A new way is birthing...

During these turbulent times, we are being called to rise. Join me in sacred space and journey through the 7 keys to unlock your sacred feminine power as a visionary leader of change in your heart, home and community.

It's happening on Sunday 14th July

From 9am to 3pm at The Yoga Shala on Gordon St, Port Macquarie.

"So important! Being & connecting with women & sharing as we did, reminds us all we are not alone, and the importance of connecting, taking the time to stop & reclaim ourselves as humans, women and mothers of the earth."

Former workshop attendee

This is for you if...

You're a dreamer, a visionary, a creative, wild woman and you are SO ready to BE the change the world needs.

  • You're here to break free from old limits and struggles.
  • Your heart is breaking at what's happening on the planet at the moment.
  • You're sensitive, aware and committed to living more aligned with the earth.
  • You might be a mother raising children in loving, connected ways.
  • You're doing your soul work and here to make a difference in the world.
  • You desire to live a beautiful and magical life, and leave a better world for future generations.

On the day...

you will gain deeper connection with your feminine wisdom in a way that feels easy and natural, and expand into a larger collective vision that inspires you to unleash your creativity and confidence as a leader of change.

When you are aligned with deeper feminine presence and wisdom:

  • relationships improve, as you can respond with love and compassion in times of conflict, while also having clear boundaries and asking for what you want.
  • you're more open to receive intuitive guidance and trust yourself to stay aligned on your soul path, so you're more efficient and wise with your time 
  • you feel more relaxed and replenished as you honour your body temple
  • joy and pleasure arise spontaneously through being aligned with your true nature
  • synchronicities become everyday experiences as you magnetise your desires with ease
  • money flows more easily as you are tapped into sacred wealth
  • you inspire cooperation and action in those around you as a leader of positive change
  • life becomes beautiful and magical as you live aligned in flow

Do you feel this too, sister?

A desire to drop deeper into your inner wisdom and feminine intelligence, to access the quantum realm of infinite possibilities and expand with sisters dreaming in new ways of being together?

Meet Avalon Darnesh

Avalon is a Sacred Feminine Mentor for soulful women, visionary leaders and change makers, inspiring women to trust your inner wisdom, feel more deeply, release fears, courageously speak your truth and do your soul work, while having a whole lot of fun in the process!

Come and join me!

When women gather, magic happens.

My mission is to gather the women who are here to bring great love and healing to the world, and empowering sacred feminine to do their soul work. We are the ones we've been waiting for. It's time.

"The day was perfect, a beautiful space to stop and be still and truly connect with myself. I feel so much less stress, and am inspired with the tools Avalon has provided, to hold onto the spaciousness and awareness I garnered from today. Thank you so much Avalon."

Former workshop attendee

Together in sacred circle

enjoy a special day of connection, heartfelt sharing and expanding into your purpose, dreams and vision for your life.

~ First we will ARRIVE, gather and drop into sacred space together.

~ ALIGN with your womb and heart with sacred feminine embodiment practices

~ ACTIVATE your voice, vision and priestess magic!

Then after lunch...

~ We will do a group visioning activation session.

~ Map out your next steps to bring your visions to life

You will also receive a Sacred Feminine Visioning Guide to fill in and take home with you.

Please bring:

~  a cushion

~ your journal and pen

~ a water bottle

~ a simple plate of vegetarian food to share for lunch (if you can, no stress if not)

After you book your place, you will receive all details by email.

Spaces are limited to ensure each participant receives personal mentoring from me so we can go deep and rise high together.

Tickets are $150 AUD.

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Are you ready to rise with me, sister?