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Who is Blossoming Woman?

At 5:55am this morning I woke with a cloud of words and possibilities swirling around me... verging on overwhelm... so many possibilities on this edge of evolution...

Sometimes the only way for me to move through this intensity of birthing the new is to breathe, to move, to write and allow the energies to flow through my fingertips to make sense of it all...

I feel myself deeply present in my body, connected with the earth, stars, womb, heart, voice… immersed in divine flow. Sacred Woman

Each person's soul work has an energy. What is the energy of your soul work? What is needing to be expressed through you? What is the purpose of your business and what is the difference it’s making on Earth?

As the custodian of your work, if you are able to step aside to truly listen, what is your soul whispering to you? Connecting in with the soul of your business will guide you through...

So I connected in with the soul of Blossoming Woman…. calling her in...

I see Blossoming Woman, a shapeshifting woman made of flowers. She spins, she dances. She twirls and rolls around and does whatever she needs to do, dancing with the energy of each moment. She sings, she howls, she purrs, she screams. She is one with the elements and allows life force to breathe through her. She is moved by life itself, and responds to life without holding back… she is in deep surrender and trust, a woman of the Earth, wild woman, cosmic woman, sacred woman.

She is here to remind all women that the magic and wisdom is already within you. Your inner beauty is your power and no one can take that away from you. As a woman of the Earth, you are deeply connected with life itself and your true nature is to flourish and thrive. Held in this interconnected web of energy & organic aliveness, we are returning to the natural way of being aligned with life, aligned with the Earth, and there are many more of us than you think.

This is not a time to play small and hide away. Your sisters, your brothers, aunties, uncles, sons and daughters… and babies yet unborn are needing you to be strong and soft now. To stay true, to stay clear and stay aligned with life itself. Underneath the noise you are deeply connected with source, with the Earth, with the stars.

Breathe in the truth of that. Don’t be swayed and diminished by the threat of control. It is all bluff. The age of the tyrant is coming to an end and they are playing the last desperate cards in their deck, but the house of cards is falling down. It is reliant on our compliance. The more of us who open our eyes and stand our ground, without drama and aggression but the pure power of life itself, their illusion of control crumbles away.

Blossoming Woman invites you into deeper relationship with yourself. Into deeper connection with the Earth. To listen to the quiet whispers of your soul and trust the visions that come to you. This is a reclamation of all that it means to be woman. From birth to motherhood, sexuality, relationships, personal power and doing your soul work as an agent of change, we are remembering what's been inside us all along.

Our insights, dreams and visions are no longer some distant fantasy considered frivolous and unrealistic. We are now being called forward to birth life into our dreams, and walk our talk to bring these new ways into form. With roots connected deeply in the Earth, we are stronger than we know. When we speak our voices and weave together our visions, and show up as vessels for life itself, we are an unstoppable force.

Trust that, sister. Trust yourself.

Through all the times you were told to keep your mouth shut, to keep yourself small, to stay quiet and behave yourself…. Now it’s time to flourish again and breathe life into all parts of you. Your voice, your sex, your magic, your beauty, your power… you are the woman the Earth needs now.

Blossoming Woman is a movement for women to rise beyond the limitations that have been imposed. To gain confidence to trust yourself and know that you are capable of flourishing and expanding into the wisdom and magic that’s inside of you.

This is your natural state of being once all the noise and distortion is released. Just like this morning, I was starting to feel overwhelmed with all the thoughts and tasks swirling around in my mind. Rather than feel stressed, I decided to breathe and trust and allow all these words to write themselves through me.

Find ways to express yourself.

How does your energy want to flow? Through movement, dance, writing, art, craft, sound, cooking, talking, healing, tending to children, gardening, play, pleasure, making love, being in prayer, ceremony, with the elements, being in service to others ... how does life desire to life to flow through you?

Listen... trust... flow...

We are rising again!




If supporting people with this level of empowerment and sovereignty feels alive for you, you might be interested in my upcoming Sacred Feminine Mentor Training that starts in September 2020.
This is a 6 month professional development program, to deepen your understanding of human behaviour, neurology, stages of development and rites of passage. You will learn connected, compassionate communication skills to hold sacred space for women to understand themselves more deeply and access their own inner wisdom, magic and power on their journey of transformation. You will learn guided processes to access and optimise your own heart radiance and womb power and facilitate this for others.
The course also covers Women’s Business Development, so you will learn how to run your own organic, sustainable business by weaving these skills into the work you already do, or establishing your new practice as a Sacred Feminine Mentor.
I will be holding a free information session on zoom next week, where I’ll share more including the curriculum, investment and application process.

This is not a beginner’s course or therapy. It is for people who have cleared enough of your own stuff already, so that you can be present for other people’s growth and transformation. Whether you work in the realms of health, personal power, communication, pregnancy and birth, motherhood, family, business and beyond, each woman brings her own soul gifts and purpose to this work.
You can find more information about the Sacred Feminine Mentor Training that starts in September 2020 HERE.

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