Blood Mysteries Peri Menopause Initiation

I've been going through a massive blood mysteries initiation which has gone next level in the past 24 hours, so I decided to go on a shamanic journey into my womb for insight. I'll share more about what led up to this in another blog soon, and for now you can read what happened in my shamanic womb journey below.

My experience of peri-menopause has been quite different to what I’ve heard from other women. Partly because my experience of women's rites of passage, especially birth, has been different also. I have no fear of menopause and see it as a birth into my powerful, wise self. I set an intention years ago to have an 'ecstatic menopause', just like I've had ecstatic birth, which is less familiar to most people.

I love love LOVE getting older. I celebrate my silver hairs. I've earned them! So as I step through this mysterious portal of menopause, I welcome it with open arms

Our bodies are capable of much more than we realise.

My current experience of menstruation, rather than slowing down, has been speeding up, with SO much blood, which brought me face to face with my own mortality this morning.

I trust life, and feel a peaceful acceptance of where the goddess takes me. I have no desire to rush out and enter any flouro-filled institutions, yet instead have chosen to journey into the inner realms to receive wisdom and guidance for my journey.

One thing I know for sure, is that we need our women’s circles and local villages of wise women to turn to, so we can be heard, held, loved and supported as we navigate this journey of women's mysteries without being diagnosed, pathologised, medicated and chopped up.

No judgement if you've chosen that path, because that's generally what's offered most of the time. It's just not for me.

There is so much richness and wisdom available to us when we tap into the multidimensional realms, where all is vibration and frequency, which is playing out in physical reality.

So… onto my journey.

At first it took me a few minutes to really drop into a space where I could see clearly... because there was swirling in my mind, nothing specific but a general level of turbulence that did not allow me to drop into the visionary space required to receive wisdom.

Eventually, after intentionally slowing my breathing down and calling myself to focus, I could feel myself standing in a forest. Then I intended to journey into my womb. I saw my consciousness between my legs, at the entry of my sacred temple. I took a few moments to acknowledge and honour the sacred gateway I was entering, then entered into the warm, dark tunnel, toward the cervix which was slightly open, and through that into the depths of my womb.

I was immediately met with wild raging red waters, swirling and tumbling around like a wild ocean. There was so much in there! So much blood, so much redness. So much volatility, so much going on. My tears flowed (in the physical) and I cried to be confronted with the intensity of it all. I allowed myself to be with the tumbling red waters, letting my tears flow from the depths of my being.

After a while, a mermaid appeared in the red sea. She was not like the youthful mermaids generally seen in pictures. She was a wise, mature mermaid with long white hair. She swam to the rocks.

When she climbed up onto a big rock, she turned into a wise medicine woman with legs. She was draped in a big robe and was holding a tall staff in her right hand, with the base of it placed on the rock. The staff was taller than she was.

With a sweeping movement of her left arm outstretched, she motioned to the whole landscape which we could see far and wide into the distance. She showed me all the circles of women gathering on the land across Australia. She was showing me a vision I'd already seen, as it keeps getting clearer and clearer, this vision of the women gathering in circles on the earth, which flows into practical support in daily life, as we restore the village we so desperately need during these changing times.

Her attention returned to me, and she acknowledged I need deep rest. This vision has been a lot for me to hold, and reassured me that this is changing right now as we speak, because the women are coming. There's a Queen Bee stepping in to synergise with me and she knows who she is.

I don’t need to do this alone any more.

I felt the relief sweep through me, and know in my heart this is true.

The messages she had for me were:
- deep rest
- use this time wisely to write and weave the vision into clear pathways for other women to step into
- allow yourself to receive

The ocean was still deep, rich red yet the wild crashing subsided and it was more like gentle rolling waves... flowing, deep, powerful.

And so it is.

The women are coming.

The days of the lone wolf are over.

Although I acknowledge this is needed worldwide, my attention is being called to focus on Australia, Land of the Dreaming. We are birthing a new reality here, and there will be sisters doing this in other places too.

We are the ones we've been waiting for 🔥

If you'd like to find out about upcoming Temple Circles, online or in Woolgoolga NSW, you can contact me HERE and I'll share the zoom link with you.


Avalon x



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