Women calling in the new.

Mother, birthing the ancient.

Walking your way with beauty & grace

Mothering the mothers

Keeping safe the garden where the children grow.

Avalon priestess beating her drum,

Resurrecting the sacred

in the cauldron of the now

Spreading her benediction

of sense and sensuality ~

Lifting the veils

Lightening hearts

Spiralling streams of cosmic bliss

Honest streams of words & tears

Fierce warrior, woman of the wild

How blessed are we

That you shine so bright.


(written by my friend Chaitanya)

Let's Play

About Avalon

Avalon is a Blossoming Woman Mentor and Empowerment Coach for women who are on a path of growth, change and transformation.

Working with Avalon supports you to connect with your inner wisdom, explore your deeper truth and activate your power and magic as a sacred woman on your soul path.

We are the change makers, sister.

Here's the journey of my story...

Once upon a time in beautiful Adelaide, a young maiden was born into a humble home.

She had stars in her eyes and her favourite thing was being out in nature

Over the years she had big questions about life that no one could answer

So she went on a quest to discover MORE...


Over seas and great lands she traveled, going deeper and deeper down the rabbit hole, discovering great darkness and also expanding into infinite light...


Then one morning on a beach in Mexico at the turn of the millenium, she had a vision that she was soon to bear a child and raise a family in the ways of the heart, to bring more love and connection to Earth once again after a long period of darkness.


She knew many would misunderstand and belittle her wild ways, but the calling in her heart and womb was strong.

Soon after, she conceived her first baby and journeyed back to her homeland, with the father later to follow.


Overjoyed with baby in her womb, she felt a renewed sense of purpose, excited to hold this one in her arms when the time was right. The weeks ticked on and the doctors got worried and she said fuck off I'll birth my baby when it's ready... and she did it herself with no needles or knives despite the fears and interruptions around her. 

Birth transformed her

She surrendered to the waves in deep love and trust she'd never felt before. As mother, she was overcome with awe looking deeply into the eyes of this divine child who'd grown inside her.

Strangely at the same time, the father of this baby became toxic and abusive, so she was torn and in turmoil.

In 2 worlds at once.

So much love with baby close to her breast...

and escalating awareness of the insanity happening on Earth at the highest levels, combined with the downward spiral of conflict in her own home.

She asked the universe, what the actual fuck?

That night she had a dream

that changed everything.

Floating in space, high in the night sky, she turned to see the Earth, so divine, beautiful and pristine, pulsing and radiant with life.

So alive, flourishing, whole and healthy.

Already healed.

She received a message clear as day...

No matter how dark things seem, you are here in service to the Earth.

This is your sacred purpose.

Focus on love, there are others on this path too.

She was still floating in space and thought, "How do I get home?"

In that instant she awoke in bed with the message:

"I am always home."

A year later, she left the man, and went on a powerful healing journey..

She wanted to understand herself and humanity at the deepest level...

She went on an epic healing journey, studied Counselling, trained in Wholistic Psychology, Holotropic Breathwork, Rebirthing, and Orion Theta Healing.

Sound Healing and Sweat Lodges saved her soul...

She briefly reunited with the father of the baby under the illusion of false promises, conceived another baby and left him again when the same old toxic patterns started creeping in...

So there she was, a single mama, pregnant and with a toddler...

This baby was born at home in ecstatic bliss, spirals of cosmic energy flowing through her whole being as the baby came earthside...

6 months later, she packed up her 2 girls and cockatiel, and drove to the other side of the country, to start life fresh on her own in Bellingen, NSW.

She was on a mission to find love

and have the family she yearned for in her heart and soul.

She did courses, workshops, books, rituals, she was obsessed...

She went on road trips looking for new places to live...

After years of seeking she sobbed under a Full Moon.

"Guide me!" She cried.

"If it's my path to walk as a single mama with my two divine daughters, then I surrender,

I am devoted in service to the Goddess, for all my days!"

Soon after, she discovered the School of Shamanic Womancraft and felt a resounding YES to step into this transformative journey to reclaim Women's Mysteries and Rites of Passage.

The journey transformed her...

Through the darkness and shadows, exploring sacred wounds and soul gifts, she went on Vision Quest and received the words Blossoming Woman and the message that she was here to support a transition from darkness to light, shifting out of the domination paradigm into love and connection, reclaiming our true power and raising children in the ways of the heart.

We are here to birth a new way.

Finally with clarity, she set forth on her soul mission, weaving together her skills, experiences and vision to support this journey of transformation for all who felt called to join her. 

From empowered birth, to soulful motherhood, womb wisdom, sacred sexuality, and sharing our magical gifts with the world, Avalon continued her own journey of transformation, while guiding other women deeper into their power.

During her uprising, she met the King of her Tribe!

They got together with 2 children each, and before long another one was in her womb! Hey bingo presto a wild, unschooled Brady Bunch.

Through pregnancy she surrendered even deeper to her true nature, through sexual healing and returning to such a beautiful space of love with her man, just as she'd imagined in her heart of hearts.

They orgasmically free-birthed this wild one out in the woods, number 5 for their clan... and this catapulted Avalon into a new level of activation and purpose with her sacred work.

Sacred Feminine Activation.

Reclaiming our power as women.

After emerging from her baby bubble, she was determined to homeschool her kids and share her gifts online, so she delved into a world of online business training, marketing, systems, technology... and was a natural tech savvy sister!

She created online courses, webinars, trainings and activations... ran women's circles and set up a support network for women to support each other.

A prolific visionary creatress!

She also started helping other women set up their businesses, as she had a knack for that... not only business systems and technology, but the deeper layers of transformation, clarity and visibility needed to do your sacred work.

The online tribe was growing...

She was training women how to run circles, how to be more present to their children, how to be more loving and connected, while having strong boundaries and speak courageous truth...

Yet she felt isolated

and the ongoing blended family chaos started taking it's toll, with high needs children coming and going, along with stress and overwhelm of being the main financial provider for a family of 7 while homeschooling children... and she entered into another period of darkness and inner turmoil...


A midlife crisis, falling apart, questioning everything.

It isn't meant to be this way!

She worked with a coach and delved into the world of empires and hustle, mapping out her epic future plan.

until finally her soul said NO!

She got sick... stepped back and had a confronting realisation about the whole 'divine feminine' movement with all the bells, whistles and tricks being used in this hyper inflated bubble of what's perceived as success, perpetuating more heirarchical structures which exacerbate division....

She stepped back and started writing again, calling in clarity and wisdom, and received a message that she's here to walk the true sacred feminine path.

So she unraveled it all...

She sat in circles with sisters, connected with the Earth, journeyed within, rested, walked, swam... and asked...

How can I be a vessel for the flourishing of life on Earth?

What came through was an even deeper surrender. The solutions don’t come from our current world-views or mental constructs… there was a sense of allowing herself to lean back and let go, free-falling into the Universe, held by nature itself, hearing the words:  

Radical Trust

Radical Generosity

Radical Abundance  

She saw how the plants and root systems are all interconnected beneath the Earth’s surface, showing her that her path is to guide humanity into deeper alignment with nature, to move beyond the conditioning that keeps people on a perpetual treadmill of productivity, and return into deeper alignment with the Earth, for we are part of the Earth.  

Women are flowers of the Earth.

A grass-roots movement was awakening...  

She saw how all her offerings and resources have all become a beautiful library of guidance and support for the sisters who are making this shift into a new way being aligned with love and sacred feminine wisdom. 

She saw how supportive it was to make these resources available to sisters far and wide in the Blossoming Woman Library, inviting the women to join her in this new way of being, and the Sister Tribe Network was born. 

And her mission came through loud and clear:

 to deepen into love

reclaim wildness

and activate the Sister Tribe.



Check out the Sister Tribe HERE See how you can work 1:1 with Avalon HERE

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