Free Class: Building a Parallel Society

Find out about the groovy things happening in my local area. We're Building a Parallel Society, a more beautiful world many of us have been dreaming in our hearts.

This initiative has emerged in response to the crisis, stress and corruption that's been happening in Australia (and many other places too), so we've come together since last year, and have been mapping out and organically organising ourselves so that we don't need the old, corrupt systems that are failing anyway. 

In Building a Parallel Society, we will cover:

  • how our movement started - the crisis that sparked this initiative
  • organisation and leadership
  • creating the structure - key areas of culture that matter
  • mapping it out - roles and responsibilities
  • struggles and challenges and how we've overcome them
  • the most crucial quality to cultivate as an individual
  • events, database & communications
  • doing our soul work, sacred exchange and money flow
  • PART TWO includes the 13 Hive Map for a Flourishing Humanity and further discussion on these topics

Find out how we're actually doing it!

Get a glimpse into what is currently happening in our region, and learn how things have evolved here, including:

what initiatives have been working well

- navigating challenges and human dynamics

- how we are synergising with other aligned movements & more.

Get instant access to Part One and Part Two.


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