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Temple Dancing Songs

By popular request, here are some divine songs I love dancing to in the morning. This is not just a fluffy practice, but really gets you grounded, centred and embodied and expands your visionary abilities... so you can navigate your day from an empowered place.

In the morning, I light a candle and call in Divine Mother to be with me, then I put headphones on and a blindfold, so I can go deeply...

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They changed the rules! Updated mask info.


They changed the rules yesterday! Here is my updated video with the new rules and how to meet the mask exemption criteria.

This info relates to NSW Australia, and you could find similar info in your region.

Here are the links mentioned in this video:

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Stand Your Ground Bonus Video - Action Steps


This video is a follow up to the Stand Your Ground call which you can access HERE.

In this video be inspired with simple steps and actions you can take to feel deeply grounded in your presence and power.

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If you'd like to join us on Sunday to Craft Your Mothership: Your own personal, flexible organisational system...

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My Mask Exemption Story


Hey fellow Earthlings!

Here is my mask exemption story, in response to people asking me about how I'm walking around without a mask despite being in an area with 'mask mandates'.

Oh, and you can meet Roger! (the Rat)

To clarify, I support freedom of choice and sovereignty, and am not here to tell anyone what to do. I am simply sharing my story in case it helps you know your rights and navigate...

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