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Private Mentoring & Business Development

 1:1 with Avalon Darnesh

This is an invitation for creative, visionary women to activate your feminine power and grow your beautiful business with my individual care, attention and support.

 In ceremony years ago I experienced a "Queen Bee" vision of women as powerful frequency holders on Earth, which is why our wisdom and intuition has been systematically suppressed within our culture.

It is time for us to remember who we are and do our sacred work on the planet.


It's time.

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I'm Avalon, a Shamanic Craftswoman, Sacred Feminine Mentor and Soul Business Midwife. 

I guide wise women to trust your inner wisdom, embody your power and activate your sacred feminine magic so you can share your gifts with the ones who need it, and embrace divine prosperity and financial freedom doing what you're here for.

Space is now open to receive my support. See more below.

As a homeschooling mama of 5 in our blended family, I know firsthand what it's like to be a multidimensional entrepreneur with your energy being pulled in different directions.

Back in 2012, I was broke and overwhelmed, crumpled in a mess of tears and frustration on the kitchen floor. I knew life wasn't meant to be this way!

I wish I'd had someone I trusted to guide me through it...

I was deep in women's mysteries, rites of passage and womb work to claim my own power, and knew I needed to learn the business stuff to really make a difference and share this work with other women.

For years I was OBSESSED with all the business stuff, learning every technique and strategy I could get my hands on. I was determined to make this work! You'd find me in the kitchen with headphones listening to the latest webinar, sweeping the floor learning copywriting techniques, or hanging out my washing learning how to 'grow my list'.

Eventually I worked with a business coach, which was a confronting lesson in how I didn't want to do business! So I pulled out of the program halfway through, lost my money, and cried for weeks as my bank account dwindled even further.

When I was down to my last $20, I knew something drastically needed to shift.

I was at rock bottom.

On hands and knees on the Earth, I prayed and received powerful guidance that I'm here to activate a new crystalline blueprint of doing business, as the old techniques based on struggle and scarcity do not fit the world we are moving into.

Although I didn't feel ready, I acted on the divine guidance I received and made $20,000 within one month, and ended up doing 6 figures in my business that year in 2020 as the old structures were crumbling.

Since then, I have been teaching The Sacred Feminine Way Facilitator Training, and established the Divine Mother Temple Mystery School, guiding wise women deeply into their hearts and wombs to claim their divine power as visionaries of the new earth.

Empowering wise women to contribute to the flourishing of life is my soul mission, and the antidote to the madness we see around us, guiding people back into connection with their true nature.

And the crazy thing is... it's not even about the money. Yes, it's great to be financially free and not need to worry about it which is Step One - to free yourself from scarcity, struggle and slavery conditioning and get wealth flowing in a beautiful, organic way.

When people start talking about 6 figure months and 7 figure years, I start glazing over...

We are moving beyond greed and 'shiny object syndrome' into a world of sacred exchange, learning to co-exist in mutual reciprocity just like nature.

Whether it's money, barter, crypto or potatoes, the principles are the same.

This is about showing up and contributing your unique medicine on the planet and receiving sacred wealth that nourishes you.


... so you can live a beautiful life.


"Avalon’s presence and attention to the connection and embodiment of the the goddess and feminine energy is very real, connected and on target with where as woman we can now choose to embody our most divine authentic self all the time. Anything is possible when you live in your heart. Avalon thankyou for hearing your calling to guide woman into their heart and closer to the divine. Much Love."

~ Jemah Day

After guiding and teaching other feminine visionaries, healers & facilitators, space is now available to work privately with me as your Soul Business Midwife.

I can help you grow your business and share your gifts with the ones who need it.

Running a business on your own can be overwhelming and stressful, with so many moving pieces to keep track of.

My services are for sensitive, visionary women who would love support, guidance and mentorship to nurture your beautiful business in a way that honours you as a woman so you can contribute to humanity and receive sacred wealth by bringing more love, healing and beauty to the world.

The way I work is collaborative and synergistic, beside you with deep listening, enquiry, and responsiveness. I know you already hold the codes of your sacred work, so I journey beside you to encourage, inspire and guide you to bring your visions to life.

I have over 25 years experience in business, and over a decade specifically doing women's empowerment work.

As your Sacred Feminine Mentor, I guide you to embrace the power of your womb, heart and voice to flourish in your sacred work.

As a sacred mirror, I reflect back your divinity and medicine as a wise woman, holding sacred space for you to sink deeper into your unique frequency and access the wisdom inside you.

As a Shamanic Craftswoman, I help you unravel tangled threads of your life, and weave your ideas and dreams into a beautiful tapestry of life and business in your own unique way.

When stuff comes up as you're energetically expanding, I have skills to support you to clear fears, doubts and energetic blocks as you become stronger to show up, speak up and do your soul work with more confidence to take consistent action to get results.

Together we can:

  • clarify who you are and who your soul work is for
  • crystalise your story, message and the benefits & outcomes of your work
  • design and refine your offerings, both online and real life 
  • map out your visibility plan to engage, delight and attract your soul clients
  • write web pages, posts, emails and develop a simple marketing strategy that feels authentic and aligned for you
  • sort out your tech systems and project management tools to help you stay clear and focused
  • help you grow your business and expand your capacity to receive wealth

When we work together over time, I'm here for you to:

  • help you organise your life
  • reassess the situation and map out next steps as you go
  • check in to receive support & feedback between sessions
  • be accountable to stay on track and take action to get results. 

You don't need to do this all alone.

I'd be honoured to be your visionary guide on your divine mission!

Oh, and one more thing.

I literally have a team of busy bee helpers under my roof! My family, including my partner Brett and my 2 eldest daughters, are available to help with website work, tech stuff, graphics, logos and illustrations, audio and video editing, and creating social media imagery.

I can help coordinate these things with you for your business if you need it, like a Project Manager. One stop shop!

"Journeying with Avalon has been like having this sacred witchy grounded awesome secret weapon in my back pocket.


Avalon weaves beautiful ceremonial and sacred women's work with power house business acumen and know how.  It is hard to describe the luscious container she provides as it is like nothing I have experienced before. She has the UNIQUE ability to meet you on both a deep sacred personal level as well as offer transformational business alchemy and wisdom. 


I felt so SAFE, held, seen and INSPIRED throughout my journey. She first and foremost listened to where I was on all levels and MET me there.  It is from here that we would weave the magic of each session.  and the support didn't end there, her responsiveness to me in between sessions and generous offerings of support were so pivotal to my experience.


On a practical level - some of thing things that I achieved in this 6 month journey:


~ uncovered my business name and logo

~ developed my key business structures, inspiration and offerings

~ clarified my business mission and service

~ launched my website

~ deep womb and heart healing

~ built my active clientele

~ navigated my relationship challenges in an empowering and clear way

~ deepened into my sacred sexuality and POTENCY as sovereign women and POWERHOUSE in my life


plus so much more!!!


I healed on a personal level AND initiated my sacred service and business .  Knowing now that they are one and the same.  I am now living my life's purpose and my truest expression of service.  I feel like I have integrated key aspects of myself and my service.  I feel aligned, inspired, clear and READY.   




~ Eve Wilson

See how to work with me

"Hi Avalon! I just wanted to say I appreciate you! And... random ping... when I feel into your essence and gifts for our Earth and humans- I don’t see black, witch aesthetics. I see a really, really important role of modeling how to walk as the new, emerging wise woman... true feminine leader... the whisper of the return of earths true matriarchs. There’s a complexity there- multi layered roles and multi layered life and multi layered offerings... mom, partner, sex, dirt, dance, money, integrity, standing for truth etc. I see you doing it all. You’ve been an inspiration to me! In an online realm full of priestesses and witches and abundance or tantra coaches, I see you as the true goddess. "

What's it like to work with me?

Every session is different, so it depends where you're at and what you're needing as to what actually happens in your sessions.

It's all divinely guided.

We connect and see what's most alive for you, and I gently guide you into sacred space, to slow down, breathe and trust your body to guide you to exactly what you need to feel, express and possibly heal.

Even though we're doing business, everything is interconnected, and this is a space to deeply honour you and all that arises on your journey of growth and expansion.

Growing your soulful business will take you past all your growth edges, as you are met with your inner doubts, fears and insecurities.

I stay with you and invite you to lean in and find the gold hidden in the darkest places.

With a background in Wholistic Psychology, Sacred Sexuality, Shamanic Midwifery, Women's Mysteries AND over 20 years in Business Management, I weave the mystical with the practical so women can find your purpose, role. and contribution to thrive in your business, your unique, feminine way.

Depending what arises, we may explore deeper to reveal what's under the surface, and we can also brainstorm ideas, possibilities and creative solutions for your path forward.


Business can be fun!


Because your daily life impacts your business, I can also support you to navigate other things that matter to you, including:

  • your personal organisation and efficiency
  • relationships and communication
  • motherhood and family dynamics
  • personal growth and evolution

My approach is heart centred, deeply present and soul aligned.

"OMG talk about a POWER SESSION! You want ultra clarity? You want complete alignment? You want confirmation of what you already know but are scared to admit it? You want to shift your entire reality in one session? I thought this is what I do in session! Or maybe that is how I am trying to find the words to describe what I just experienced! To experience it? To have the entirely incredibly amazing shift in one session to align more than ever before, to SEE WHO YOU REALLY ARE, and to act on this? - THIS is power, this is powerful. And I am forever grateful. It is hard to put into words really, those seismic shifts that you actually can’t describe, but feel in your bones and come out the other side a complete different person? That. That is what Avalon does. THANK YOU, doesn’t really cut it. But Thank you Avalon xxx Thank you xxx" ❤️

See options to work with me

Prices are in Australian Dollars

There's also our Temple Village Membership HERE.



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Month of Magic

Spend a month with me to dive into your sacred feminine wisdom and soul work to catalyse a fresh new direction and deeper embodiment of your work.

This customised package includes 4 x 90 minute private sessions with me over a month to get you unstuck and activate more flow in your business.

You receive my support, guidance and feedback for accountability and support between sessions as we work together. I can help you set up your systems and a project management tool to help you stay on top of things moving forward.

This is a 4 week intensive with me which requires your commitment, participation and doing the work to get the results that are possible for you.


approx $760 USD

Book Package

 3 Month Incubator

Spend 3 months with me over winter, gestating, going deeper, clarifying your work, message, and visibility plan ready to launch your next offering in spring.

During this season of growth, I'm on your team to help you flesh out your 3 month plan and help you stay on track. Over 13 Sessions together, we meet every 2 weeks to help you take action and stay on track to get results that are meaningful to you.

I'm by your side, available between sessions to check in, connect and give you feedback as you go.

This package requires your full commitment and devotion to your work.


Are you ready to activate your next level?


Due to the personal care and attention you receive, I only have a few spaces available for women to work with me at this level.

Is one space for you?


approx $2283 USD

Book Package

"It is actually challenging to find the words to describe the shift that occurred with Avalon’s most present and connected facilitation. To have someone so connected to Spirit, allowed me to do the same and have the transformational shifts that occurred." ~ Hannah

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"I felt deeply supported, respected, honoured, safe and trusting during our session and have since felt a heightened sense of love, peace, joy, trust and empowerment to walk my sacred path with authenticity." Michelle Jordan

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

If you have any questions, please email me HERE.

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