Keys to thriving in 2023

As we step into 2023, amidst this time of great change, I'm exploring what it takes for us to thrive as a society.

As part of this, my commitment is to write more, which is medicine for me. Although some of it is part of my own process, I trust that what I share here can benefit others and provoke your own internal self-enquiry, so instead of spreading myself on all the platforms, I will be sharing more right here on my blog.

Thank you for being here.

My key words for 2023 are organisation, synergy and coordination.

I see these are the qualities needed for us to thrive as a society. These qualities I am wholeheartedly embracing in my quest to live a more beautiful life and shift the culture, rather than one of suffering and isolation, which is so deeply ingrained in modern life.

I trust that everything I have experienced until now is part of this big, multidimensional school of earth, so I can learn, grow and ultimately flourish, which depends on whether I take action on what I know.

In 2023 it's time to take action on what I know.

No more waiting. No more excuses. No more complaints.

A complaint is simply a badly worded request, after all.

It identifies that which needs to change.

The past 20 years have been an ongoing evolution of sorts for me. It's been a journey of growth, initiation, birth, death, unravelling and deepening into my true nature and purpose for being here.

When I start getting antsy or irritable, it's a sign that I'm not in alignment with my deeper being. It's a sign that my experience of connection, empowerment or self expression is being thwarted in some way. Even that language is not really appropriate as it implies that there is something outside of me that is thwarting my expression. Really, it's about me being in alignment with life. Being clear about my values, my priorities, and ways I show up for myself and others. And living true to that, so my actions are aligned with my wisdom.

When I don't write or speak or express myself in healthy ways, I get creatively constipated and edgy. My energy starts spitting out sideways. It shows up as being frustrated, critical, annoyed and deeply unsatisfied with life, yet it's such an easy thing to remedy.

The journey of mothering in isolation really brings this to a head.

We are not meant to do this alone, or at the very least, we are meant to be in relationship with the natural world. Spending most of our time indoors, on screens, eating processed foods, being exposed to artificial lights and EMFs, communicating electronically instead of in the flesh, these all take their toll on our wellbeing.

We can make changes in our individual lives to come into more balance, but systemically these things are still playing out in the majority of the collective.

Like frogs in the pot, as the water has been slowing heating up over generations, many have become accustomed to this way of living. The consequences on our physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, sexual and social health has been slowly deteriorating along with it.

When I'm feeling out of balance, it's the people closest to me who I reach out to in frustration. I need to be heard, I need acknowledgement, I need support, and I need people to care about what's happening for me. When my needs aren't being met, the people closest to me hear about it, and wonderful Brett listens as I rattle off my complaints about life, but I'm really, really bored of that pattern. Like, really.

It is not healthy for me, it's not healthy for him, it's not inspiring, motivating or expansive. It's the opposite. It puts the focus on what isn't working, rather than energy flowing toward solutions and remedies.

I've realised life is essentially about 2 things:
1. What we believe
2. Where we place our attention

These 2 elements are the building blocks for our life, determining our attitude, choices, behaviours, habits and results.

This will fundamentally determine whether we make the most of this life, or fritter it away on choices and activities that are not fulfilling or meaningful.

I am here to make the most of this life.

I am here to thrive and live life beautifully.

I am no longer willing to wait for circumstances or other people for this to happen.

I am now fully committed to taking full responsibility for my own attitude, choices, behaviour, habits and results.

No one is going to do this for me, and the paradox is that I am now willing to call in the ones who are ready to synergise with me so that we can take our lives to the next level together.

Rather than seeing my needs as a weakness to overcome, I can honour my needs, call in the support I need, and receive that support with gratitude, synergising in ways that benefits everyone involved.

Human society has got into this mess through the deep conditioning that we are somehow innately inadequate and flawed, and forces outside ourselves determine the direction of our life.

If you are waiting to see 'what's going to happen' in the world, it's a sign that you are not standing in your true place of authority in your own life. That is normal and common. And it's not your fault. The colonial western culture relies on you feeling inadequate and handing your power over to external authorities.

As women, in modern culture we have battled with being the 'inferior' sex, with less power, less status, less influence and less resources available to us. We have come a long way in this battle, yet the game has been on the wrong playing field. The assumption is that women are somehow lesser-than. This has been drilled into us through religion, politics and the social dynamics we have been marinating in. This has also affected men in detrimental ways, more on this further down.

When I tune into the burning times, and the millions of women who were demonised, tortured and burned because they operated from a place of love, connection and symbiosis with nature, I feel a fire in my womb. The cultural transformation and ripple effect this has had on the modern world is beyond comprehension really. It still plays out to this day...

We had to go underground and hide our wisdom so we don't get 'caught' by the authorities. We are going through another cycle of this now. Although this time it isn't just women. Now it is everyone who dares to think for themselves, to question the mainstream narrative, to do their research and trust their intuition to know the truth of the matter.

We are going through another burning times now. Although it may seem more 'civilised' on the surface, many people are accepting poison into their bodies under manipulation and the false pretense of 'doing the right thing'. This is not just limited to injections. There are a whole range of anti-life choices that are diminishing the wellbeing of people worldwide.

I am not saying this to create more division, but to zoom out with a bird's eye view of the situation, acknowledging that no matter what choices people make, we can still have compassion for each other and find ways to support life rather than harm it.

People with messages of empowerment and health are being censored, arrested and outcast as a danger to society. The next level of media brainwashing is now attempting to label anyone who opposes the media-pharma-government cartel as a 'terrorist' who is a danger to society.

Sound familiar? Some of us are getting bored with it. It's a very old game and after a few cycles, the fun starts wearing thin.

Paradoxically, throughout the ages, this same domination culture has had a disastrous impact on the wellbeing of men too. Even though there are a portion of men in high places who benefit from things being the way they are, with women joining them on 'boards' as they have succumbed to the domination conditioning, many men in our culture are unwell. They are isolated, unable to share their inner world, disconnected from their true nature and playing out the role that's expected of them, feeling trapped without knowing how to change it. Mental health, ego issues, narcissism and suicide are through the roof with men.

This is not about women or men being inferior or superior. I also acknowledge the intentional agenda to confuse and corrupt the identity of our children and youth to the point where they become so disconnected from their true essence that they are floating like a ship without an anchor on stormy seas, so easily influenced and offended by everything around them. This is not true empowerment, progress or evolution to become healthier. This medical transgender and AI agenda causes even more disconnection and reliance on the very system that caused the imbalances in the first place.

The irony is, that this agenda rides on the wave of people claiming authority over their own experience. Instead of truly honouring and celebrating people's uniqueness, it creates even more gender stereotyping and unacceptance of the wide variety of natural expressions of humans who are biologically male or female. Rather than celebrating this variety of expression, people are being taught that they must be in the wrong body if they have certain qualities, which are only suited to one or the other body form, and therefore they must surgically change their body to become the 'right' one to match what society deems appropriate. Can people not see that this creates even more of a mental prison than a ticket to freedom? I am baffled at the insanity.

But of course, it's this insanity that drives the whole agenda. When people are feeling confused, they are not feeling clear and empowered. They are very susceptible to suggestion. This is what drives the whole mass brainwashing of our world. Keep repeating messages over and over until it is interpreted as the truth, then change it quickly, add something else beyond people's comprehension so they are in a state of overwhelm, and make sure people are isolated or alternatively part of groups so large they become meaningless and insignificant.

What matters to me is restoring the heart in humanity. Coming home to our true nature and remembering how beautiful and powerful we are when we are aligned with spirit, with the creative life force that flows through every living thing, and we come into right relationship with the world we live in. This includes respecting life, listening to the quiet whispers of our soul and honouring ourselves as divine beings as we shift into a more healthy, symbiotic relationship with each other too.

This realm of destruction and distraction stops here, with those of us who are willing to stand up, claim our power and build the beautiful world we know is possible in our hearts.

For myself as a woman, I am embracing my role as a healthy matriarch, rather than waiting for someone else to take charge. This is not about women dominating men, but claiming our natural role as visionaries and wise women, leading with perception, insight and the ability to birth creations from the power of our hearts and wombs. It requires us to be in symbiotic relationship with men, honouring and respecting the unique gifts we each bring, and welcoming the combination of our natural strengths and abilities to navigate life from a place of harmony, connection and love.

Something has shifted for me with this year, and the bleed that I experienced with it. I am seeing so clearly the patterns that have been playing out, what has got us to this place and I'm shedding old ways of being that get in the way of me being aligned with life. It's like taking off a big heavy jacket that has been clouding my light from shining for a very long time. Although, it's not all happened at once. Until now, I have been unravelling the threads in this jacket one by one. It has been getting lighter with every soul initiation, every lesson and every conscious step forward. And now, I simply lift it off.

We are already divine, whole and complete. Now it's time for us to remember this and get on with the life we are born to live.

With love and blessings for your authentic connection, empowerment and self expression, and the unique gift you bring to our world.

Avalon x

PS If this speaks to you and you would like to join me in a sacred space to anchor into your innate power as a woman to bring your visions to life, I invite you to join me in Womb of Creation, which is a 3 part series to acknowledge and embody your unique gifts, let go of patterns that no longer serve you and activate your vision and a new pathway forwards.

You can see more and join me here:


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