The Sister Tribe Network

is an evolutionary movement of women reclaiming our wisdom, magic and power together.

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The Sister Tribe Network

is a community for conscious, aware women who are shifting the paradigm.

It's time, sister!

We are birthing a new world from the power of our visions and intentions.

As a sensitive, aware woman, it's easy to get overwhelmed, frazzled and lost in a vortex of digital overwhelm, especially on facebook. 

Now more than ever, it's vital to be discerning about where you focus your attention and what you let into your energetic field.

With so much distortion, corruption and censorship on social media, I've set up a safe, private intentional community that is NOT on facebook.

I've been wanting to step away from facebook for ages...

Yes! There is another way.

Yes! I'm in.

"The sacred space & sisterhood that Avalon offers feels nourishing, fun, so familiar & encouraging, plus new & exciting all at the same time.

I feel accepted & supported by a gorgeous group of women. We all show up in our authenticity & we are seen & held lovingly as we process.

Circle calls, weekly share prompts and thought provoking / heart enriching community.
The fact that it is on another platform just adds to this revolution / evolution feel.
I’m grateful I made the shift!
Blessed Be"

~ Meggie


In The Sister Tribe there is a calmness, focus, quality and depth of connection that doesn't happen on facebook with all it's distortions and distractions.

Here we can connect, share and flourish together without trolls, judgment and censorship.

The community platform is on a user friendly app that works on all devices.

When you join the Sister Tribe you can:

  • connect with me and other women in this heart centred, conscious community
  • share freely about your views, your perspectives, your wildness and your magic without fear of judgment.
  • focus on truth, sovereignty and being empowered to claim your rights and say no to external authority and control.
  • be respected and honoured in your views
  • be supported to do your soul work and run your business in a way that feels good for you

To be clear, the Sister Tribe is NOT for women who:

  • try to impose their thoughts and beliefs on others
  • judge others' choices
  • blame and project their own unhealed wounds onto others
  • ridicule information as 'conspiracy theory' when in fact the rabbit hole goes deep as more and more corruption and distortion is revealed

A NOTE ON THE RABBIT HOLE: Conscious awareness is a beautiful thing and you are welcome to share your discoveries in here.

In the Sister Tribe you are encouraged to focus on YOUR place of power and the role you play in the flourishing of life during these turbulent times.

In the Sister Tribe you are supported to:

  • stay aligned with your own heart intentions
  • share your stories and viewpoints you may be afraid to share elsewhere
  • pop in and out as you like, with no need to be 'on' all the time, there's no pressure
  • use technology wisely and enjoy time offline too

It takes a village.

It's time for us to claim our sovereignty as visionary women and leaders of change in our hearts, homes and communities.

This is more than just a group.

Be empowered with resources and inspiration to create real life connections and support networks too.


When you join, you get access to the Blossoming Woman Library of Empowering Resources & Intuitive Transmissions


In the Blossoming Woman Library you will find:

  • Guided Activations & Visioning
  • Business Trainings & Mentoring
  • Womb Wisdom, Sexuality, Motherhood
  • Coming soon are resources and templates to set up your own support groups, gatherings and Listening Sister partnerships

We're stronger together.

Our gentle weekly rhythm


Magic Monday - Share your Heart Intentions for support and accountability

WILD Wednesday - is a fun topic to share your wild stories and nature connection experiences

Flourish Friday - share something you feel good about so we can acknowledge and celebrate each other.


Monthly LIVE zoom calls happen for connection and support. All calls are recorded to access afterwards in the online library.


In a nutshell, the Sister Tribe Network supports you to:

  • make quality connections with conscious, aware women
  • speak your truth from the heart and share empowering resources without trolls or censorship
  • stay aligned, focused and on track
  • be empowered, inspired and uplifted
  • use your time wisely and do what matters

When you join, you are held in our energetic container of activation, in an empowering community of women supporting and uplifting each other.

This is the healed sisterhood in action!


How to join the Sister Tribe Network

It's only $11 AUD a month

Get access to:

  • our private, online community 
  • the Blossoming Woman Online Library
  • monthly zoom gatherings
  • no lock in contract
  • you can leave anytime
  • 30 day money back guarantee if you don't like it, no questions asked
Yes! I'm in.

About Avalon

My mission is to deepen into love, reclaim wildness and activate the Sister Tribe.

I am here to re-awaken the wise women who have returned to bring great love and healing to Earth once again.

We all hold wisdom and magic inside us.

We are visionaries of a new way.

It's time to remember.

I guide women to trust themselves, speak their truth, honour their sexuality and take action on their dreams.

I am in service to the flourishing of life, bringing women together, knowing we are part of a larger ecology. As we heal ourselves, we also shift the collective consciousness, restoring humanity one heart and one womb at a time.

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I would be honoured to have you join us in the Sister Tribe Network.

Together we rise.

If you have any questions, email me HERE.

Join now for only $11 AUD