The Divine Mother Temple

is a spiritual community of conscious, aware women connecting and evolving together...

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The Divine Mother Temple

is a spiritual community of conscious, aware women who are freeing ourselves from old patterns and birthing a new way forward...

The Sacred Feminine Way 🌺

Come join the evolution...

Restoring our wisdom, beauty and power


As a Temple Sister, be guided to:

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Honour Your Body Temple


Sacred Temple Practices

Deep inner alignment

Prioritise your Pleasure

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Free Your Self


Have Sacred Boundaries

Honour your cycles

Trust your inner wisdom


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Share Your Gifts


Show up, Speak up

Be courageously visible

Rise into Sacred Wealth

Have a safe space to connect and engage in conversations with me and other soulful women


be supported to get organised!


As we journey together, be supported each week to focus on what really matters in your life so you can be more aligned and in flow.

From lifestyle to motherhood, women's mysteries and magic, sexuality and relationships to growing your soulful business...

In the Divine Mother Temple, be held in our sisterhood of support so you can stay aligned in your power, live your truth, show up and express yourself courageously  ❤️

We are the change makers, birthing a new world from the power of our visions and intentions.


In the Divine Mother Temple, be guided to:

  • restore sacred feminine wisdom in your life
  • make quality connections with conscious, aware women
  • share your stories and speak your truth from the heart without fear of judgment
  • share empowering resources and information without censorship
  • stay aligned, focused and on track
  • be empowered, inspired and uplifted
  • use your time wisely and do what matters

Now more than ever, it's vital to be discerning about where you focus your attention and what you let into your energetic field.

In the Divine Mother Temple, we are using technology wisely to connect and support each other, then getting out in the world, connecting with ones we love, and making a difference!

Share from the heart

This is a safe space for you to speak up, share your stories, be seen, loved and release old energies so things can shift, so you can be truly free in each moment of now.

Focus on what matters to you

Each week, be supported to set your intention with one key priority for the week, to help you focus on what matters in your life.

Connect in Temple Live Circles

Each month we meet in zoom circles for connection, support, inspiration and sharing.

Access the Temple Library

As a Temple Sister, you have access to a wealth of empowering resources at your fingertips, supporting you in motherhood, sexuality, women's wisdom and soulful business.

See how to join us.

"The sacred space & sisterhood that Avalon offers feels nourishing, fun, so familiar & encouraging, plus new & exciting all at the same time.

I feel accepted & supported by a gorgeous group of women. We all show up in our authenticity & we are seen & held lovingly as we process.

Circle calls, weekly share prompts and thought provoking / heart enriching community.
The fact that it is on another platform just adds to this revolution / evolution feel.
I’m grateful I made the shift!
Blessed Be"

~ Meggie

When you join, you are held in our energetic container of activation, in an empowering community of women supporting and uplifting each other.

This is the healed sisterhood in action!


How to join the Divine Mother Temple

It's only $11 AUD a month contribution

Get access to:

  • our private, online community (not on facebook)
  • the Divine Mother Temple Online Library
  • monthly zoom gatherings
Yes! I'm in.

There is no lock in contract. You can leave at anytime. If you don't love it within 30 days, you can get your money back no questions asked. 

About Avalon

I create safe spaces for women to connect, share from the heart and activate your voice and power.

My mission is to deepen into love, reclaim wildness and activate the wise women who have returned to bring great love and healing to Earth once again.

We are visionaries of a new way, carrying wisdom and magic inside us.

I am in service to the flourishing of life, knowing we are part of a larger ecology. As we heal ourselves, we also shift the collective consciousness, restoring humanity one heart, one womb, and one voice at a time.

I remind and inspire you to show up, speak up, do your soul work, and bring your visions to life.

Together, we are so powerful. Come play!

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Come and join us in the Divine Mother Temple.

  • be guided and inspired to reclaim sacred feminine wisdom in your life
  • receive a weekly 'Temple Transmission' message & teaching
  • join us in online Temple Calls, activations and Trainings
  • get membership in our safe, private online community
  • get access to the Divine Mother Temple Library of activations and resources


Join now for only $11 AUD

There is no lock in contract. You can leave at anytime. If you don't love it within 30 days, you can get your money back no questions asked. 

Together we rise.

If you have any questions, email me HERE.