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The War on Humanity - Spoiler alert - the LIGHT WINS!

Right now there’s a war on humanity, right under our noses, hidden in plain sight.

What I’m about to say might ruffle some feathers and ignite some reactivity, but I’m pretty much used to that by now. It doesn’t phase me any more. I used to be worried about what people think of me and not want to upset people, but I’m at the point where there is no more time for that sort of dilution.

It's more dangerous to stay quiet than speak up, especially for my children and our collective future.

This morning I was doing my Temple Dancing, which I do most mornings. It’s part of my morning practice to deepen my connection with the Earth, with spirit, and call in divine guidance for the next steps for my mission. As an ADHD creative, visionary woman, it is ESSENTIAL to have a way to stay connected within myself otherwise my energy gets scattered in all directions. And scattered energy is overwhelming, depleting and ineffective. That’s part of the conditioning by the way…

I’m pretty sure if you’re reading this, you're probably already highly aware of what’s going on. I think most other people deleted themselves already because the truth can be hard to hear if you’re not ready to take radical self responsibility for your own experiences.

For those who haven’t caught on about this yet, the so called viru$ has been planned for a long time as part of a larger dark agenda to further disempower and control the masses. I don’t need to go down the rabbit hole because I know most of us have already been there.

For me it’s been almost 20 years of deep diving, researching, connecting the dots and ultimately reclaiming my own power beyond the control system. It wasn't until I became a mother that I really needed to know what was happening, so I could raise healthy, empowered children. Which ironically meant basically going against all the mainstream recommendations and trusting my own inner wisdom.

I could feel this storm coming so strongly, that 14 years ago I moved out of a city because I knew that a city would be too vulnerable a place to be, so I deliberately packed up my 2 little ones as a single mum and drove across the country to a beautiful regional area on Australia’s East Coast where I knew that even if shit hit the fan completely, we would be okay. I knew that being in a city, in a concrete jungle with full reliance on the artificial infrastructure was not a position I wanted to be in. I trusted my intuition to get out when I did.

In saying that, I am as deeply immersed in this world as you are. We are all in this together. It’s like one big soup of interconnected consciousness. When you are connected with your own inner voice, the voice of your soul, you will know where you need to be. Trust that. If you need to move out of a city, trust that even if it doesn’t seem rational. If you need to be in a city because that’s part of your role, trust that too. There are no mistakes. We are each doing exactly what we need to do, and the more you trust that, and take the time to really listen in rather than dismissing your intuition, you will be guided in an even more beautiful and magical way.

It was many years ago now that I decided to trust my inner voice as the strongest authority of my life. Losing my voice and power completely in an abusive relationship was my initiation to intentionally reclaim it. Not everyone needs such a dramatic catalyst, but for many of us highly sensitive ones who are part of the change, it often does come in the form of a massive shake up where you can no longer deny your own voice and needs.

So… back to the war on humanity. It is amping up big time. This agenda to take away people’s rights, shut down our voices, impose forced medical procedures, demonise anyone who questions any of this… it's GO time, people 🔥

Many of us have seen this coming, and have been watching it unfold like a bizarre David Lynch movie playing out right in front of our eyes. People are being lied to, brainwashed, locked up, poisoned, kept in fear, pitted against each other, kept confused and overwhelmed… and the ones who refuse to participate in the insanity are judged as being selfish and careless. What’s playing out is actually quite brilliant if it wasn’t so fucking sick and twisted.

Which reminds me of another point I will elaborate on another time, about the witches. Historically, witches have also been demonised and our innate connection with the Earth, intuition and nature’s wisdom has been ridiculed, while we have been labelled baby killers and evil old women. How IRONIC about who the real baby killers are… total projection. Way to divert attention away from the real culprits! Ha… more to say on that one as we release the shackles of the distortions about being wise women who were KILLED in droves and squashed away into hiding. It wasn't safe to be ourselves.

What they didn’t foresee, is that when they pushed us underground, our roots just grow stronger… so WATCH OUT WORLD the witches are BACK now and we have nothing to lose anymore. This is literally a fight between good and evil, as dramatic as that sounds. What’s happening now is biblical in it’s proportions. And we all know how flawed and manipulated that holy book has become over the ages… it’s all playing out right under our noses now.

I also need to follow up that good/evil reference with the realisation that everything is energy, and we are moving beyond the realms of duality and polarity into unity consciousness. This awakening is happening whether you choose to participate in it or not. You do not need to ‘wake people up’. Sure, trust yourself, speak your truth, share your knowledge, plant seeds, stand up for your rights and connect whenever you can.

Power to you!

The Earth is literally going through the photon band, a band of light, that brings our whole planet into a higher level of vibrational alignment, where all the distortions are being shaken up and revealed to restore harmony to our beautiful planet again.

We are coming to the end of the dark ages, which is happening regardless of what anyone does or doesn’t do about it. Darkest before the dawn and all that...

Becoming more deeply integrated as a WHOLE being, without avoiding, judging or dismissing aspects of your own experience is the key to your evolution now. This means leaning into your own edges of discomfort rather than pretending things are okay when they're not. There is no avoiding anything any more. Get help if you need it and be gentle with yourself.

Remembering your own internal power as an aspect of the divine, a magnificent creator who can birth your visions into reality IS the antidote to this insanity. And when we get together - BOOM next level co-creation is our superpower! No wonder they want us to stay apart

In truth, you don’t need to ‘battle’ anything when you remember how powerful you already are. As a sovereign Earth Dweller, no one has rights over you. No one. It’s all an illusion that they are hoping you don’t wake up to.

This is why the controlling forces are so desperately seeking to dig their claws in even deeper as they try to retain power and arrogantly assume that people are dumb enough to play their game. Well, unfortunately because their game has already been playing out for generations, involved diluting, distorting, brainwashing and poisoning people for decades, many people have literally lost their sense of self. Their whole identity is wrapped up in this distorted concept that the authorities care about us. It’s too painful or scary to consider that everything they believe to be true is crumbling before their eyes.

Thankfully, there are many of us who have smelt this bullshit coming a mile away and we have been gathering, preparing, and doing what we need to. We’ve been finding our roles, remembering our true power, cleansing our bodies and returning to the essence of who we really are.

It hasn’t been easy. Most of us are highly sensitive and have needed to develop a thick skin against the pain of judgment and projections coming from other people, which is the opposite of what we really desire which is connection, joy and fun. Like, really. It’s been fucking intense.

I left fb last year which was symbolically similar to escaping society to go live offgrid so I can look after myself and forget about everyone else. But I realise my role here is larger than my own personal needs being met. Despite the distortions, manipulation and toxicity of that platform, I am trusting the clear guidance I am receiving to be on there a bit longer and although this has been a struggle for me to personally accept, I am also learning to get out of my own way and let the divine guide this.

So… the moral of the story is: We are waking up. You are not alone.

If you got this far, know that you have a role to play and one of the most powerful things you can do is remember who you are and what you're here for. We need all hearts on board. Obviously fb is not the place where we can share what we really need to, because posts and accounts are being censored left, right and centre. It’s getting ridiculous. We cannot rely on that platform moving forward. We are getting out of this sinking ship.

If you want to stay connected with me, there are ways.

We are stronger together!

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So much love and power to you!

The light is winning!  We've got this 🔥


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