My story

I was partway through an overseas adventure in my mid twenties, when I found myself standing barefoot on a beach in Mexico, watching the sun rise over the sparkling Caribbean Sea. It was new year’s morning, 2002, fresh with possibilities! The sun felt beautiful on my skin, so I took off my dress and stretched out my arms, standing naked so I could soak in the warmth all over my body. As the sun reached my belly, this warm glow penetrated deeper into my womb until I felt a spark of life glowing inside me.

Feeling this warm, loving energy from the sun beaming life into my womb, I was in awe and delight. It felt like the sun was impregnating my womb. Could immaculate conception really be a thing? I marvelled at the possibility… while my rational mind was bewildered.

After basking in this radiance for a while, I shifted my focus to look up the beach, and saw a vision of children climbing trees and families playing together. A message came to me, “You are receiving a divine child in your womb, and are part of a culture shift as humanity moves beyond disconnect and into love and connection again.” Whoa.

When I blinked, the vision disappeared… yet the aliveness in my womb remained. Since childhood I'd been obsessed with pregnancy and birth, knowing that one day I’d be a mother. I knew this in my bones.

From a young age, I also knew there would come a time of struggle and darkness on Earth, and things would be much better afterwards. Although I didn’t know what would happen, I knew I was part of the change. This was a relief because I didn’t feel like I belonged in this world as it was.

In the weeks following this beach experience, my body morphed into feeling pregnant with swollen breasts and extra curves, although I didn't physically conceive until the following month. I’d met my boyfriend in Canada a few months earlier. He was a DJ and we were traveling around Mexico decorating psytrance festivals together without any long term plans…

Newly pregnant, I gradually made my way back to Australia. After months of sorting out his visa, my boyfriend came down and joined me. I had a natural birth in hospital that took me beyond my edges into a deep surrender and wild power I'd never felt before. I felt ecstatic and transformed. If I can do this, I can do anything! I wanted every woman to know how powerful she is.

Gazing into my newborn’s eyes, with my heart cracked open, I knew I was here to guide mothers more deeply into their love and power, to embrace our role as we transform our culture through how we birth and raise our children.

It didn’t take long before my vision for happy families started dissolving before my eyes as my relationship deteriorated into a mess of psychological abuse, insults and darkness. Adding to that, I was deep down the rabbit hole reading books about the dark elites and their complex global web of manipulation and control.

I could not fathom how the exquisite love I felt for my daughter could exist within a world that was so dark and twisted. I wasn’t coping with this clashing of worlds, so I prayed to the universe to guide me.

That night in a dream, I found myself drifting in space, and could see stars and planets far into the distance. I turned around to see Earth, vibrant with rich blues and luscious greens, beautiful and pristine, pulsing with life. “This is what you’re here for,” was the message. "Earth is already whole and complete. There are others on this path too. Stay focused and don’t get distracted by the darkness.” It was so vivid, as I was floating in space, I started looking for Australia, wondering how to get home. “You are always home,” was the message as I awoke with my head on my pillow.

In the thick of abuse, I blamed myself for what was happening. Because I was constantly being insulted, I felt inadequate and trapped, trying to do better to keep our family together for my daughter and the vision I’d received.

One day I couldn't even move. My body was so blocked with energy that I was literally lying on the floor in pain with my toddler climbing all over me. This was bad. I knew something needed to change big time. Eventually I found the courage to leave him, perplexed at how I’d got into such a messy situation.

I was determined to learn everything I could about human behaviour, relationships and power dynamics so I could (A) understand myself and how I got into this predicament and (B) help other mothers in similar situations.

I dived into studying Counselling and Wholistic Psychology which I loved with a passion! I also trained in Holotropic Breathwork and Rebirthing, going right back to heal my own birth trauma and claim parts of myself that had been fragmented from other traumatic experiences, while diving right into healing, communication, sexuality, relationships and power dynamics.

During this time, communication improved with my ex partner, who promised things would be different if we tried again, so I fell back into a relationship with him as my vision for family was strong. We conceived another baby together, and within a short time he was back to his old ways. This time I left much sooner so here I was, pregnant and with a 2 year old. A single mum again.

6 months after the ecstatic homebirth of my second baby, I packed up my 2 girls and cockatiel, and left my home city of Adelaide, driving across Australia determined to make a fresh start on the east coast.

I dreamed of living closer to the land, having a more natural lifestyle and knew I didn’t want to be in a city when the dark days ahead would come. I continued my studies into human behaviour, trauma and healing, while making clothes from home to keep us afloat financially as a single mum. I made ’nappy free’ baby pants, and was active on natural parenting forums, providing support and guidance for mothers who were raising children in connected, intuitive ways.

I had a deep yearning for love, and was on a quest to find the ‘King of my Tribe’ to bring my family vision to life. After a couple of flings that didn’t go anywhere, eventually my love-obsession became too consuming. I was constantly doing healings, courses, books, workshops, manifestations, rituals, you name it exploring everything about love, sacred union, feminine and masculine dynamics and heart healing on my quest for love.

It got to the point that I needed to stop obsessing and let it all go. I set up an altar in my backyard under the full moon and did a ritual to surrender and hand it over to higher forces, devoting my life in service to the Goddess for all my days. In tears, I cried that if I am to walk my path solo with my 2 daughters by my side, then so be it. I am grateful for my children. I release control. Guide me. And so it is 🙏

Soon after that, a woman handed me a flyer for Shamanic Midwifery Training, which glowed with a huge YES. It was a deep dive into women’s mysteries, birth, rites of passage, honouring our cycles, transformational facilitation and trusting nature’s wisdom. This was it!

I immediately took action and dived into the mystery and magic of sacred women’s work, going deeper into healing my womb, claiming my power and anchoring into my soul mission in service to mothers.

As I was immersed in women’s work, I’d put my visions for love on hold, but still secretly asked the universe for the ‘King of my tribe to come knocking on my door’ as I wasn’t going to compromise for anything less. I would rather be single than unhappy.

Lo and behold, through a friend of a friend, Brett came knocking on my door to lend me a book on quantum physics, neuroscience and human behaviour, which was an area of fascination for both of us.

I invited him to stay for a chai and we entered a parallel reality together on the couch, with so much alignment and shared visions it was almost freaky. While we were talking, he looked into my eyes and I had never been seen so deeply before. We took it slow at first, then one thing led to another… he had 2 children as well, so we blended our families and within 3 months our lovechild, Zenon was growing in my womb. My vision was becoming real.

As part of my Shamanic Midwifery Training, prior to becoming pregnant, I went on vision quest, alone without food in the woods for a few days to call for a vision for my life. The words Blossoming Woman came to me, along with a full download of all the ways I would support mothers to shift from disconnection to empowerment as we transition into a more healthy culture. I had a journal with me and scrawled it all down.

Within weeks, I'd set up my new website and told everyone I knew that I was now supporting mothers. I set up an email list, started offering free teleseminars on empowered birth, leading to my first paid journey for pregnant women. 2 women signed up, which I was delighted about! By that time I was also pregnant myself, so I did the journey with them making 3 of us which was so special.

Brett and I delved deep into sacred union and sexual healing together, as Brett had trained in this area. This cleared so much trauma and activated a whole new level of empowerment, sensuality, creativity and confidence for me.

Our birth was exquisite, just the 2 of us free-birthed by the fire in our cottage in the woods under the full moon while the other children were sleeping, which was a dream come true. I drifted on the high of my orgasmic birth for months, then started to struggle in our blended family with 5 children now, including my new baby, my 2 girls and 2 step children with special needs and challenging behaviours due to their own birth trauma and other issues. It was intense and chaotic.

In the heat of it all, feeling exhausted and overwhelmed, I dropped to my knees on the kitchen floor and screamed, “It isn’t meant to be like this!” and curled into a ball and cried. Rather than succumb to my frustrations for too long, I picked myself up, pulled myself together, and channeled my creative energy into developing The WILD mama Journey, weaving together my knowledge and skills into a guided journey for mothers to stay in our hearts and rise into our power to navigate the chaos of family life, finding creative solutions as we shift into new ways of living and loving together.

Facilitating this course ignited a prolific journey of creation for me. I studied online business, marketing, web building and course creation, developing many workshops and courses for mothers on topics including ecstatic birth, relationships and sexuality, womb wisdom, women’s circles, women’s business, organisation and culture shift. This was all part time around unschooling our 5 children from home.

We moved from our spacious rented bush property and squeezed our wild tribe into a smaller house by the beach, so our financial situation changed dramatically, leading to even more stress and chaos.

Spinning way too many plates in the air, I suffered burnout and we ended up running out of money. Down to my last twenty dollars, I prayed on my knees to ask for guidance, and developed The Feminine Visionary Leadership Program, which evolved into the Sacred Feminine Way Facilitator Training and Women’s Business Development.

This led to a complete shift of pace and potency in my work, expanding to make 6 figures in my business in 2020. My one on one work delved deeper into transformational healing, shadow work and womb alchemy, supporting and guiding women to clear wounding and trauma to shift old patterns and connect more deeply with their children, heal their hearts to embrace divine love & sacred union in relationships and courageously show up and do their soul work while raising empowered children.

I founded The Divine Mother Temple Mystery School and private online membership for visionary women to connect, share and gather in circles as we weave a beautiful culture together, along with a 13-hive map for humanity to flourish.

After years of studying and obsessing about organisation so I could run a business efficiently while also having spaciousness to homeschool children, I developed The Mothership Organisational System for multidimensional women to get their shit together and do what they’re here for, because focus and clarity is essential to make progress on your biz with children around you.

As a homeschooling entrepreneur mother in a chaotic blended family, I knew this firsthand and help many mothers navigate these worlds. The Flourish Journey emerged, to guide women into a deeper, organic rhythm in life and soulful business.

During the lockdowns last year, I volunteered in our local community to help set up a parallel society outside the system, then we did a pilgrimage to Canberra with a million other Aussies to stand for freedom.

This was swiftly followed by the Northern Rivers floods which devastated thousands of people, so I helped coordinate flood relief, organising donations and cleanups, with my home becoming a drop off point for donations and supplies, my van alternating between delivering supplies, to being a maxi taxi for groups of healers to go up and help those affected by the floods.

Phew. It’s been huge.

So now I’m back, coming full circle and I know what I’m here for... the culture shift with families and motherhood at the heart of it.

I guide mothers to honour their sacred feminine wisdom as visionary leaders of change, to deepen into love, claim their wild power and activate their soul purpose in service to life as we transition into a beautiful new culture together.

The irony is that mothers have been at the bottom of the social hierarchy in western culture, yet we have a LOT of influence about how the future unfolds because we are literally shaping it through the way we raise our children.

The dark agenda will try everything to interrupt the mother-child bond and destroy families because they know that strong families and communities are resilient to their manipulation and control.

When there are multi billion dollar industries invested in consuming and distracting our kids, we need to grow our roots deep and anchor into our divine feminine power as mothers to stand strong and gather with our wolf pack sisters!

When we do that, it's game over for those who seek to destroy life rather than nurture it.

They are afraid of us remembering how powerful we are.

Their reign of control is coming to an end....

We are the ones we've been waiting for.


Avalon x



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