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Ecstatic Activation

Private Mentoring Immersion


This exclusive service is for high achieving, powerful women who are already divine creators, and ready to go deeper into sacred feminine wisdom to alchemise your next level of evolution in this lifetime.

Be held in a place of deep reverence, honouring and safety to explore and activate parts of you that haven’t been seen yet.

Dive deeply into the sacred feminine realms of sensual embodiment, heart activation and womb wisdom, aligned with Earth's intelligence and your ability as a cosmic, visionary co-creator to birth new worlds from the power of your focused intent.

You are shaping the future of humanity.

Mentoring with Avalon 

"Journeying with Avalon has been like having this sacred witchy grounded awesome secret weapon in my back pocket.

Avalon weaves beautiful ceremonial and sacred women's work with power house business acumen and know how.  It is hard to describe the luscious container she provides as it is like nothing I have experienced before. She has the UNIQUE ability to meet you on both a deep sacred personal level as well as offer transformational business alchemy and wisdom." ~ Eve Wilson

"I felt so SAFE, held, seen and INSPIRED throughout my journey. Avalon first and foremost listened to where I was on all levels and MET me there.  It is from here that we would weave the magic of each session.  and the support didn't end there, her responsiveness to me in between sessions and generous offerings of support were so pivotal to my experience." - Eve Wilson

Be deeply held by me in all that arises, with the utmost honouring of your privacy, and the highest level of confidentiality and protection. You are safe to surrender in total raw vulnerability, and let down the layers of self protection you have become so good at holding. This is a new level of being truly seen, heard and appreciated at the deepest levels.

Delve into the realms of shadow alchemy to access, release and transform residue of wounding and trauma that is in your body and energetic field from this and past lifetimes, in all time, space and dimensions.

Explore and heal sisterhood wounding, mother wound, father wound, sexual wounding and clear all trauma and residue so you can be fully unleashed to your next level of ecstatic embodiment.

You can show up as you are… raw and real… hair, make-up and heels optional, so you can drop into a space of deep relaxation and holding as the divine goddess you are under all the layers you’ve become so good at holding.

From your darkest shadows to your most magnificent light, you are honoured, safe and held by me.

As magnificent as you, I am not threatened by your power. I am deeply honest, intuitive and wise, and honoured to be your midwife of transformation.

Your investment for this exclusive level of transformative soul guidance with me ranges from 5 to 6 figures depending on the length and scope of our agreement. Contact me to discuss your needs and options.

As your private Midwife of Transformation, we meet as often as you need to dive deep into the realms of alchemy together. I am available to you between calls for confidential support, guidance, reflection and midwifing.

The Alchemy Queen Ecstatic Activation will change your life forever.

Email me to enquire

Jemah says:

"Avalon’s presence and attention to the connection and embodiment of the goddess and feminine energy is very real, connected and on target with where as woman we can now choose to embody our most divine authentic self all the time. Anything is possible when you live in your heart. Avalon thankyou for hearing your calling to guide woman into their heart and closer to the divine. Much Love." 

What happens in private sessions with Avalon?


Each session is unique, intuitive and responsive to what you're needing.

We begin by grounding, connecting and seeing what's arising for you.


What arises is not always what you think, but always what you need at a soul level.


Through deep listening and intuition, I invite you into deeper presence and truth, making the unconscious conscious, bringing awareness to what needs to be seen so you can come into deeper understanding of yourself, your situation, and clarity about what's next.


I am deeply present to your unique journey, and weave together my skills from Wholistic Psychology, Counselling, Shamanic Womancraft, Rebirthing, Breathwork, Orion Theta Healing and my own life experience as a visionary entrepreneur for over 2 decades, into a unique blend of facilitation including deep listening, responding, embodiment practices, shamanic journeys and visioning/activation processes as needed.


I listen, acknowledge, love and unconditionally accept you in all that arises. This level of sacred reflection, validation and being truly 'seen' as your divine self is a magical activation in itself.

This gives you a new reference point for your own divinity.

Your session unfolds as needed, with deep trust in the process of healing, co-creation, and evolution. All sorts of things can arise... we've healed past life trauma, ancestral healing and future self visioning. 

It's all about honouring your unique process of growth.

Come into deeper alignment with your heart and soul's essence, release old patterns, and gain inspiration and clarity for your next steps forward.

In response to what you're needing, your sessions with me may include: 


~ Sacred Feminine Wisdom - making a quantum shift to be more deeply aligned in your body, womb, heart and intuitive knowing as a divine creator in deep pleasure and flow.

~ Divine Heart Alignment & Activation is a transformational guided journey to identify and heal self-protection and blocks around the heart, so you can experience effortless magnetism and divine love flowing radiantly through you.

~ Emotional Healing - Mother Wounds, Inner Child Healing, Father Issues, Ancestral Clearing

~ Healing Sister Wounds - this is EPIC for powerful women to be held in the deepest reverence to clear betrayal, judgment and fears around other women

~ Sovereignty in Relationships ~ Delve into the magic of sacred union, activate your Priestess power for sexual healing and alchemy in the realms of intimacy, communication and conscious lifestyle.

~ Clearing fears and witch wounds and identifying patterns and blocks that hold you back from being fully expressed and in your power

~ Reclaiming Women's Mysteries and blood wisdom, so you can align with your sacred cycles and live with more ease and flow

~ Conscious Motherhood - raising children in the ways of the heart 

~ Shamanic Womb Healing & Sacred Sexuality - conscious partnership, sovereignty in relationship, having your needs met, sensual practices to deepen intimacy, sex magic.

~ Visioning and Activating Quantum Leaps for Humanity - you're here to shift the paradigm. Let's call it in and amplify your big dreams and next level visions.

~ Mapping out and designing your beautiful life in a way that deeply honours you

~ Rituals and Sacred Practices to help you stay grounded, connected and aligned

~ Rites of Passage including Menarche, Pregnancy & Birth, Motherhood, Sexuality, Peri-Menopause and Life Transitions

~ Sacred Space Holding, weaving your skills, gifts and wisdom to support women in beautiful, connected, empowering ways.

Together we rise!


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