Are you a homeschooling mother who wants to run a thriving business from home without going batshit crazy in the process?!

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Scroll down to see more details about what's in the workshop. Bring a pen! It'll be rich, informative and practicalI trust you will gain some fresh ideas and confidence to nurture your children and grow your beautiful business too.

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What's covered in this workshop?

Come along and you will learn:

  • what it really takes to homeschool and run a business from home
  • different approaches to homeschooling, deschooling and unschooling
  • what about socialisation? omg let's go there and explore how to navigate your individual situation
  • be guided through a sample homeschool plan
  • choose your own adventure - tailoring your life to your needs
  • planning your week and organising yourself
  • be aware of the pitfalls to avoid
  • how to meet your children's needs and get shit done
  • how to thrive in your business, your way
  • an essential you must be clear on to expand your income
  • personal qualities to cultivate within yourself for this wild dance
  • cycle awareness, womb power and why it matters
  • a little big thing about boundaries
  • options about how I can support you moving forward

As you can see, that's a lot, My workshops are rich and full of wisdom and practical guidance. I trust you will gain some fresh ideas and confidence to do things your way and confidently stand your ground if people question you. Which they will.

Plus get a reality check behind the scenes of what it takes, because this journey ain't for the feint hearted!

I've been doing this for a long time, back from when I was a single mother on my own working from home with my daughters, the eldest who is now 19.

Now we have a blended family with 5 children including 4 teenagers, who have all been homeschooled with some school in the mix too, all by their own choice. Because no choice is permanent!


I've been working from home around my kids the whole time, and my Blossoming Woman business grew to 6 figures a couple of years ago doing women's empowerment work. I've been teaching other mothers how to earn money from home since the 'No Jab No Pay' policy was introduced back in 2015 in Australia, when the government started cutting payments for parents based on vaccination status.

This was also an incentive for myself to get off centrelink because I didn't want to receive money from a corrupt organisation that was discriminating against health choices, and I knew it was only a matter of time before things would get worse.

Being financially sovereign and free, not answering to anyone, is a GAME CHANGER because you can totally dance to the beat of your own drum while making a meaningful difference in the world, doing something you enjoy that benefits others.

Money isn't everything, but everything changes when you have enough and step out of survival mode.

You realise that you hold the power in your own hands to step up, show up and make a difference and receive income when you choose it, while also providing a safe, inspiring, empowering learning environment for your children.

My ultimate purpose is empowering women to be the change and shift the culture from the ground up, including how we raise our children.

This path is certainly not all butterflies and rainbows, so I'll share what it really takes to homeschool your children and run your business from home, along with tips and strategies to make things easier and save your sanity in the process.

I look forward to seeing you there if you can join me. The recording will be available afterwards if you're unable to join live, or need to leave partway through.

Because flexibility is my middle name!

And it also needs to become yours if you're going to run a business from home around children. Your work needs to be flexible and spacious, with plenty of time and energy to be with your children.

It's a cultural paradigm shift to live together, side by side with your children in a world that conditions us to send our children away and separate families as early as possible.

You are a pioneer of a new way of being, so thank you for taking the time to read this, and I look forward to seeing you if you can join me.

It is TOTALLY OKAY to have your children with you for this call. You can have your microphone muted so we won't hear your background noise.

Honestly, with my wild bunch, if I waited for solo mama time before doing anything, it simply wouldn't happen. That's a HOT TIP right there. This is a paradigm shift to move beyond old beliefs about what's possible and weave your life together in a way that is beautiful, meaningful and fulfilling for you and your children.

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Together, we are birthing the future.


Avalon x

Come join in the fun!

Find out what it really takes to run a business while homeschooling, including practical, energetic and mothering qualities so you can thrive in your business while raising these wild souls who are here to change the world!

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