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The Temple is an online sanctuary for sensitive, intuitive women who are here to restore the sacred balance and live a beautiful life.

With encouragement to trust your feminine wisdom, be guided with a gentle monthly rhythm, inspiration and resources to nurture you.

We are clearing old patterns and claiming our divine power to bring great love, healing and beauty to this Earth again.

We are the ones we've been waiting for.

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The Temple experience has been simplified, supporting you to flourish with ease, spaciousness and a gentle rhythm in your life.

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Sacred Practices

In the Temple, you are guided with embodiment practices to honour your body temple, writing prompts and creative ideas. These change with the theme each month, so you can weave this sacred feminine wisdom into your life. There is also practical guidance, support and a way for us to connect in the Temple itself.

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Monthly Circle

At the beginning of each moon cycle, we have a live Visioning Circle to activate the theme for that month, and support you to clarify where your energy is needed. Attendance is optional, as the monthly Circle is recorded for you to access in the Temple afterwards. (Please note, the last sharing part of each circle is not recorded, to honour the sacredness and privacy of circle.)

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Gentle Monthly Rhythm

After our circle to activate the theme for the month, you receive weekly guidance and inspiration to weave this wisdom into your life. Every fourth week is a week for rest, completion and integration. This spacious rhythm supports you while allowing you to focus your energy where it's needed most, at home, in your family, and your sacred work.

We are women of the Earth, and women of the stars, remembering who we are.

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As a member of the Temple, you also receive access to the Temple Library with a wealth of resources to make life easier, including:

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The Mothership

This 5-stage Organisational System provides the structure for you to get clear, focus your energy and take action on what matters to you. Each month you are encouraged to complete 1 key task or project for that month, instead of faffing around being overwhelmed and distracted. Shift your identity into a successful, wealthy woman! 

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The WILD mama Journey

This is a foundational self-paced course supporting you to shift from overwhelm and exhaustion into connection, clarity and power. Reclaim your true self as a wild and divine woman, and visionary leader in your family. Learn compassionate communication skills, boundaries, conflict resolution and finding creative solutions to life's challenges in an empowered way.

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Cosmic Womb Activation

This 3 part series supports you to anchor into your divine power, womb wisdom and activate your beautiful vision for this year. This includes:

  • Womb of Power
  • Cosmic Womb
  • Womb of Creation
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Pleasure, Power & Prosperity

This 6 part series includes:
~ Womb Activation & Sacred Wealth Activation
~ Your Divine Life Visioning Guide
~ Your Soul Business Map & Abundance Tree Exercise
~  Ritual to Clear Your Biggest Visibility Fear

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"The sacred space & sisterhood that Avalon offers feels nourishing, fun, so familiar & encouraging, plus new & exciting all at the same time.

I feel accepted & supported by a gorgeous group of women. We all show up in our authenticity & we are seen & held lovingly as we process.

Circle calls, weekly share prompts and thought provoking / heart enriching community.
The fact that it is on another platform just adds to this revolution / evolution feel.
I’m grateful I made the shift!
Blessed Be"

~ Meggie

About Avalon

I create safe spaces for sensitive, aware women to gather, be seen and heard, trust your inner wisdom and take action to bring your visions to life.

I'm an unschooling mother of 5 in a blended family, a Circle Keeper, Sacred Feminine Mentor, Shamanic Craftswoman and Soul Business Midwife who helps women flourish by doing work that honour's your soul purpose.

Come journey with me, and gently, step by step, anchor more deeply into your wisdom, power and divine flow.

The age of isolation is coming to an end. 

We are here to bring great love and healing to Earth once again.


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When you join the Temple, you receive:


  • join our energetic field of women restoring sacred feminine wisdom, making it easier for you to tap into this energy too
  • Monthly Circle for connection, vision clarity and focus
  • A gentle monthly rhythm and theme to guide you
  • The Mothership 5 stage Organisation System
  • The WILD mama Journey women's empowerment program
  • Cosmic Womb Activation ~ 3 part series
  • Pleasure, Power & Prosperity ~ Soul Business Activation
  • The Temple Library, with empowering resources, practices and trainings at your fingertips.
  • a safe, relaxing way to connect with me and other sisters within the Temple itself, without the need for any more digital spaces!

Join our evolutionary movement of women who are stepping away from the noise and hustle, and claiming our loving power as visionaries, wise women and weavers of culture.

Join the Temple

You get 2 months free with the annual, or choose the monthly membership

There is no lock in contract. You can leave at any time.

If you have any questions, please email us HERE.

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