Calling women of the earth, women of the stars... it's time for us to gather...

The Divine Mother Temple

is an evolutionary movement of visionary mothers shifting into new ways of being...

Remember how powerful you are.

We are here to weave a beautiful life, for ourselves and our children.

In the Temple, be held, supported and guided to:

~ deepen into love

~ honour your authentic self

~ embrace your wild and divine nature

~ anchor into your womb wisdom

~ let go of old patterns that hold you back

~ speak your truth with courage

~ share your gifts and do your soul work

~ be inspired to get focused & take guided action

~ nurture a new culture based on truth and freedom

Let's shift into visionary leadership as we shift the culture and build the village, together...

About Avalon

I create safe spaces for sensitive, aware women to gather together, to be seen and heard, trust your inner wisdom and take action to bring your visions to life.

We are the visionaries, the wise women and wild ones who have returned to bring great love and healing to Earth once again.

As we release our fears, rise up and speak up, we are an unstoppable force! 

Together, we are so powerful. Come join us!

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"The sacred space & sisterhood that Avalon offers feels nourishing, fun, so familiar & encouraging, plus new & exciting all at the same time.

I feel accepted & supported by a gorgeous group of women. We all show up in our authenticity & we are seen & held lovingly as we process.

Circle calls, weekly share prompts and thought provoking / heart enriching community.
The fact that it is on another platform just adds to this revolution / evolution feel.
I’m grateful I made the shift!
Blessed Be"

~ Meggie

When you join, you are held in our sisterhood of support, an empowering community of women connecting, honouring and uplifting each other.

Regardless of your choices, you are safe in this space.

We walk side by side, together.

This is the healed sisterhood in action!



Connect with Sisters

Temple Village Community

Connect with in our private, online community, our soulful sisterhood of women (purposely not on facebook) so we can connect, share, listen, learn grow & flourishing together.


Connect with Sisters

Temple Library

You get access to a wealth of empowering resources at your fingertips, including:
Guided Activations, Visioning Sessions & Trainings supporting you to come into deeper alignment with your true self and divine power.


Connect with Sisters

Online Circles

We gather online for circles, visioning, activations and classes. 

Attending live is optional, as all calls are recorded to access in the Temple Library afterwards.


To recap, when you join the Temple Village, you receive:

  • membership in our safe, private online community
  • access to the Temple Library, a wealth of empowering resources at your fingertips.
  • online zoom Circles and Activations to connect, dream, vision and synergise our lives together..

Join our evolutionary movement of wild and wonderful women who are making the shift, to claim your life and walk in true freedom, weaving a new culture together. 


We need all hearts on board for this evolution. 


Choose from these 2 options:

Join for $11 AUD a month
Join for $111 AUD a year

I look forward to seeing you in there!

There is no lock in contract. You can leave at any time.

If you have any questions, please email me HERE.