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Why I closed my facebook group.


Many years ago when I ran my first online course, the WILD mama Journey for empowering mothers in 2012, I set up a facebook group as a private space for women to connect, share, learn and grow together.

I did a livestream about why I'm closing the group and you can watch it here ^

For many years my group was a safe, intentional space to talk about personal issues and controversial, taboo topics that are not safe to discuss elsewhere. The agreement upon entering the group is to honour each woman’s experience, respect individual choices, and stand side by side even if we don’t agree.


Many rich discussions, evolving conversations and personal transformation has happened in that group. It’s been an honour to witness the vulnerability and hold the space.   

Then our posts started getting censored. I was getting warnings from fb about 'false information' being shared in the group because… you know… it contradicts big pharma brainwashing... I was also banned from commenting for a while which felt a bit off, as an admin and everything. Hmm...

In recent years the energy on fb has been getting more and more distorted. I literally had a moment earlier this year when I opened the app on my phone, and energetically felt my brain being sucked out of my head, being siphoned into a vortex of distortion. That might sound extreme but I’m not kidding, it freaked me out and I avoided it for a bit after that.

More recently fb has become a complete fucking shit show.

The level of manipulation, division, censorship, judgment and volatility has been extreme. Women started joining my group not for the depth of connection that was the original intent, but just to dump their offerings and run without being part of meaningful conversations.  

Don’t get me wrong, I am in full support of women promoting and sharing your work. I love seeing a sister rise into her power and courageously claiming the value of her work. I fucking love it. That's part of my work!

It was starting to get hectic with many women joining, doing a 'dump and run’ with their promo posts randomly outside the dedicated promo day, and not being involved in the discussions.  

In the back of my mind, I know how much energy I had put into cultivating that group although it was starting to get draining. There were over 1000 members and apparently from a business strategy perspective that’s considered an asset… so I was conflicted about whether to close it or not. I also know how vital it is for women to have safe spaces to connect and share authentically together without fear of judgment.   

Plus, with my work taking off in a big way, I have been so deeply immersed in magical realms, shamanic womb healing and visionary spaces that are so deeply fulfilling and expansive, I could feel the contrast about how draining that group was feeling.  

The last straw for me was when a sister vulnerably shared about her experience with her employer who was trying to coerce her into doing something she didn’t want to do. She felt a clear no in her body, and honoured that. This was risky and courageous, because she is a single mother relying on this income but her body’s intelligence was so strong she would not ignore it and chose to honour herself despite her boss's bully tactics. Her body, her choice. It was an intense experience for her so she shared in the group to be heard and receive support.  

Most women were supportive and celebrating her courage to be true to herself. Then another energy arose within the group, with some judging and ridiculing her, and this led to a volatile exchange of reactivity, blame and drama. For fuck’s sake, it was like children throwing sand at each other in a sandpit.

That’s when I knew that this group had lost it’s magic. It had become infiltrated with that level of divisive mentality parroting the mainstream fear-campaign bullshit which is exactly what the group was set up to protect us from.    

In my body, I felt a clear YES to close the group. Once that decision was made, I knew it was right for me. It didn't matter what business strategists or marketing experts or anyone says.

I need to do what feels right in my body. Imagine if we all lived with that level of integrity! I trust that what's aligned for me is also aligned for my soul clients, and more important, aligned for the flourishing of life on Earth.

I stand for sovereignty and bodily autonomy. I stand for true health and empowerment. And I stand for women remembering just how fucking powerful you are. You have the power to birth new realities from the power of your focused intent. There is so much distraction out there... where is your energy focused?

What is your role to play in this crucial time of humanity's evolution?

When we get together we are dangerous to the status quo. No wonder they want us social distancing…  

Remember the witch hunts? When anyone who didn’t toe the line of the domination culture was ridiculed, tortured and killed?  

I’m seeing it right before my eyes and am not falling for that bullshit.

We are back and we are stronger than ever. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

There is magic and wisdom inside you.

And it's needed now more than ever. 

Love, Avalon x  

PS I'll soon be writing up my facebook exit plan. I'm leaving on 11.11 ! More to come soon...

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