Trusting Women's Mysteries

The level of surrender required to trust life and trust death is so deep. It is true union with god, goddess, all-that-is, knowing there is a higher intelligence to all that's unfolding.

This is a fundamental key to trusting birth, and accepting death as holy too. I am not in control of it. Life flows where it needs to. Death is not the end, but a transition.

The level of peace, beauty and freedom I feel around this is profound.

I am currently going through my next rite of passage, a death, rebirth and transformation portal, dropping deeper into the mystery, embracing ecstatic menopause, an altered state of consciousness, claiming my power as a medicine woman, a wise woman who is here to serve life, restoring women's wisdom on earth.

Trusting the process...

I say that with no apology, no flinching, no making myself small.

It's so huge because I have been terrified and killed for this many times, and now I stand strong and declare it without fear.

And I need my wise sisters to join me. Power in numbers and all that...

To embrace the blood mysteries and initiations with deep trust in nature's wisdom takes tremendous courage and surrender. It's a death of the ego, death of self, which terrifies most people who prefer to stay 'in control'.

Fix it. Medicate it. Make it stop.

It puts the whole trans conversation in perspective too.

I get that this is a complex issue, my love is with all who are navigating this, and my perspective comes from being a woman and a mother who cares deeply about earth's children.

Being a woman is not a thoughtform or mental 'identity'. it is an embodied experience of being, with cycles, blood, natural fluctuating hormones, rites of passage and experiences that simply do not happen within male biological reality, no matter how many synthetic hormones are swallowed or body parts chopped off.

To be clear, it doesn't matter to me what you wear, how you express yourself or who you sleep with. I welcome and celebrate self expression, consenting adults and all.

The irony is that when people are attached to an outward expression based on what they perceive is 'appropriate or acceptable' within a certain gender identity, and somehow their body is 'wrong' if it doesn't suit those ideas, doesn't that further perpetuate the gender stereotyping we are trying to become free from?

Many children are lost... floating around in a sea of distortion without an anchor to hold them deeply close to the heart of the great mother.

There is deeper psychological trauma many are experiencing from being immersed in this broken culture. A crisis of motherhood, lack of bonding, tragic loss of sense of belonging, identity crisis and delusion underneath that, with so much need for love, support, nurture and healing in our world.

Do you trust life? Do you trust death? Do you truly allow yourself to deepen into the body you are in, the richness of all that is available to you without trying to control the outcome or play god?

Not many people really get it. Like, really.

There is so much distortion and confusion out there.

This propels me to write, to share, to tell the story, to guide people more deeply into the richness of life in a culture of distraction that barely skims the surface.

We are so much more than we know.

We need our wise women more than ever before. And our wise men. We need our brothers.

We've been underground and we are now being called into sacred service on earth.

In the words of my teacher and wise woman friend, Jane Hardwicke Collings, we are the women the earth needs now.


We are the ones we've been waiting for.

The wisdom of the goddess is profound when we slow down and listen within.

So much love. Have no fear.

We're hereI


Avalon x

The women are coming.


PS if you didn't read it yet, you can read about my peri-menopause shamanic journey into my womb HERE from the other day. More layers are coming soon...


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