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Money Energy - Next Level Surrender

I'd been feeling some unrest within me... so I picked a card which said 'Void' to sit in the darkness of not knowing.

The next morning, after my Temple Dancing, I picked another card 'Surrender' which asked the question:

"Where do I need to surrender that will allow both personal and widespread progress? How can I hold space for that progress?"

I sat, prayed, and called Divine Mother to speak through me. Here is the message that came about The Sacred Feminine Way Facilitator Training:

"What you are doing, dear Avalon is more than a course. This is an initiatory journey for sisters who are rising on this path beside you, devoted to the Earth, in service to the path of restoring sacred feminine wisdom on Earth.

Each sister brings her own energy, her own frequency, her own soul gifts to this path. From a conventional perspective, the value placed on such a journey is difficult to determine in monetary terms, especially as some of these sisters have access to great wealth already and some have been living in a state of lack.

The discomfort you have been feeling is not what some may call an 'abundance block' but a genuine alignment with the varying stages of financial wealth that these sisters find themselves in.

As others have reflected, the price you have allocated to the immersion is valid, and may be considered low for all that is included.

What matters most is that the right women step into this container, and the money side will work itself out. You are already familiar with operating in this way. It is part of the new paradigm of sacred wealth you are activating and integrating on Earth.

Money is not a fixed energy and was never meant to be. It is a fluid energy of exchange that ebbs and flows like the tides of the ocean, and there is always an abundance of water in the sea.

You have been going through your own initiation and dismantling of the modern money constructs and you know it is the quality and value of the exchange that matters more than the actual dollar value.

When you operate from this place of deep trust, in feeling your way through your heart and body rather than purely with your mind, you come into deeper align­ment with life itself and the organic intelligence of nature. So, in the current situation, the opportunity is to sink into a deeper level of trust of what you already intuitively feel inside.

You are in service to the flourishing of life and what matters most is that those who step in to this journey are making a commitment to this path and feel a deep resonance with this vision and mission of restoring sacred feminine wisdom on Earth at this time.

For those who are feeling the alignment yet it is not their path to rise as a leader or facilitator at this time, that is all perfect because each sister finds her own role in the Temple.

This is an evolutionary movement of women claiming their power and shifting the paradigm, each bringing her unique energy and gifts to the collective.

Trust that the more connected each sister becomes with her own womb, heart and voice, the clearer her role will be as you collectively birth this new way forward. Trust yourself. You know.

All is unfolding in divine timing and we are honored to be witnessing what's happenng now.

Abundant blessings to you, divine woman.

Love, strength and trust to you.

You are birthing a new way, the Sacred Feminine Way."

End of message.

What I have noticed is the more I step back, get my head out the way, and let the divine lead my life, the more magical everything becomes.

If you know you are one of the sisters in this circle of Sacred Feminine Way Facilitators, feeling this vision and fully committed to showing up as a leader and guide on this journey, supporting others on this path, let's talk. Reach out so we can make a plan. 

You can see more about the journey HERE.

Sister Sophie says:

"I’m nearing the end of this facilitator training, & I just want to share how beautifully supported & held I have felt, both by Avalon & the other women in the circle. 🙏💖 I’m feeling my wild feminine energy growing ever stronger & my life’s work/purpose is taking shape finally (after years on this path already), through the learning & growth I’ve been doing these past months along with the other sisters in this training. If you’re curious, open a dialogue with Avalon to see if this is something that will benefit you also."

Then following from that, sister Melanie responded,

"I wholeheartedly second and third everything mentioned here.
Give Avalon a buzz. You will seriously thank yourself for stepping in to this life transformative activation portal on ALL the levels in your evolution as a woman on this planet.
I am loving moving into the expansion of love for myself. So much is activated when we are willing and surrender to what is hiding, blocking and lurking in the depths. Transmutation by fire 🔥 birthed into life with gusto, action and passion."

And if you love this vision yet a leadership role isn't speaking to you at this time, you are most welcome to join our Web Weavers Community HERE.

I am in service to your flourishing.


Avalon x


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