My mission is to reclaim and activate sacred feminine wisdom. I work with powerful, visionary women who are birthing a new reality.

We are the women the Earth needs now.

"Avalon weaves beautiful ceremonial and sacred women's work with power house business acumen and know how.  It is hard to describe the luscious container she provides as it is like nothing I have experienced before. She has the UNIQUE ability to meet you on both a deep sacred personal level as well as offer transformational business alchemy and wisdom." ~ Eve
I guide women into deep connection with your authentic self and womb wisdom, to release old wounds and patterns, activate your highest visions, and ecstatically birth your wildest dreams into form.
Together we bring all aspects of your life into deep alignment and synergy, releasing unconscious limits and alchemising the shadows so your energy is freed up, your life feels amazing and you rise into new levels as the divine queen you are.
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About me...

I've always been a free spirit... and when I had my babies, my heart cracked open and I felt everything more deeply...

After leaving an abusive relationship at rock bottom, I went on my own healing journey to 'find myself' and learn how to help other women claim their power. As a single mother of 2 young children, I was running my own clothing label from home while studying and doing my soul work. It was an intense time!

My fascination with human behaviour compelled me to study Wholistic Psychology, Counseling and Shamanic Midwifery. I founded Blossoming Woman nearly a decade ago when my purpose became clearer.

My mission is to guide, inspire and teach women to trust their inner wisdom, embrace their beauty and activate their divine power. Together we are birthing a new paradigm.

Connecting with a new partner, we became pregnant and ecstatically birthed our lovechild in a beautiful freebirth under a full moon. Suddenly... we were a blended family with 5 children. I was even more excited to do my work and help other women ecstatically birth their babies and businesses!

With babe in arms, I was deeply immersed in the sacred women's work and grew my business online so I could stay at home with my babies. I became obsessed with all aspects of online business.. because I knew I needed to understand it not only for myself, but to support other women being financially empowered too.

On my journey, I discovered most business strategies didn't feel good to me, and I'm here to do business a whole new way. So I translated everything into language that speaks to the heart of wise women...

The Sacred Feminine Way.

Over the years, I've developed e-courses and trainings on women's empowerment, motherhood, ecstatic birth, sexuality, rites of passage, business and women's mysteries. 

Weaving feminine embodiment with soul business, I now teach visionary women how to thrive doing transformational women's work, in The Sacred Feminine Way Facilitator Training HERE.

This is a deep dive into women's empowerment, Rites of Passage and facilitation if you are ready to create ripples of change and quantum shifts in your soul work with women.

I'm so glad we've connected.

See how you can work with me HERE

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