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What is the Sacred Feminine Way?

This is a way of being that is deeply aware, connected with the Earth, aligned with divine wisdom, trusting your womb’s intelligence and heart's radiance. You speak your truth courageously from a place of unconditional love, being deeply grounded and connected in flow and ease.

From this place, you are aligned, activated and trust your inner wisdom. There is no distortion, no second guessing, no self doubt. You are a vessel for life itself. In moments of conflict, you reflect upon your own experience, lean into any edges, with courage to drop more deeply into your own truth and emotional realms to explore and release unresolved pain and trauma from the past, so you can connect even more deeply in each moment from the truth of your being, and trust that.

You are a sovereign human, powerful and wise, and no one has power over you. Instead, you walk this Earth alongside other divine creators, men and women, knowing that we each bring our own unique resonance and gifts to the collective. Together we are weaving a new world of harmony, cohesion & collaboration. All the solutions to all the problems that currently exist emerge when we free up our creative energy and wisdom to listen to life itself, without distractions and fears clouding this clarity.

It’s not all light, love and rainbows either… the sacred feminine is a powerful force, harnessing the darkness as well as the light, knowing we are whole beings, and sometimes the most loving thing to do is draw a clear boundary with a strong FUCK NO to protect ourselves and others from harm, and stand strong in that sovereign choice.

We are unwavering in our commitment to truth, love, respect and freedom, while having a clear sense of self and trusting our body wisdom and organic intelligence. We are vessels for life itself, and we birth new realities from the power of our wombs and focused intent.  We are aware that most of the current structures in our modern world are out of balance with nature itself, and we have been conditioned into this way of being too.

When we are honest with ourselves, we become aware of the ways we are still out of alignment with our own true nature, and make the changes to release these old patterns. Whether in the home, family, business or out in the world, huge shifts are happening to come back into alignment with the intelligence of life itself. This is a whole restructuring process. Our bodies tell us when we are out of balance, so we listen and make the changes needed. This isn’t always easy, due to deeply ingrained behaviours and ancestral patterns, yet we have the power to shift this for all our relations past, present and future.

We don't need to do this alone. When we come together, we have everything we need, including all the resources, support and healing necessary for the shifts happening now.

Our sexuality is a powerful, healing, pleasurable, expansive, creative life force that has been suppressed, distorted and violated through the ages. Rites of passage such as menarche (our first bleed), sacred union, pregnancy, birth, menopause and death have been hijacked by controlling forces to keep us lost, confused and prevented from accessing our true power.

We are healing our wounds and reclaiming our power in all these areas. Our sexual energy, our womb, our blood, our creativity and our voices are alchemical forces that transform reality. We will no longer play small and submit to tyranny and domination sweeping this planet.

We reclaim the love, beauty and power that has been inside us all along. Life can be fun, playful and delightful!

And so it is, and so it shall be.


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