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Meditation to stay grounded, relaxed and rise with love - 6 mins

meditation visionary Apr 20, 2020
Here is a guided meditation to support you to stay grounded, relaxed and focused on the beautiful future we are creating together.

"I loved your meditation. I listened to it multiple times last night. It was so deep x x x" ~ Camille

You can listen on the audio player below. You can also listen or download the audio file in Google drive HERE.


"This is an invitation to release fear and envision the beautiful future we are creating together. Know that you were made for these times, and you don't need to do this alone.

There are are many of us now waking up, rising up and speaking up. A wave of awakening sweeping the planet.

Thank you for being part of the change.

I invite you to get comfortable and breathe deeply. Allow your breath to deepen, and slowly release your out-breath to relax all of your cells, so your nervous system can relax and you can return to your natural state of grounded presence.

There are a lot of intense energies and conflict right now, and it is part of our job to stay clear, stay strong and stay grounded in our authentic power.

You were made for these times. You've been preparing, learning, growing, getting stronger, and there are many other wise and powerful ones right here with you. We are growing in numbers daily... spreading and awakening all over the Earth... waking up, rising up, speaking up.

Imagine all of us in all the places in every country, every city, thousands upon thousands upon thousands of kind hearted people remembering our power. See us all like sparks of light all around the Earth.

Feel your roots growing deeper into the Earth, feeling held and supported by life itself.

Know that this beautiful wave of awakening is real, it's already happened, and we can already feel it.

Focus on the beauty and love and flourishing garden of Earth healed, whole, radiant and flourishing with life. Know that you and me and many others are in service to the flourishing of life, and our power lies in focusing on that as we each strengthen this reality with our intention and attention.

Allow yourself to imagine, or dream, or feel the flourishing of life, the garden of Earth being nourished and growing, and people being healthy and happy, and each person finding their role in the culture we are weaving together as we step into a beautiful future in our power.

Breathe in the knowing that this is our purpose and path, and no one will stop us now.

We are here.
We are strong.
And we are stronger together.

So thank you, thank you, thank you for your part in this great awakening happening now.

Breathe in and feel the love and support of all of us as we rise together... showing up and courageously speaking up for ourselves, our children, and all of our relations past, present and future.

These are powerful times.
We are the change makers.
We are co creating a beautiful culture of love, respect, choice and freedom.

Breathe this beautiful vision in. Feel it in all your cells.

So much gratitude and appreciation for you rising with me, with so much graceful power and courage.

And so it is.
And here we are."

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