Mentoring with Avalon 

"Avalon Darnesh is a divine human, supporting women. She actually gets the balance of doing soul aligned work and living a life/mama life. She doesn't just say that she gets it, she actually knows it on a deep level. If you’re thinking of working with her, I highly recommend it." ~ Cat Kerle

I work with visionary women to activate your magic and do your soul work.

We are the change makers.

I can help you to:

  • clarify your purpose, message and offerings
  • flesh out your unique story, challenges and lessons that can inspire others
  • clear fears of 'showing up' and become more courageous and visible
  • get organised and focused to take inspired action and achieve consistent results
  • claim the value of your work and earn good money doing what comes naturally to you
  • deepen into your womb wisdom, heart's radiance and sexual power
  • weave in ritual and magic to amplify your potency

My Private Mentoring is currently booked out. Email me to enquire.

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Jemah says:

"Avalon’s presence and attention to the connection and embodiment of the goddess and feminine energy is very real, connected and on target with where as woman we can now choose to embody our most divine authentic self all the time. Anything is possible when you live in your heart. Avalon thankyou for hearing your calling to guide woman into their heart and closer to the divine. Much Love." 

Anna says:

"Thank you Avalon for an epic Visioning session! I was so relieved to have you show up with such an incredible presence that allowed everything to just unfold, without me having to do anything but respond. I’d been in limbo for such a long time, with tiny pieces coming in here and there but nothing that allowed me to actually move forward on this big project that I’m birthing. There was so much resistance that I just could not shift by myself, but now this big ‘baby’ feels more tangible, more do-able, more spacious. It’s so simple, not to be talking to a specific avatar but to a vision and outcome, and it’s really made all the difference! Thank you for seeing me and what is ready to come through. It’s a relief to have had someone able to hold the space so, just for that time, I could completely let go. That capacity is something that has been deeply missing from my life, as so few can do it in the way I need them to, and my goodness it’s been so lonely! But to be seen and held was just what I needed, thank you." Anna Siebert


I would be honoured to serve you, sister.


Meet Avalon

Avalon specialises in working with mothers who are here to bring great love and healing to the Earth once again.

Avalon is a Graduate of the School of Shamanic Womancraft and has been facilitating empowerment work with women for over a decade. She knows everything is interconnected from birth to motherhood, relationships, sexuality, health, self expression, soul purpose and our role in cultural evolution.

She's a free-birthing, homeschooling mother of 5 in a blended family, with a background in Counselling, Wholistic Psychology, Rebirthing, Holotropic Breathwork and Business Management.

She loves helping women get clear, organised and focused so they can be discerning and potent in how they work, in deep alignment with their true nature.

Alison says:

"Dear Avalon,

Thank you so much for our session this morning. I couldn't get to sleep afterwards as I felt so activated!!! I knew you would cut through all the crap for me so I could see clearly, and you absolutely did! To me you feel like a laser beam, a really pure focused energy that beams into me, aligning my whole being.

We seemed to cover so much in such a short time. I now feel stronger and clearer in myself and I know that feeling like this is the key to bringing in the change I need to realise my vision in the world. You really get to the heart of things. Thank you dear one. 

Love love love Alison xxxxx"

Hannah says:

"OMG talk about a POWER SESSION! You want ultra clarity? You want complete alignment? You want confirmation of what you already know but are scared to admit it? You want to shift your entire reality in one session? I thought this is what I do in session! Or maybe that is how I am trying to find the words to describe what I just experienced! To experience it? To have the entirely incredibly amazing shift in one session to align more than ever before, to SEE WHO YOU REALLY ARE, and to act on this? - THIS is power, this is powerful. And I am forever grateful. It is hard to put into words really, those seismic shifts that you actually can’t describe, but feel in your bones and come out the other side a complete different person? That. That is what Avalon does. THANK YOU, doesn’t really cut it. But Thank you Avalon xxx Thank you xxx ❤️ " ~ Hannah Andrews

What happens in a session?


Each session is unique, intuitive and responsive to what you're needing.

We begin by grounding, connecting and seeing what's most alive for you.


What arises is not always what you think, but always what you need at a soul level.


Through deep listening and intuition, I invite you into deeper presence and truth, making the unconscious conscious, bringing awareness to what needs to be seen so you can come into deeper understanding of yourself, your situation, and clarity about what's next.


I am deeply present to your unique journey, and weave together my skills from Wholistic Psychology, Counselling, Shamanic Womancraft, Rebirthing, Breathwork, and my own life experience as a visionary entrepreneur for over 2 decades, into a unique blend of facilitation which may include deep listening, responding, embodiment practices, shamanic journeys and visioning/activation processes as needed.

Rebecca says:

"Hey Sistas! I had a call with Avalon today. It turned out to be just what I needed. I felt uninspired, scattered, and disconnected. Avalon asked all the right questions and helped me to clarify what I need and what I need to work on. Very helpful! I highly recommend it. Peace!”


I listen, acknowledge, love and unconditionally accept you in all that arises. This level of sacred reflection, validation and being truly 'seen' as your divine self is a magical activation in itself.

This gives you a new reference point for your own divinity.

Your session unfolds as needed, with deep trust in the process of healing, co-creation, and evolution. All sorts of things can arise... we've healed past life trauma, ancestral healing and future self visioning. 

It's all about honouring your unique process of growth.

Come into deeper alignment with your heart and soul's essence, release old patterns, and gain inspiration and clarity for your next steps forward.

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Here's what we can cover in your sessions

Depending on what you need, your time with me can include:

~ Birthing Your Soul Work ~ getting clear about your gifts, message, offerings and birthing your next soul project with joy, fun and ease.

~ Expanding Your Capacity to Receive - so you can make magical amounts of money doing your soul work, because you're showing up, and making the difference you're here to make.

~ Unravelling Your Story - arriving here now, exploring your story, lessons and themes, sacred wounds, secrets, regrets, hopes, fears & desires. Fleshing out your 'Origin Story' for your soul work.

~ Divine Heart Alignment is a transformational guided journey to identify and heal self-protection and blocks to love, so you can experience your heart's radiance and effortless magnetism.

~ Emotional Healing - Mother Wounds, Inner Child Healing, Father Issues, Ancestral Clearing

~ Clearing fears and identifying patterns and blocks that hold you back from being fully expressed and in your power

~ Reclaiming Women's Mysteries and blood wisdom, so you can align with your sacred cycles and live with more ease and flow

~ Conscious Motherhood, raising children in the ways of the heart, respectful leadership, unschooling, freebirthing, natural immunity.

~ Shamanic Womb Healing & Sacred Sexuality, conscious partnership, sovereignty in relationship, having your needs met, sensual practices to deepen intimacy, sex magic.

~ Visioning, mapping out business systems, structures and soul aligned strategies for more visibility, influence and wealth

~ Mapping out and designing your beautiful life in a way that deeply honours you

~ Rituals and Sacred Practices to help you stay grounded, connected and aligned

~ Rites of Passage including Menarche, Pregnancy & Birth, Motherhood, Sexuality, Peri-Menopause and Life Transitions

~ Sacred Space Holding, setting up your own practice and developing offerings and processes based on your skills, gifts and wisdom to support women in a beautiful, connected way. This may include your own mentoring or coaching practice, holding Women's Circles, events & retreats and facilitation.

Together we rise!


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