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Why I closed my facebook group.


Many years ago when I ran my first online course, the WILD mama Journey for empowering mothers in 2012, I set up a facebook group as a private space for women to connect, share, learn and grow together.

I did a livestream about why I'm closing the group and you can watch it here ^

For many years my group was a safe, intentional space to talk about personal issues and controversial, taboo...

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Web Wisdom - Links, Resources & Online Platforms

Below you will find a list of resources from my recent Web Wisdom for Witches Training.

The training itself covers:

  1. Shifting Paradigms - from old to new ways of doing business
  2. 4 things you need to clarify before choosing your online platform
  3. Web platforms, systems, tools and options
  4. Next Steps
 If you haven't watched the Training yet, I highly recommend it. It demystifies online...
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Ritual to call in your Soul Tribe

HOW TO CALL IN YOUR SOUL TRIBE for your workshop/circle/retreat.

This can also apply to other offerings and coaching. Or anything you want to 'call in'. WARNING: WITCHY 

I'm going to share with you a ritual I did recently, but first the practical/financial aspects.

FIRST you need to know how many people you're calling in. For example, if you're holding a circle, workshop or retreat, this...

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