Flourish is a journey guiding you to grow your beautiful business in a sacred feminine way.

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In Flourish, honour your true self and natural rhythm.

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Whether you have children to care for, or need to slow down for health reasons, in Flourish learn how to design your business around a slower, more relaxed pace so you can be financially nourished by your business, with time and space for yourself too.


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"Journeying with Avalon has been like having this sacred witchy grounded awesome secret weapon in my back pocket. Avalon weaves beautiful ceremonial and sacred women's work with power house business acumen and know how." Eve xx

 If you'd like to claim your own inner authority, sovereignty and freedom, Flourish is for you.


Instead of being scattered, overwhelmed and pulled in different directions, Flourish helps you weave all parts of your life together into one interconnected whole, with you at the centre.


In Flourish be supported to: 

  • come into a deeper relationship with your self as a woman
  • embrace and honour your role as mother & nurturer
  • clarify your purpose & contribution in the new culture we are birthing
  • flesh out your one-page Soul Business Ecology to help you stay on track and grow your business
  • intentionally design your lifestyle & business with spaciousness & flexibility for rest, family and fun too
  • grow deep roots, trust yourself, confidently show up, share your gifts, and enjoy sacred wealth


Most business courses leave mothers feeling torn between work and children, but Flourish is different.


Flourish guides you into a deeper relationship with life itself, to trust your innate wisdom as a woman & mother.


We're also gonna get a bit radical in this age of materialism... and declare that being a woman, mother and hearth keeper comes first, because home and family is the foundation for a healthy culture.

As a homeschooling mother of 5 running a flourishing business from home, I know firsthand how frustrating it can be to try and spread yourself in different directions, switching hats all the time trying to multi task. Or piling the hats on top of each other.

That's the hard way.

It doesn't work.

No wonder we procrastinate, burn out and give up...

After supporting mothers in business for years, I know that shifting your way of being on the INSIDE makes all the difference to how you respond to your children, and how much financial flow you have in your business too.


Being a visionary woman and mother means you need to:

  • be clear about who you are and what matters most to you
  • anchor in to your unique frequency, values & vision
  • map things out properly to make your life and business more cohesive
  • focus your creative energy in the direction you are heading
  • have clear next steps about what needs to happen in your business so you can use your snippets of time wisely instead of spinning in circles getting nowhere fast or giving up altogether
  • take consistent action at a pace and rhythm that suits you


This is an evolutionary journey for wild women, visionaries and edge walkers as we usher in a beautiful new culture, doing business & life the sacred feminine way


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Flourish is the evolution of a business course called Shine Your Light that I taught 6 years ago. This course was created to empower mothers to earn money in your own business from home without being reliant on government benefits.

Feedback from Shine Your Light:

"This course has been completely incredible. It has helped me to get clear in myself about many different areas of my life. Who I am, why I am here, what I have to offer. I moved from being very scattered, disjointed and lost into a place of greater wholeness, self-belief and strength. It has challenged my limited beliefs, and asked me to step into my truth, into my strength and into the world. With focus and motivation to make a difference to my world, I step now into service with a full and open heart. My feet on the earth, my heart with humanity, my spirit with the stars. Thank you Avalon xx" - Justine Shaw

Who is Flourish for? 


Flourish is for you if:

  • you are starting or already running a business from home around children or other commitments
  • you desire spaciousness and flexibility in your life, including in your business
  • you need to slow down and relax more for health reasons, and still want to earn your own money
  • you'd love clarity to take inspired action to earn income and financially support your family
  • you want to be financially free and independent from relying on an employer or the government for your needs to be met
  • you are a creative, sensitive, visionary woman who is committed to living in integrity and freedom
  • you want your own unique Soul Business Map to help you stay on track, that grows and changes as you do
  • you'd love to embrace your feminine sensuality, beauty & flow and stop feeling so stressed and edgy
  • you're ready to have some fun and make money too!


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A bit about me...

I'm Avalon, the founder of Blossoming Woman and co-founder of the Divine Mother Temple, guiding women to trust your inner wisdomembody your power and activate your sacred feminine magic.

As a homeschooling mama with 5 children who has been on this path for a long time, I'm excited to share tips, secrets and guidance for mothers who would love to run a flourishing business from home without going batshit crazy in the process.

As the main income earner in our family,  I've done the 6-figure business thing and to be honest, I prefer a more spacious, relaxed lifestyle where I choose how much is enough for me.

I know money isn't everything, but everything shifts when you have enough, and don't need to worry about it. That's freedom, baby.

What you'll learn from me are solid business foundations, along with a funinnovative, visionary approach to business so you can flourish doing your soul work with plenty of time and space for the people you love.

With a background in Wholistic Psychology, Sacred Sexuality, Shamanic Midwifery, Women's Mysteries AND over 20 years in Business Management, I weave the mystical with the practical so women can find your purpose, role. and contribution to thrive in your business, your unique, feminine way. 


What does Flourish cover?

Read on below for an overview of the Flourish modules and bonuses that you will receive.

Module One: Arrive

In the beginning, you are guided into deep inner alignment, with a paradigm shift and commitment to honour yourself, explore your identity, values and unique qualities, and develop simple practices and new habits that nurture you to flourish as a sacred woman.

Module Two: Earth

It's time to grow your roots deep, be grounded and nourished so you feel safe and calm, honouring your energy, rhythm and lifestyle. Develop simple structures and systems to operate your unique business in a way that feels relevant and supportive for you.

Module Three: Spirit

Expand into your big picture vision and activate your 'soul business garden' to clarify your role and contribution to the collective. Weave the different aspects of your life together into one cohesive whole, aligned with your divine purpose. 

Module Four: Womb

Be guided into your deepest power and creative potential to birth your ideas into reality. Anchor into sacred wealth so you are financially nourished and operating from deep trust and prosperity.

Module Five: Heart

With genuine connection, authenticity and generosity, develop and refine your heartfelt offerings & services that nurture your ideal clients. This elevates you into a higher level of  radiance, magnetism and financial flow.

Module Six: Voice

It's time to be seen, sister! This is where you expand your VISIBILITY so you can show up and speak up with courage and potency. Develop your own simple visibility strategy to call in the ones who resonate with you and value your offerings, so you can make a bigger impact and bigger income.

Module Seven: Flow

This is where your beautiful life and business weaves together, with a clear plan and next steps so you can can use your time, resources. and energy wisely and take consistent action to grow your flourishing business & receive income, with plenty of space for other things that matter to you too.

You also receive these Bonuses

to help you grow your beautiful business.

Mothership Organisational System

Learn this intuitive, practical organisational system to help you:

  • Clarify your main goals and life dreams
  • Have what you need at your fingertips
  • Organise Your Projects & Next Steps
  • Make it easy to take regular action

How to Create Transformational e-courses

Be guided step by step through:

  • Why create an e-course?
  • What will your course be about and be called?
  • Course Creation: Structure, Building, Planning, Platform
  • Marketing & Delivery
  • How to Structure Content for Effective Adult Learning

Digital Diva

Streamline your digital experience with some basic tools to keep yourself organised and on track.

I've been doing online business for over 15 years, so learn the simple systems I use to stay clear and focused and remove overwhelm from your digital landscape.

Social Media Sanity

Think you need to spread yourself all over social media all day to get ahead in your business? Think again! 

Find out how working smarter, being potent and focused, and growing genuine authentic connections goes further to growing your business in the long run, and saves your sanity in the process.

Podcasting Essentials

Special Guest Karly Nimmo, a Podcasting Queen, shares this value-packed workshop to guide you through what it takes to run a podcast, and what you need to get started and growing your show.

Website Witchery

Be guided through the essential elements you need to have in place for your website to be your online assistant 24/7 to help you grow your business and make sales while you sleep. Get clear on what you need your website to do, and the features you need, so you can choose the option that's right for you.

How is the course delivered?

As soon as you join Flourish, you can get started right away, as Module One and Two are ready for you.

Each module includes:

  • a video introduction & overview
  • multiple audio classes to listen to
  • a guided practice
  • behind the scenes video from me
  • suggested actions to flesh out your Soul Business Map.
Throughout this course, you will be guided to fill in your own one page Soul Business Ecology to help you stay focused.

There are no fixed classes to attend, so you can do everything online in your own time. 

> That said, we do have online Flourish Circles for Q & A and group coaching from time to time.

You will have long term access to everything, so you can go at your own pace, around other things that matter to you.

This is a complete, wholistic Business Course divinely guided to support you to Flourish in your sacred work and beautiful life.


To recap, here's what you get in Flourish:

In Flourish you are guided to develop your own Soul Business Ecology, including these 7 Core Modules:

  1. Arrive: Presence, Centre & a Paradigm Shift to Honour You
  2. Earth: Self Care, Nourishment & Developing Supportive Systems that Sustain You
  3. Spirit: Your Big Vision, Role & Purpose
  4. Womb: Activate Your Feminine Power, Potency & Sacred Wealth
  5. Heart: Develop Your Heartfelt Offerings with 3 Templates & Client Nurture Pathways
  6. Voice: Speaking Your Truth, Courage & Developing Your Own Visibility Campaign
  7. Flow: Weave it all together and Take Consistent Action with Personal Workflows & a 3 Month Priestess Planner

Plus you receive these Bonuses:

  • How to Create Transformational e-courses
  • Mothership Organisational System
  • Digital Diva
  • Social Media Sanity
  • Podcasting Essentials
  • Website Witchery


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