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Money Paradigm Shift

A massive penny dropped for me yesterday about something I've been grappling with my whole adult life...

How to untangle from the debt-slave system and return to organic intelligence, supported by life itself where NO ONE has control over me, while still having my needs met and feeding my family.


I've been personally having huge shifts since I had a complete (public!!) breakdown in 2019 when I stepped back and unravelled the constructs of business, money and the whole online entrepreneur thing...

That's when I realised IT'S NOT EVEN ABOUT MONEY.

Bear with me... because it's a paradox.

Since I've stopped handing my power over to MONEY as something outside of myself to 'get', which was influencing how I felt and what I did, I have shifted my internal reality to return to my own power as a creator.

The liberation in this is NEXT LEVEL 🔥

Instead of resisting money, bitching about it and having a push-pull emotionally charged relationship because I don't want to participate in the corruption of the patriarchal domination culture, I returned to the original essence of sacred exchange, which is PURE, based on sharing, acknowledging and appreciating each others' gifts and creations.

From very early on, money has been hijacked and distorted by an agenda with the intention to control and feed off other people's energy, leading to what we currently know as the debt-slave capitalist system.

WE RECLAIM OUR POWER when we return to direct sacred exchange with each other, by sharing our creations, offerings, gifts and skills with each other.

This is the paradigm shift right here. Cutting the apron strings from a corrupt 'daddy' out there, and coming back into alignment with your own true nature as a vessel for life itself, a wise, visionary creator being.

This also means... transforming the ways you receive money, so you are not prostituting yourself doing something you hate, or jumping through hoops to receive money from a corrupt system which perpetuates this paradigm of scarcity and disempowerment...

INSTEAD, you activate your own genius and share pure offerings, services and gifts that are a true expression of your own skills, gifts and creativity. You genuinely and creatively contribute something of value to the world.

This is sacred exchange. This is how humanity flourishes.

How many wise, intelligent women are creatively constipated because we are unwilling to participate in the corruption, but don't know any other way??

So we sit. We stew. We stay quiet. We hold ourselves back, bitch and moan to each other, and remain broke and dependent on the very system we loathe. 

What a fucking mess, right?!!

That's all changing now!!

It's ACTIVATION time 🔥

Since my epic unraveling, I am doing more listening.... more dancing... more praying 🌺 dancing with my Ancestors and tuning into the wisdom of the stars.

I accept my fate as an activator of the wild feminine. Not only do we need to unravel our emotional trauma around patriarchal domination, but we also need to reconnect with the parts of ourselves we have shut down, pushed aside and the stories we have been afraid to tell.

We need to learn how to show up, be seen and share our creations with each other. Eeeeekkkk scary!!!

It's friggin huge, sisters!!

SO... you don't need to do this alone.

You are invited to join me in a free zoom call next week, Wealthy Witches Rising, to:

  • deepen your connection with life itself
  • clear distortions so you can tap into the pure flow of sacred wealth 
  • envision your soulful offerings & creations
  • learn how to thrive online doing your soul work.

And explore some sort of collective witchy visibility campaign moving forward, to restore the voice of the sacred feminine in a big way.

Safety in numbers! 🔥

Wealthy Witches Rising 🔥 is a paradigm shifting online activation that you can access HERE.

I'm SO excited about the shift happening because I want to see your voice, your magic and your gifts being part of our collective cauldron of magic!

We step into sovereignty and divine flow when we unravel these old patterns within ourselves, so we can create a more beautiful world for ourselves and our children.

So you see, it's not even about money at all, right? It could be anything we agree to exchange, and money is simply a convenient one, so when we stop feeding our emotional fuel toward the distortions, we restore love and flourish on Earth again.

Fuck yes.

Together... we ARE rising!


Avalon x

PS You can access my free online activation Wealthy Witches Rising HERE.


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