A beautifully held circle is a portal to deeper connection, healing and transformation for ourselves, our families & our communities.

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The Circle Keeper Training covers everything you need to know to confidently hold a beautiful, transformative women's circle.

Be guided deeper into your wisdom, magic and power as a midwife of transformation, to hold a safe space for all that arises in circle, and beyond...

Whether you are new to holding circles, or a seasoned circle keeper, this guided journey supports you to anchor more deeply into your power and presence as a wise woman and sacred space holder, to bring more love, connection and beauty to our world.

We are healing the sisterhood wounds and nurturing a healthy culture, one heart, one voice and one circle at a time.

In the Circle Keeper Training, you will learn:

  • the ancient art of sacred space holding and calling the women together for healing, connection and transformation

  • what to do when emotions, triggers and big energies come into the space (and they will if you're creating a safe space)

  • how to trust your wise self and tap into higher wisdom as you find your own balance between structure and flow in your circle format

  • practical logistics about running circles including planning, where, when and exactly what you need to run a circle

  • how to get the word out through invitation, promotion, and energetically calling the sisters in

  • how to move through your own visibility fears and persecution wounds as an "Agent of the Goddess" returning sacred feminine wisdom on earth

  • how to run a circle from beginning to end, including 10 templates of circles for different occasions, purposes and moon phases

  • checklists, planners and run-sheets to help you create the structure, so you can relax into the magic and hold a beautiful circle

  • online Circles versus Real Life - and how to create sacred space, intimacy and safety in an online circle

  • how to weave circles into your business, and grow your business through circles too

  • how to nurture local community, gather your network of wise women and create real life support for each other in daily life

What you learn in the Circle Keeper Training overflows to benefit all areas of your life where deep presence, connection and authentic self expression are valued.

"Avalon thankyou for hearing your calling to guide woman into their heart and closer to the divine. Much Love.”

~ Jemah Day

Who is the Circle Keeper Training for?

This immersion is for you if:

  • you feel called to gather women in circle

  • you already hold circles and would love to deepen and refine your skills

  • you'd love to activate yours and others' visions bringing them to life in circle and beyond

  • you'd like frameworks and guidance to feel confident, relaxed and trusting to hold a magical circle

  • you'd love to nurture a community of wise women so you can end isolation and support each other

  • you'd like to hold a safe space for women to be authentic, vulnerable and heal the sisterhood wounds

  • you'd like to create safe spaces for connection, self expression and sisterhood

  • you'd like to add circles as another way to nurture your clients and expand your networks

  • you'd love to hold circles to connect in a more meaningful way with those you know, including celebrations, rituals and special occasions

  • you feel called to honour women's wisdom and invite other women to join you in that

A bit about me...

I'm Avalon, the founder of Blossoming Woman and co-founder of the Divine Mother Temple Mystery School, guiding women to trust your inner wisdom, embody your power and activate your sacred feminine magic.

Since attending my first women's circle over a decade ago, reclaiming women's wisdom has become my life's work. With so much experience, both real life and online, I would love to share this with you so you can feel confident to hold beautiful, empowering circles.

I've heard stories of women who have felt disempowered, dismissed. and diminished in circle, so I'm devoted to supporting a more nurturing experience, teaching quality facilitation skills for true healing, transformation and sisterhood.

My vision is to see 333 circles around Australia, knowing this ripple effect of heartfelt connection and healing will change our society at a grassroots level, nourish women and overflow into our families and communities to create a better world for ourselves and our children.

As a mother of 5 in a blended family, with a background in Wholistic Psychology, Sacred Sexuality, Shamanic Midwifery, Women's Mysteries, Visionary Business & Culture Change, I weave the mystical with the practical for women to find your purpose, role and contribution to thrive in your own unique, feminine way.

What you'll learn from me is a mixture of ancient wisdom to unlock your own sacred feminine magic, transformational facilitation skills, heartfelt communication skills, practical circle foundations, along with a fun,innovative approach to trust your self, speak your truth and call women to gather on the Earth once again.

We are the ones we've been waiting for.

When women gather in circle, magic happens.

Here are the Course Modules

  • Module One: Coming Home to You

In this module, explore the purpose and benefits of circle, the importance of connecting with sisters for ourselves and the earth’s healing and claiming your role as a midwife of transformation and 'frequency holder' in circle.

  • Introduction and Overview

  • Claiming the Path

  • Purpose of Circle

  • Preparing Your Self

  • Circles for Connection

  • Creating the New

  • Anchoring into your Unique Frequency and Medicine

  • Shifting your identity as a midwife of transformation

  • Embodiment Practice: Anchor into your centre

Module Two: Woman of the Earth

In Module Two, you will be guided into deep connection with the Earth, supported to cultivate the 5 qualities that are essential to run a beautiful, empowering. circle.

  • Introduction and Overview to Module Two

  • Returning to Connection with the Earth

  • Cultivating Deep Presence

  • The Art of Deep Listening

  • Empathy and Compassion

  • Fostering Safety and Developing Trust

  • Bringing the Elements into Circle

  • Recap of Module Two

  • Embodiment Practice - Sisters of the Earth Grounding and Connection

Module Three: Activating Your Vision

In Module Three, you are guided to activate your vision and purpose for circle, and explore all the the practical elements needed to bring it together including: Preparing for your circle, choosing the venue, whether to include children or not, gathering all your supplies, music, decorating the space, and more.

  • Introduction and Overview to Module Three

  • Preparing for Circle

  • What type of circle will you hold?

  • Choosing Venue

  • Children or not?

  • What do you need? Supplies and Creating the Space

  • What do people need to bring?

  • Music & Atmosphere

  • Recap and Overview of Module Three

  • Embodiment Practice - Sisters of the Earth Grounding and Connection

Module Four: Women's Wisdom & Ritual

In this Module we go deeper into women's mysteries, womb cycle wisdom, creating sacred space, crafting rituals, moon cycle celebrations and your role as a wise woman space holder.

  • Introduction and Overview of what's in the Womb Portal

  • Creating Sacred Space

  • Key elements of Crafting Ritual

  • Anchoring into your Womb Space and Guiding the Women

  • Women's Cycle Wisdom

  • Moon Cycle Rituals

  • Summary of Womb Portal

  • Guided Practice: Womb - Earth Connection Ritual

Module Five: The Art of Sacred Space Holding

In this module. be guided deeper into the art of cultivating a beautiful heartspace for authentic, vulnerable connection. Also see how your circle fits in with your lifestyle and other offerings and nurturing the village beyond circle.

  • Introduction and Overview of what's in the Heart Portal

  • Responding to invite deeper connection

  • Prompts to invite authentic heartfelt sharing

  • Sacred Mirrors - Voices of the Goddess

  • How Circles fit into your lifestyle and offerings

  • Nurturing Sisterhood. - How to Connect the Village Beyond Circle

  • Summary of Heart Module

  • Embodiment Practice - Deepening and Expanding Your Heart Space

Module Six: Calling in the Sisters

In this session, become energetically aligned with who you are calling into circle, hosting events, promotion, visibility and writing up your sacred invitations to call the women in. This module is both practical from a marketing perspective and includes a Magnetic Attraction Embodiment Ritual.

  • Introduction and Overview of Module Six

  • Find Your Tribe -: Who are you calling in?

  • Energetically Calling the Sisters In

  • Hosting Events & Sacred Invitations

  • Online Promo Options

  • Invitations and Tickets

  • Visibility - Inner Circle and Organic

  • Flyers and other promo options

  • Summary and Overview of Module Six

  • Embodiment Practice - Magnetic Attraction Ritual

Module Seven: Hosting a Magical Circle

This is where your wisdom and skills weave together to create the beautiful circle you envision. This includes preparing and setting up the circle itself, finding your unique facilitation style between structure and flow, and creating the sacred space and morphogenic field you welcome the women into. This Module includes a guided Embodiment Practice: Sacred Space Holder Activation to anchor into your role as Circle Keeper.

  • Introduction and Overview of Module Seven

  • Circle Flow - Structure vs Organic - finding your unique facilitation style

  • Holding alone vs Synergising

  • Preparation & Setting up the Space

  • Welcoming the Women into Circle

  • Grounding & Guidelines around Sharing

  • Creating Sacred Space and the Morphogenic Field

  • Review and Summary of Module Seven

  • Embodiment Practice: Sacred Space Holder Activation

You also receive these Bonuses

to help you craft beautiful circles and expand your tribe of sisters.

Bonus 1: Ultimate Circle Template Guide

A step-by-step planner with 10 Circle Flow Templates
to craft your own rituals and circles for different occasions, seasons, cycles and purposes.

This includes a One Page Circle Planner so you can prep, relax and trust the process

Bonus 2: Online Circle Essentials

How to Host a Transformative Virtual Circle including:

- How to create a safe, connected space virtually

- Hosting Rituals Online

- Digital Options & Preparation

Bonus 3: Circle Business Wisdom

How do women's circles nourish you and support your business to grow? In this guide, learn different business models and ways to grow and prosper through hosting circles, both real life and online.

Bonus 4: Visionary Leadership

What happens when the circle is over? Learn how to cultivate your local community of wise women, so the connections you make in circle can flow into real life solutions to end isolation and bring back the village of support.

How is Circle Keeper delivered?

Module One is ready for you as soon as you join. Each module is released online weekly for you to do at home at your own pace. You have long term access to all course materials in your online Online Portal.

Each module includes:

  • a video introduction & overview

  • multiple short video classes (with audio version)

  • accompanying Guidebook

  • a guided audio to embody the quality needed in each module

  • Integration & Recap Session

  • homeplay reflection. and next steps to bring your circle to life

Here's how to join Circle Keeper

The Circle Keeper Training covers everything you need to know to confidently hold a beautiful, transformative women's circle.

In summary, The Circle Keeper Training includes these 7 Core Modules:

  1. Coming home to You - Claiming Your wisdom and Power

  2. Women of the Earth - Cultivating Qualities for Connection

  3. Activate Your Vision - Leading from Within & the Practical Elements of Holding Circles

  4. Women's Wisdom & Ritual - Crafting Ritual, Rites of Passage, Blood Mysteries, Moon & Sun Cycle Celebrations

  5. The Art of Sacred Space Holding - Inviting Heartfelt Sharing and Deeper Connection

  6. Calling in the Sisters - Organising Events, Sacred Invitations, Visibility & Energetic Attraction

  7. Hosting a Magical Circle - Weave it all together with your Circle Planner so you can relax and enjoy your beautiful, transformative circle

Plus you receive these Bonuses:

  • The Ultimate Circle Template Guide - a step-by-step planner with 10 Circle Flow Templates to craft your own rituals and circles for different occasions, seasons, cycles and purposes. This includes a One Page Circle Planner so you can relax and trust the magic on the day.

  • Online Circle Essentials - How to Host a Transformative Virtual Circle

  • Circle Business - Learn how to grow and prosper through hosting circles, both real life and online

  • Visionary Leadership - Cultivating Your Local Community of Wise Women

$333 AUD

approx $230 USD

$111 x 3

approx $78 USD x 3

If you feel called to join the Circle Keeper Training, but doing so would cause you financial hardship please


If you have any questions, please email us



"Journeying with Avalon has been like having this sacred witchy

grounded awesome secret weapon in my back pocket.

Avalon weaves beautiful ceremonial and sacred women's

work with power house business acumen and know how." Eve xx

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