Alchemy with Avalon

Receive my one-on-one support to embrace your inner wisdom, embody your power and activate your sacred feminine magic.


"Journeying with Avalon has been like having this sacred witchy grounded awesome secret weapon in my back pocket.

Avalon weaves beautiful ceremonial and sacred women's work with power house business acumen and know how.  It is hard to describe the luscious container she provides as it is like nothing I have experienced before. She has the UNIQUE ability to meet you on both a deep sacred personal level as well as offer transformational business alchemy and wisdom." ~ Eve


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Hi, I'm Avalon.

I would be honoured to serve you.


Your wisdom is needed, sister.

I am a sacred mirror and catalyst to help awaken your magic.

With me, you are safe to surrender in total raw vulnerability, to be truly seen, heard and appreciated at the deepest levels, to become an unstoppable force of nature, guided by life itself.


"It is actually challenging to find the words to describe the shift that occurred with Avalon’s most present and connected facilitation. To have someone so connected to Spirit, allowed me to do the same and have the transformational shifts that occurred. To FEEL that love, compassion & grounded energy was something I will never forget and I am calling it in on a daily basis to become the norm. Life changing and positively transformational is working with Avalon. Words, simply cannot transfer the experience and impact it has had on my life. Thank you Avalon!" ~ Hannah Andrews


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"I felt so SAFE, held, seen and INSPIRED throughout my journey with Avalon. She first and foremost listened to where I was on all levels and MET me there.  It is from here that we would weave the magic of each session.  And the support didn't end there, her responsiveness to me in between sessions and generous offerings of support were so pivotal to my experience.

On a practical level - some of thing things that I achieved in this 6 month journey:

~uncovered my business name and logo

~developed my key business structures, inspiration and offerings

~clarified my business mission and service

~launched my website

~deep womb and heart healing

~built my active clientele

~navigated my relationship challenges in an empowering and clear way

~deepened into my sacred sexuality and POTENCY as sovereign women and POWERHOUSE in my life

plus so much more!!!

I healed on a personal level AND initiated my sacred service and business .  Knowing now that they are one and the same.  I am now living my life's purpose and my truest expression of service.  I feel like I have integrated key aspects of myself and my service.  I feel aligned, inspired, clear and READY.

Eve xx"


"Avalon’s presence and attention to the connection and embodiment of the the goddess and feminine energy is very real, connected and on target with where as woman we can now choose to embody our most divine authentic self all the time. Anything is possible when you live in your heart. Avalon thankyou for hearing your calling to guide woman into their heart and closer to the divine. Much Love." - Jemah


Who am I and why would you trust me?

"Avalon Darnesh is a divine human, supporting women. She actually gets the balance of doing soul aligned work and living a life/mama life. She doesn't just say that she gets it, she actually knows it on a deep level. If you’re thinking of working with her, I highly recommend it." ~ Cat Kerle


As a multidimensional mama of 5 children in our blended family, I know firsthand how essential it is for us to clear and heal old patterns so we can be free to share our gifts and create the beautiful world we know in our hearts.

As a child I knew things would change in a big way. As a teen I set up my own handmade clothing business, and trained professionally to become a a highly skilled master craftswoman, designer and patternmaker who can create anything I dream into being. I have handcrafted costumes for performers and television, made gowns for weddings and corsetry for dominatrixes... which led on to teaching others how to make a living from their craft.

After travelling the world in my 20s, I ended up in an abusive relationship and had babies with a man who didn't have the capacity to love me the way I desired and instead tried to tear me down... daily.

After escaping that relationship, I had a lot of healing to do, so I went on a quest to claim my divine feminine power as a woman.

On this journey of self discovery, I was fascinated with human dynamics, relationships and personal power. I studied to become a Counsellor which barely skimmed the surface, so I moved on to study Wholistic Psychology, Holotropic Breathwork and Rebirthing, and went deeper into the sacred feminine realms of Shamanic Midwifery, Rites of Passage and Transformation.

My clothing business evolved into shamanic womancraft, guiding women into their deepest power and purpose.

I also became dedicated to learning all I could about business, so I could become sovereign and financially free doing my soul work.

There were lots of twists and turns along the way, as I experimented and ditching a lot of the methods that didn't resonate with my heart and soul.

I became highly skilled in online business as a prolific creator, building my own websites and courses, and developed my own ways of sharing my gifts for the deepest level of transformation for my clients.

But something was missing... because my money kept ebbing and flowing and I was in feast and famine cycles financially.

Eventually, in desperation, I hired a business coach who claimed to be 'divine feminine' and I learnt a lot about how NOT to do business! It was fast paced, with a lot of pushing which went against my deeper rhythm as a woman.

This coach also rejected the darker elements of feminine power which were becoming so essential to the ways I support women to access their divine wisdom and awaken their true power as a fully embodied woman.

Meanwhile... I was also homeschooling 5 kids, spinning way too many plates in the air and I left the coaching program halfway through, forfeiting my money and cried for weeks having a breakdown while my money was running out...

At rock bottom, down to my last $20, I got on my hands and knees on the earth, howling with snot and tears, praying to Divine Mother to guide me.

I knew I needed to step into a higher level of service for women, and awaken a whole new crystalline blueprint for doing life and business in a sacred feminine way, which is why the old paradigm strategies wouldn't work for me.

Holy shit I'm not ready for that, I thought.

But the guidance was clear.

So, I breathed deeply and trusted this vision, offering my Feminine Visionary Leadership program to women on the cutting edge of change, and made $20,000 by the end of that month!

Then it became 2020, with the world in turmoil, and my business skyrocketed to make more than 6 figures that year guiding women into their deepest power, and teaching them how to activate their soul purpose and share their gifts with the world.

This financial freedom was a game changer for me and so empowering to help other soulful women with too.

Ironically I realised money didn't matter much to me, so instead of going bigger, faster, shinier, I slowed down and put my resources and energy into founding the Divine Mother Temple Mystery School in service to the flourishing of life and sacred feminine wisdom, to support the evolution of consciousness and new paradigm we are shifting into.

I preferred a more relaxed lifestyle so I could be more available for my children, honour myself and live a beautiful life.

Then with all the crazy lockdowns and mandates, I put my visionary leadership wisdom into practice at a grassroots level, helping ignite and develop a parallel society in my own local community.

Then, in 2022 the floods happened and my attention went into full time community service, volunteering to help those who had lost so much, raising funds and taking up supplies and helping people clean up the disasters of their broken homes.

So that brings us to now.

I am being called once again to serve the wise women and feminine visionaries on the edge of evolution, to activate your gifts and live the beautiful life you know in your heart.

If this speaks to you, let's do this.

Email me to enquire about Sacred Feminine Mentoring

In a session with me, be guided to activate your next level of wisdom, power and radiance.

I am a sacred space holder, oracle, visionary and clear mirror to reflect back your divinity and inspire you to listen within, trust and take action on what is alive in your heart, and expand beyond your edges, fears & limitations.

You are wired for healing and expansion.

When you meet your edges, we explore, reveal, release and transform these heavy energies from your field, so you can expand and radiate becoming more VISIBLE in service on your mission.

 With me you can show up as you are… raw and real… relax and drop into a space of deep presence and surrender, aligning with the divine in each moment.

As your Midwife of Transformation, if you choose to work with me over time, I am by your side, and available between sessions for confidential support and guidance as you grow and birth your soul work.

You've been holding so much. This is sacred time for you.

From your darkest shadows to your most magnificent light, you are honoured, safe and held by me.

With me, you are safe to be powerful 🔥

As a powerful woman myself, I'm not threatened by your power. I am deeply intuitive, wise and responsive from a place of clear truth, inviting you to claim your magnificence and divinity on your soul path. 


Depending what you're needing, your sessions with me may include: 

~ Embodying Sacred Feminine Wisdom - making a quantum shift to be more deeply aligned in your body, womb, heart and intuitive knowing as a divine creator in deep pleasure and flow.

Shamanic Womb Healing - your womb is a portal into deep magic and creative power. This portal holds energy and memories from the past, from sexual experiences, to birth and beyond, with my support clear and awaken your own womb portal of ecstatic activation.

Clearing persecution fears and witch wounds and identifying patterns and blocks that hold you back, so you can be courageous, visible and magnetic to the ones who need your magic.

~ Divine Heart Activation - a deeply transformative session to identify core wounds and dissolve walls of protection and disconnect around your heart, so you can expand into your radiance, beauty and magnetism.

Reclaiming Women's Mysteries and blood wisdom, aligning with your sacred cycles, Rites of Passage and stages of life as a woman.

~ Honouring Pregnancy, Ecstatic Birth & Conscious Motherhood - by raising children in the ways of the heart, we are shifting the future of humanity. They are our greatest teachers, giving us the opportunity to clear our own distortions and raise them with truth, love and integrity.

Activating Your Next Level Vision for Humanity - you're here to shift the paradigm. Let's call it in, amplify your big dreams and next level visions, and map out a path and strategy so you can take the actions to bring it to life.

Mapping and designing your beautiful life in a way that deeply honours you

~ Developing Rituals and Sacred Practices to help you stay grounded, connected and aligned

~ Healing Ancestral Patterns and restoring healthy family dynamics - we are breaking the patterns of generations, from the past and into the future.

~ Emotional Healing - Mother Wounds, Inner Child Healing, Father Issues, Ancestral Clearing

~ Healing Sister Wounds - restoring trust between women. This is EPIC for powerful women to be held in the deepest reverence to clear betrayal, judgment and fears around other women

~ Sovereignty in Relationships & Sacred Sexuality ~ be clear and grounded with conscious communication, delve into the realms of sacred union, activate your Priestess power for sexual healing and alchemy in the realms of intimacy, communication and sensual living. 

~ Rites of Passage including healing Menarche (your first period), Pregnancy & Birth, Motherhood, Sexuality, Peri-Menopause and Life Transitions

~ Sacred Space Holding & Circle Keeping - weaving your skills, gifts and wisdom to support women in beautiful, connected, empowering ways.

~ Birthing and Growing Your Soulful Business in service to the flourishing of life. This includes visioning, planning, designing & mapping out your offerings, clarifying your message, your marketing and prosperity plan, all from a place of deep alignment and flow.

~ Visionary Leadership & Building Community - as we nurture a new culture based on connection, trust and collaboration.

What Alison said about working with me...

"Dear Avalon,

Thank you so much for our session this morning. I couldn't get to sleep afterwards as I felt so activated!!! I knew you would cut through all the crap for me so I could see clearly, and you absolutely did! To me you feel like a laser beam, a really pure focused energy that beams into me, aligning my whole being.

We seemed to cover so much in such a short time. I now feel stronger and clearer in myself and I know that feeling like this is the key to bringing in the change I need to realise my vision in the world. You really get to the heart of things. Thank you dear one. 

Love love love Alison xxxxx"

What happens in a private session with me?


Each session is unique, intuitive and responsive to what you're needing.

We begin by grounding, connecting and seeing what's arising for you.


What arises is not always what you expect, but always what you need at a soul level.


Together we set an intention based on what is most alive for you.

Through deep listening and intuition, I invite you into deeper presence and truth, making the unconscious conscious, bringing awareness to what needs to be seen so you can come into deeper understanding of yourself, your situation, and clarity about what's next.


I am deeply present to your unique journey, weaving together my transformational facilitation skills with my experience as a mother in business in a large blended family of 7, navigating the challenges and opportunities of combining motherhood, relationships and soul work.

If you're a mama... you'll know what I mean! It's a whole different realm to navigate your business when other people also rely on you.

Powerful magic and synergy happens when we work together.


I listen, acknowledge, love and unconditionally accept you in all that arises. This level of sacred reflection, validation and being truly 'seen' as your divine self is a magical activation in itself.

This gives you a new reference point for your own divinity.

Your session unfolds as needed, with deep trust in the process of healing, co-creation, and evolution. All sorts of things can arise... past life trauma, ancestral wounding and activating future self visions. 

It's all about honouring your unique process of growth.

Come into deeper alignment with your heart and soul's essence, release old patterns, and gain inspiration and clarity for your next steps forward.

You emerge clearer, more confident and connected on your path.

Your beautiful life flows from divine alignment 🌺

Are you ready to step into the magic with me?


If you are committed and ready for your next level of growth and evolution...


Let's do this. Email me HERE

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