut it. But Thank you Avalon xxx Thank you xxx ❤️"

Hannah Andrews
Soul Purpose Queen

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