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Avalon Darnesh

Visionary Mother

Temple Priestess

Guide. Teacher. Mentor.


Restoring women's wisdom, The Sacred Feminine Way 🌺

Restoring Sacred Feminine Wisdom

I guide creative, visionary women into deep alignment with your divine power, to flourish in life, love, motherhood & business, the Sacred Feminine Way 🌺

Together we are restoring balance on Earth.

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Be held & supported within our safe, private community of creative, visionary women rising together. (off fb)

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Get instant access to this transformative series of sessions to activate sacred wealth, clarify your soul business and map out your Priestess Plan for 2021.

Facilitator Training

Activate your divine power and thrive in your own business doing transformational women's work.

Sacred Woman Rising

Ecstatic Business Activation and potent guided journey to embrace and embody your feminine wisdom, activate your divine power, and develop your own Soul Business that nourishes you financially while you make a difference doing your soul work.


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