Avalon helps visionary women get clear and organised, take inspired action and share your gifts and message with the ones who need it.

We are the women the Earth needs now.

I midwife transformation. I build communities. I guide women into deep connection with your authentic self and power, to recognize and release what's in the way, so you can get clear on your purpose and big vision. I support you to create valuable offerings, helping you stay on track with clear next steps to take action and be financially empowered doing your soul work, fulfilling your unique role in the flourishing of humanity.
This is more important now than ever before.
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A bit about me...

When I had my babies, I knew I needed to have a life where I could stay home with them and earn money doing something I love. This started with handmade clothing, then I went through big personal changes and my whole focus shifted.

After leaving an abusive relationship, I was fired up to support other women claiming their power too. I studied Wholistic Psychology and Shamanic Midwifery as part of my own healing, and to learn how to support others. I founded Blossoming Woman nearly a decade ago, with support from a business coach to help me get set up online. Then I ran with it and delved deeply into the world of online business, websites, e-commerce, memberships, marketing, systems, copywriting, content creation, the whole lot... because I knew I needed to understand it inside out, not only for myself but so I could also support other women to be empowered earning money from home too.

The problem was, even though I find the technical stuff and connecting with people easy, a lot of the mindset stuff, strategies and attitude of what I was learning didn't resonate with me at all. I just took what worked and ditched the rest, filtering out all the bullshit from the actual helpful information. Believe me, I trudged through a lot of bullshit in my obsession to understand the ins and outs of online business and systems and how to make it all work.

It wasn't til last year that I got clarity about why most of it didn't feel aligned for me, especially from a larger energetic level. A lot of it is simply energetic parasitism, feeding off people, coming from a place of scarcity, comparison and competition, playing on people's fears and triggering emotions to 'hook' the sale. It all felt so ick... but I kept going. Kept learning, kept filtering through because I needed to learn the systems, structures and technology.

I've been slowing growing organically, my own way, for all that time. Sharing generously from the heart, keeping prices affordable, growing my roots strong and slowly gathering the women who are aligned with a more organic, natural, connected way of living. So now, as we stand at this crisis for humanity, with great upheaval and disruption for many, I have been preparing my 'garden' for these times, and continue to support others to grow their roots deep, trust their inner wisdom, activate their power, and take inspired action to share their gifts and message with the ones who need it.

A few years ago I cleared everything... knowing that something big was coming. When I emerged from the mystery, I founded an online Temple especially for women who are committed to doing their soul work and contributing to the flourishing of life on Earth. It's all about alignment, integrity and courageous self expression, being deeply aligned in your centre and in your power so you can make the difference you're here to make while receiving income in exchange for the value you share with others.

Developing grassroots community, supportive networks and women's circles is something close to my heart, as well as inspiring Visionary Leaders into action on your big mission!

We are the women the Earth needs now 

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