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Money Energy - Next Level Surrender

I'd been feeling some unrest within me... so last night I picked a card which said 'Void' to sit in the darkness of not knowing.

This morning, after my Temple Dancing, I picked another card 'Surrender' which asked the question:

"Where do I need to surrender that will allow both personal and widespread progress? How can I hold space for that progress?"

So I sat, prayed, and called Divine Mother...

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Lotus Tea Ceremony Temple Vision

On the weekend I attended a Blue Lotus tea ceremony as part of a lotus womb healing circle in my local area. 
I do womb work all the time, yet still felt drawn to this event to be held in this sacred space with local sisters, Freea Fontanella and Sian Whitewolf. Instead of facilitating, I could simply participate, receive and surrender to the process. And what a...
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Meditation to stay grounded, relaxed and rise with love - 6 mins

meditation visionary Apr 20, 2020
Here is a guided meditation to support you to stay grounded, relaxed and focused on the beautiful future we are creating together.

"I loved your meditation. I listened to it multiple times last night. It was so deep x x x" ~ Camille

You can listen on the audio player below. You can also listen or download the audio file in Google drive HERE.


"This is an invitation to release fear...

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3 minutes of relaxation - Guided Audio

meditation visionary Mar 23, 2020

This little 3 minute guided audio to help you stay calm, grounded and relaxed. It helps ease your nervous system, strengthens your immunity and supports you to stay aware and make wise choices from a place of centre. Enjoy.

You can also listen/download the audio on Google Drive HERE.


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