How we can flourish together

This morning when I woke up I felt a sense of expansion, a big picture vision of all the things in my life that need tending. As a mother, we have this perspective that doesn’t really let us rest. At least, that’s the conditioning. A mother’s work is never done. And, depending on your tendencies, this leads to an imbalance of either underfunctioning or over functioning or putting up with a dysfunctional lifestyle which is just damn exhausting.
There is so much fragmentation in our world. From the unresolved trauma, unexpressed emotions, unspoken words, and the outright psychological onslaught from a culture that is completely out of whack with nature, this effects us all in different ways.

At this significant time in human evolution, we now have an opportunity to have a big reality check about life. Who are we, what are we doing, and where are we going? It’s clear that life isn’t just about hopping onto the rat wheel of constant busy to keep your head above financial water. Recent events have shown us that life goes on despite epic disruption, distraction and devastation.
When the elites talk about The Great Reset, they speak about humans degenerating into even more of a slavelike, controlled existence as fodder for their AI machine.
Yes there is an opportunity for a great reset, but what are the ‘settings’ we are attuning to? Do we blindly follow the narratives presented that offer us fancy, shiny things in the hope of escaping our humdrum human existence?
Or do we fully embrace our multidimensional, wild and divine organic nature and activate the gifts that are already within us? This is how humans truly thrive. This is how our culture rebuilds itself into beautiful, flourishing, interconnected communities as the foundation of humanity.
We’ve been so busy looking outside ourselves for answers that we've forgotten that everything is already within us.
We are magnificent beings and all the technology in the world has nothing on the inner technology that lives inside us. It is a mere mimicry, mixed with manipulation. Yes technology can be wonderful and we can use it to assist us, but we need to ensure that we are in charge of technology, not the other way around.
So, how do we activate this inner technology and awaken our full potential?
One of the ways that has helped me, is to step back from screens more and connect with nature more. Nature is a sacred mirror, with innate beauty and synergy, that brings us into deeper alignment with our own true nature.
Another way is to check in with yourself about how you’re feeling, and be present to that, rather than avoiding or distracting yourself. In this world, there are always so many things vying for our attention that we can spend our days flitting from one thing to the next without stopping to really check in and acknowledge how we feel or what's truly needed.
Acknowledging what’s going on inside can be painful, especially if you’ve been avoiding feeling uncomfortable things. There can be sadness, anger, resentment, disappointment, rage and grief. These are all normal, healthy responses to pain, trauma and a broken culture. These so called ‘negative’ emotions have been judged and pathologised in our culture. Because most people are uncomfortable with expressing strong emotions, due to being immersed in a psychologically immature and manipulative culture, these are all avoided, swept under the carpet and bottled up, manifesting in the most crazy epidemic of dis-ease and mental illness that this planet has ever seen. Yes there are other factors in this, including the mass poisoning from the chemical industry, which would also be stopped in it’s tracks if people were emotionally mature and psychologically sound.
This insanity could not possibly continue.
We're getting there...
So… considering that many humans are walking around carrying a pile of bottled up unresolved stuff, disconnected from their true wisdom and power, it’s no wonder our world is in the state it’s in.
The beautiful thing is, it doesn’t take much to turn it around. There are many of us who have been consciously walking this path for decades already. We’ve been clearing, healing and activating the gifts we bring to the planet. We have received the divine nudge to step into service for humanity because this is our higher purpose.
And even for those of us who have been healing and clearing, there is more. Some of us also feel and clear for the collective too, because we are all interconnected in the one energetic ecosystem. Yes we are individual, as cells in a body, yet we are all influenced and affected by each other. Humans are relational beings.
Any time you feel insignificant, remember that the frequency you emit from your being influences the collective human energy field which is also interconnected with the Earth. We are divine, earthly and cosmic beings.
At the start of this new year, many are asking “I wonder what will happen this year?” as if we are passive spectators as the world plays out in front of us.
Yes there is definitely an element of mystery and unseen higher forces at play, both dark and light, yet most humans have forgotten how intrinsically powerful we are to create change. We have been conditioned to submit, obey and please others. And some have recognised this and rejected society altogether, feeling alone and isolated. Neither of these extremes are healthy.
One of my key words moving into 2022, with all the 2’s of partnership, is together.
We are designed to co-exist together. We are all gorgeously unique and we all bring different skills, gifts and experiences to the collective. When we get real with ourselves and listen to what is truly alive within us, this is when we start to heal our culture.
This is up to us. The way I see it, we cannot rely on the government or an employer or some external force to fix our world. The way forward is through connection and partnership, shifting from domination and powerlessness, to shared vision and collaboration.
We thrive together.
THIS is what will happen this year, at least in my world. Others I’ve been connecting with feel this too. It’s up to us.
The time is now.
We are taking our future back into our hands and deciding what matters, nurturing our communities and developing true resilience to move forward together as the domination culture crumbles.
For mothers, your role is to be an anchor for your children in a world that seeks to whisk them away and consume their energy and attention. The role of motherhood cannot be underestimated as we birth a new culture from the ground up. Women’s wisdom has been systematically rejected and violated, parallel to the war on nature. Women's wisdom and nature are intrinsically interconnected. We need to honour that.
When we go within and claim the knowing that is already in our wombs and hearts, we transform this culture, one family at a time. This doesn't need to be blood family, this can be your chosen tribe who resonate together.
This is my focus for this year. Together. Family. Community.
I’ve noticed where my values have slipped due to stress and overwhelm, and I’m now committed to picking up the pieces and reconnecting my family and our culture, because families are the building blocks of culture.
Our modern world has had it all fucked up and topsy turvy, dragging people away from home and family on some quest for ’success’ or progress, meanwhile killing the roots of culture that we need to feel a sense of belonging and purpose.
So… all that said, we now have an opportunity and responsibility to heal our world and create a new culture with true humanity at the heart of it.
We each have a role to play. Doing some soul searching to find your unique role in our new culture is one of the most valuable ways to focus your energy. And being honest with yourself if you are needing support to feel, express and heal, then focus and get some support around that, as it’s all interconnected.
Tomorrow I’m holding a Soul Business Visioning session on zoom for those who are ready to connect into your own organic wisdom and get clarity about what you’re doing, who it’s for, and what you’re offering the world. This is a free call on zoom so let me know if you would like the link. If you’re on my email list, I’ll send the link out after I have breakfast with my kids 🙂 so check your inbox soon 🙂
Starting mid January is a 7 week journey called Flourish, which is especially for mothers who are nurturing a new culture and doing your soul work from home to support your family financially too. The way I see it, when you are on purpose and living intentionally, you bring gifts that are beneficial to others, so you can contribute and receive financial nourishment in exchange.
Even if the whole money system crumbles away, being in sacred exchange with other humans is our natural way of being. This is a paradigm shift from being disempowered and swept around by outside forces, into growing your roots deep and claiming your power as a visionary creator who is birthing a new culture for yourself and our children. For this first round of Flourish, it is ‘choose your price’ so this journey is accessible to all who feel called to join us.
I am in deep trust and feel guided with this, to move out of fear and scarcity, and into true synergy and abundance together.
And so it is.

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