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How to Connect and Communicate without Conflict

In these turbulent times, with emotions running high and division being perpetuated between humans, here are some tips to connect with others without adding fuel to the fire.
1. Be present in your own body - breathe, ground, know your self. Be clear within yourself about who you are and what matters to you. You do not need to convince anyone of anything. You are a sovereign being and no one can take that away from you as you remain clear in your own energy field. Hold that level of presence.
2. If you notice energy rising within you in response to someone else, be with that first. What’s happening for you? What are you angry about or afraid of? Is it true? This is taking radical self responsibility for your own experience. No one outside of you is responsible for how you feel on the inside. Your responses and reactions to life are yours. If you are in a situation where you are continually faced with behaviour that is challenging, disrespectful or destructive, then it is also your responsibility to have strong boundaries, make a clear request if you need to, and possibly remove yourself from that situation. You do not need to continue to engage with anyone who isn’t respectful or considerate towards you.
3. Listen to what the other says and see it as their own reality. It might help to see that everyone is living inside their own bubble of reality, and someone else’s bubble of reality is no threat to yours. With that level of maturity, you can separate yourself from their perspective and see it as their own. If you are unable to separate yourself from someone else’s perspective, that’s a boundary issue. In truth, although we are all interconnected and part of the same collective humanity, it is also true that we are each individual and have our own views, perspectives and feelings about the world. Someone else’s perspective does not influence you UNLESS they are trying to impose it on you. That again, is a boundary issue. No one has power over you as a sovereign being. The sooner humans realise this, the sooner we will transition through this turbulence. Claim your boundaries, claim your power. You have the right to believe what you like, just as others have free will to believe what they like.
4. Respond from a place of grounded presence, and take a moment to breathe deeply first if you need to. If someone is angry, upset, or worried, you can accept and respond to that without agreeing with them. “I hear that this issue concerns you and you are worried about x, y, z.” You do not need to impose your views on another. You can simply listen and accept that the other is on their own path, even if it’s different to yours. Your level of conscious awareness and personal empowerment is going to show up here. Do you believe other people have power over you? Do you believe that other people’s choices affect your autonomy and sovereignty? If so, that is your issue, not theirs. Any time a human believes they have power over another, or are disempowered by another, this is the illusion we are here to dissolve. When it comes to health and wellbeing, there is a lot each of us can do to optimise our own health and the health of humanity as a whole, that is not being addressed in the mainstream narrative.
In truth we are all equal beings and the illusion of power over is part of the matrix of distortion that we have been conditioned into. Noticing your own thoughts and feelings about this is an indicator to how deeply you are still immersed in that spell, or free from it. When you know in every cell that you are a sovereign being, you are released from the compulsion to try and convince others to think the same as you, or feel threatened by another’s viewpoint. You can simply respond from a place of grounded presence, “I hear you. I don’t agree and that’s okay. We are all unique.” There is no need for further communication unless both people are open to listening to each other, otherwise it’s pointless.
5. Returning to Point 1, be present in your body. Breathe. Trust. Feel your feet on the Earth. Trust in your dreams and visions. We are here to pave the way forward for a better world for ourselves, our children and humanity Stay aligned on your own path. You are powerful and the higher you hold your vibration, the smoother this transition will be.
These are intense times. There are many aware souls who are not speaking up at this time, due to the volatility and division that is rife in humanity at the moment. Do not be disillusioned by the amount of noise and misinformation spewing forth from the corrupt control structures, and the amount of judgment and opinions being flung around by those living in fear.
Stay true, dear one.
There are more of us than you know.
With love
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This is not a beginner’s course or therapy. It is for people who have cleared enough of your own stuff already, so that you can be present for other people’s growth and transformation. Whether you work in the realms of health, personal power, communication, pregnancy and birth, motherhood, family, business and beyond, each woman brings her own soul gifts and purpose to this work.
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