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~ The Birth Blueprint ~

is an online journey that guides you step-by-step to prepare your body, mind and spirit for a beautiful birth.

This course will help you to:

  • understand how your body works, and prepare your mind, body and spirit for an empowering, natural birth
  • learn simple tools to reduce pain and have an easier, safer birth for you and your baby
  • acknowledge birth as a Rite of Passage and significant 'once in a lifetime' opportunity to welcome your baby into the deepest space of love
  • activate your inner birthing goddess
  • share birth as an intimate, bonding, sensual experience with your partner
  • if you are a doula, midwife or birth-keeper, support your clients to have their best birth
  • trust birth and have your most beautiful birth possible

With a background in Shamanic Midwifery, having personally experienced ecstatic birth myself, I guide other women to move from fear into love and trust the birthing process.

Whether this is your first baby, or you've birthed before, this course will help you deepen faith and trust in your body's natural intelligence to grow, birth and nurture your baby in a way that feels good for you.

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“Ohhhh Avalon, Thankyou so much. You give such powerful, connected and wise advice. And yet also so simple. It resonates with truth for me. I will carry your words with me into my birthing, and will let you know how it all goes.  Again, thankyou with all of my heart for sharing what you did, for your blessings and encouragement, I feel deeply honoured and grateful.  Oceans of love and blessings to you, I pray with all of my being that your course reaches far and wide as I truly believe birthing women everywhere will benefit greatly from this. You are doing wonderful work, goddess, to bring light love and trust back to birth. Much love, Elly”

Birth is not just a random event based on luck. As with any natural process, there is an element of mystery, and there are specific things you can do to optimise your birth experience. 

If you are in fear or not feeling safe, your body's intelligence will shut down the birth process and wait until it's safe to birth. This can lead to all sorts of unwanted interruptions and interventions.

The Birth Blueprint course will guide you to listen to your own body and inner birthing wisdom, so you can feel empowered, relaxed and excited to birth your baby.

The Modules in this Course Include:

Expanding Your View of BirthIn this module you will learn how your mindset influences your birth, experience a paradigm shift and open up to your highest potential and vision for birth.

Understanding Hormones & Emotions of Pregnancyin this module you’ll learn how to honour yourself and use pregnancy as a powerful time to come into deeper alignment with your truth and integrity.

Honouring Your Boundaries & Reclaiming Your Personal Power - in this session you’ll get clarity about what’s most important to you, and learn practical skills to communicate more effectively with the people around you.

Nurturing Your Body, Mind and Spiritbe inspired with wisdom and strategies to nourish yourself on all levels to prepare for your optimum birth experience.  This includes simple, essential exercises for strength and flexibility, daily practices and how to relax in a way that encourages your baby into the most comfortable position for a safe, smooth birth.

Understanding Birth and How Your Body Works - gain confidence and skills to trust yourself and work with your body so it can soften and open the way nature intended.  You will learn how your body works, what causes pain and blockages in your birth flow, and what supports you to open more easily and safely.

Clearing Fears & Opening to Your Innate Birth Powershed light on the unconscious fears lurking beneath the surface in your energy field, which can cause complications in labour.  Rather than avoiding these issues, shining light on them allows you to shift and release that stuck energy so you can become a clear vessel for birthing energy to flow through you more easily.

Conscious Preparation and Creating Your Field of Birth - learn how to consciously create your energetic ‘Field of Birth’, which is made of the thoughts, feelings and actions of all who are involved with your birth. Clarify and be discerning about the influences affecting your birth, including your place of birth and who is with you, and focus your energy toward creating a birth you truly desire.

Practices to Prepare for Sensual Birth

This is cutting edge information which takes your birth beyond just being ‘natural and fulfilling’ into the realms of transcendence and euphoric.  During my third pregnancy, I could not find any information that was specific and practical about sexual healing specifically for birth, so my partner and I pioneered some techniques that you will learn in this course.  My partner is a qualified Sexuality Coach, so you will learn some safe processes to release tension from your body, and expand your capacity for pleasure, to release resistance so you can surrender into birth as a deeply pleasurable, sensual, bonding experience to welcome new baby into the highest vibration of love.

Practical Tools for an Easier, Safer Birth - learn techniques to use during birth to allow your cervix to soften, your body to open and your baby to move through you more easily.  You’ll see a video of me demonstrating examples of positions, sounds and movements that you can use in labour, to expand the tools available to you, so when your time comes you can feel confident to let go into the experience and trust your body and intuition to guide you.

Birth as an Ecstatic Awakening - This is where we take it to the next level. Discover the secrets to expand your birth into the realms of ecstasy and euphoria, the highest peaks you can experience in your life.  This is NOT talked about in your average pre-natal class!  You’ll also learn how to more easily manoeuvre your baby through for a gentle birth with the least risk of tearing or haemorrhage.

Blissful Third Stage - The third stage is after baby has come out, and your placenta is born.  These first moments of your baby’s life are a sacred time to be approached with the greatest respect and reverence.  Not only for your baby’s optimum neural development and bonding, but also for a safe and easy delivery of the placenta. You’ll learn how to honour this time, and an ancient secret to minimize post-partum bleeding without the need for artificial drugs.

Honouring Your Baby Moon and Nurturing Your Self - The first weeks after baby arrives is a sacred time, the ‘Fourth Stage’ of birth, as you are integrating into your new role as mother for this little being who has chosen you. Learn how to honour this first month and nurture yourself, and set up support systems to make this transition easier for you and your family.  If you choose to have a Lotus Birth, you’ll enjoy the bonus session to learn all about this gentle practice.

Emerging as Divine Mother - Whether this is your first baby, or you’ve birthed before, each birth takes you more deeply into embodying the mother you came here to be.  In this session, explore what being a mother means for you, so you can get clarity about your values and priorities to have the strength and confidence to nurture your baby in a way that YOU desire, in alignment with your truth, regardless of what other people are around you are saying.  This also expands on the skills you developed in module one to have strong boundaries to protect your birth bubble and do things your way.

Intuitive, Aware Parenting and Meeting Your Baby’s Needs - Being open and sensitive, this is a prime time to tap into your own wisdom and instinctual nature as a mother. In this session you’ll learn how to be deeply present and responsive to your baby’s needs by understanding the underlying dynamics and what to do when your baby cries.  You can deepen your connection with your baby even further by exploring Elimination Communication in the bonus section if this resonates with you. These early days of getting to know your baby can strengthen your lifelong bond and awaken your innate intuition to nurture your baby with joy and confidence throughout your child's life. 

I am honoured to support you strengthen this deep trust and wisdom within yourself.

BONUS 1: Healing Past Births

If you have unresolved feelings from past births, this bonus module is for you so you can release and resolve what hasn’t been expressed yet and move forward with more feminine power, freedom and confidence for your next birth.

BONUS 2: Lotus Birth

Lotus Birth gives your baby the most gentle beginning to life. In this session you’ll learn all about the practice of leaving the umbilical cord uncut, with information and practical step-by-step instructions to do this with confidence if it resonates with you. I was invited to teach this gentle practice to Midwives at University as it gains in popularity.

BONUS 3: Birthkeeper Secrets

This session is for your partner, doula or birth support person to learn how they protect your ‘birth bubble’, and facilitate your deeper surrender into birth, for a shared, transformative, bonding celebration to welcome your baby Earthside.

BONUS 4: EC Made Easy

In this bonus session you’ll learn all about EC, or Elimination Communication, which is a way to more deeply connect with your baby and tune into their toileting needs in a respectful way, keeping them more dry, comfortable and content.

You also get these Shamanic Drum Journeys:

1. A Guided Shamanic Journey to Connect with Your Power Animal for Your Birth

2. A Guided Shamanic Journey to Connect with Your Baby for Inner Wisdom and Guidance for your Birth

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